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Volume Number: 1 ======= Date: 1971-1972

Officers and Trustees of the Society, November 1971

Keywords: ;
Exploring the Historical Record in Orange County
The all-day conference flyer is listed as it was held at Orange County Community College, Saturday, September 16, 1972.
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Program of events of the September 16, 1972 conference

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Ten Honored at Meeting of the Historical Society
Following the all-day conference, there was a dinner honoring ten people who have contributed greatly to the history of Orange County.
Keywords: Clark, Donald; Crane, V.E.; Girard, Thomas B.; Jonas, Harold J.; Pembleton, Claude Osborne; Seese, Mildred Parker (Mrs.); Sharts, Elizabeth (Miss); Vail, Roy; Wallace, Margaret V.S. (Miss);Ward, Seely;;
An Evaluation of the Conference
Jonas, Harold

Keywords: Orange County Community College (OCCC); Orange County Citizens Foundation; college faculty cooperation;;
Joseph Brant and the Battle of Minisink, 22nd July 1779
Clark, Donald
An account of Brants raid on July 20th and the Battle of Minisink that occurred on July 22, 1779.
Keywords: Washington, General; Butler, Colonel; Brant, Joseph; early history of; Hathorn, John (Colonel); Pawling, Colonel; Clinton, George (Governor); Minisink settlement, attack of; Owens, Mowberry; Wisner, Henry; Second New York Regiment of the Continental Line; Sullivan Expedition; Tusten, Benjamin Jr. (Dr.); Wood, John, Goshen militia; Continental losses; Ker, Nathan (Rev.); Independent Republican article, April 29, 1822; monument, Goshen, citizens interred; Cash, Merrit H. (Dr.) bequeath; burial site, Barryville;;
Orange County New York
Gocek, Matilda
A formal bibliography of historical resources for the region preceded by the author's comments on each.
Keywords: Documentary History of the State of New York; O'Callaghan, E. B.; New York Geological Survey of 1895; New York histories, reference to publications; Bibliography of Orange County, Booth, Malcom; Nestler, Harold; schools, Orange County, establishment of; Literary Society of Blooming Grove; An Outline History of Orange County, With an Enumeration of the Names of Towns, Villages, Rivers, Creeks, Lake, Ponds, Mountains, Hills, and Other Known Localities; The History of Orange County, New York, Ruttenber, E. M.;Headley, Russell, author local compilations; Moffat, Almet S., author; Outposts of History in Orange County; Hudson Valley Squire; House of Peace, Mohican Indians history; Southeastern New York, Zimm, Louise Seymour; The Ramapo Pass Including the Village of Ramapo Works and Other Historical Particulars, Pierce, Edward Franklin; Then and Now and Long Ago in Rockland County; The Forgotten General: Robert Erskine, Geographer and Surveyor General to the Army of the United States of America; biographical histories, popularity of; Prominent Families of New York: Being an Account in Biographical Form of Individuals and Families Distinguished as Representatives of the Social, Professional and Civic Life of New York City; government histories, references; Seese, Mildred Parker, author; The Story Tuxedo Park; Chronicles of Monroe in the Olden Time; History of West Point; The Gazetteer of the State of New York; Real Estate Atlas of Orange County; de Crevecoeur, Michel-Guillaume Jean; travel histories, references; The New York Walk Book; geology histories, references; ironwork histories, references; Homes and Haunts of the Indians; Lossing, Benson J.,Hudson River history; Hudson River histories; Carmer, Carl, Hudson River history; Boyle, Robert H., author;;
Constitution and Bylaws of the Orange County Historical Society


Volume Number: 2 ======= Date: 1972-1973

Resolution in Memory of Seely E. Ward
Acknowledgment by the Orange County Historical Society of Mr. Seeley's long-time commitment to the preservation of county history.
Keywords: Ward, James; Ward, Seely E. (photograph);
Seely E. Ward
Tholl, Claire
On the passing of Seely Ward.
Keywords: organization listings, Mr. Ward;;
Recollections of the Sloatsburg Area
Ward, Seeley E.
Lifelong resident and attorney Seely Ward's personal memoir of growing up in the early twentieth century Sloatsburg area.
Keywords: Ward, James; Sterling Mountain Railway; Erie Railroad; Sterlington; Stetson, Francis; Moffat, Benjamin; Sloatsburg; Ward homestead (sketch); Dater, Abraham, store owner; ice harvesting; Waldron, George, blacksmith; Point of the Mountain; American Brakeshoe Company; N.J.R.T. trolley (sketch); East Hillburn; Pierson family; train routes; Orange and Rockland counties boundary (map); Mapes, Pierson; Sidman's Tavern (sketch);Old Sterling Junction Station (sketch); Eagle Valley; Sterling Pond community; Skylands (sketch); Stetson, Francis Lynde; Prince, John Dyneley estate; Table Rock, Hamilton estate; Sterling Company office (sketch); Tuxedo Express, computer express; Sloat's Tavern (sketch); Moffat, Ben Sr.; Sloatsburg Inn (Taylor's Inn); Duck Cedar (town and lake); Hasenclever Canal; Tuxedo Park development; Man-of-War rock; Greenwood Furnace; Southfields (Monroe Works); Southfields Furnace; Waldron, Alfaretta; New Sterlington Station (sketch); Sterling Lake picnic grounds, advertisement;;
A Chronicle of Newspapers in Orange County
Seese, Mildred
A description of local newspapers in Orange County New York from 1770 to about 1966
Keywords: microfilm supplements; Thrall Library, Middletown papers; Newburgh Free Library, Newburgh papers; Goshen Library, Independent Republican and Democrat papers; New York Packet, first Orange County paper; Times Herald, printer protest; Hasbrouck, John W.; Wisner, Henry; Hasbrouck, John; Hasbrouck, Lydia Sayer, Dr., first newspaper woman; Beebe, Gilbert, Signs of the Times publisher; The Banner of Liberty; political newspapers; Stiver family, publishers; The Daily Record; first offset printing; The Newburgh Packet; Evening News; Gregg, Harold B.; weekly newspapers; The Warwick Citizen; Orange County Post; Warwick Valley Dispatch; Warwick Advertiser; daily newspapers; newspaper layouts, changes;;
Cadwallader Colden
Clark, Donald
Description of Cadwallader Colden's residence in Montgomery and his contributions to the study of electricity and botany.
Keywords: Colden, Goshen residence; birth, Scotland; Colden, political positions; Colden, Cadwallader (photograph); Colden, man of science; Five Nations history; Douglass, William; Alexander,James, surveyor-general New Jersey; Coldengham house; The American Philosophical Society; Collinson, Peter, entrepreneur; Bartram, John; Colden, Jane; Franklin, Benjamin, science papers; Explication, (title page); Colden, David, electrical experiments; Evans, Lewis, geology experiments; physical science studies; Newtonian physics, challenge; Colden papers; scientific query, challenged; paper presented, First Causes of Action in Matter and, of the Cause of Gravitation;;

Volume Number: 3 ======= Date: 1972-1974

Were There Any 'Prisoners of War' in Goshen During the American Revolution
Jonas, Harold
A critique of Mildred Seese's theory that there existed a prisoner of war camp at Fort Hill near Goshen during the American Revolution.
Keywords: Fort Hill; signal fires, Slate Hill; Clark Donald F.; Koke, Richard J.; Smith, Joshua Hett, prisoner; Clinton Papers, Goshen presence; jail and stone house, Goshen; von Riedesel, Baroness (illustration); DuRoi, the Elder, journal;;
Colonel Nicola, George Washington and the Crown Letter
Aimone, Alan
Lewis Nicola's letter to Washington suggesting that he accept the title of 'King'.
Keywords: Nicola, Irish heritage; library, circulating Philadelphia; The American Magazine; Patriotic Association; military manuals, translation of; Veteran Invalid Corps, history of; Register of the Officers in the Army 1779-1780; King proposal, controversy; American Philosophical Society; Nicola public service contribution;;
Orange County New York
Clark, Donald
The social history of life in Orange Count during the 18th century is demonstrated through demographic information and the interaction between the Indians and county residents.
Keywords: St. John de CreveCoeur, Hector; topography, Orange County; north and south of the mountains; military muster rolls, statistics, birthplaces and occupations; Indian raids; West, Margery, raid eye-witness; Hampton, Jonathan, Indian attack account; ; Brant, Joseph; militia service, organization of; map, Orange County; vagrancy, legal action; slavery issues; muster roll, Free Persons of Color, bounty payment, wolves and panthers; hunting dogs, treatment of; hunting season, establishment of; drowned lands, drainage of; The Goshen Repository; Weekly Intelligencer; Howell, James (Captain), Appendix B; regiment, Tusten, Benjamin (Col.), Appendix C; regiment, Haring, Abraham (Col.), Appendix D; occupational summary, Tusten and Haring, Appendix E; slave list, Appendix F;;

Volume Number: 4 ======= Date: 1974-1975

The Boundary Dispute Between the Province of New York and the Province of New Jersey
McAndrew, James
An account of the attempts to establish a boundary line between New York and New Jersey in the period 1700 thru 1774.
Keywords: settlement, Dutch, Delaware River; mining, copper; Esopus, port of call; land dispute, Swedes or Dutch; King Charles II; colonization Delaware to Connecticut Rivers; James, Duke of York; British Lords of Trade; East Jersey Proprietors; Mahakamack (River); Swartwout, Jacobus; Swartwout, Maj. Philip; Wickham, William; Nicolls, Richard (Colonel); settlers, disputed lands; Minisink Precinct; Queen Anne appointment; Lord Cornbury; drowned lands; Minisink Patent; Tripartite Indenture; Westfall, Nicholas; copper; Indians; militia;Cuddeback, Jacob; Westbrook, John; controversy, Swartwout vs. Westfall; disputed territory, map of; Jarrett, Allan, New York surveyor; Alexander, James, New Jersey surveyor; DeLancey, James (Chief Justice); Royal Commission; Fishkill (River); surveyors, Wickham and Gale, Cook, George H. (Dr.), surveyor; partition line, establishment of;;
John Robinson of Newburgh
Wallace, Margaret
A description of the positions held and real estate transactions of Newburgh native in the colonial period
Keywords: burying ground, Robinson family; Committee of Safety and Observation; Mandevill, David; Schofield, John; Logan, Samuel; slave holdings; Robinson, John, property holdings of; Baird's Patent; Robinson will, heirs; Colden, Alexander, executor will; Burnet, Robert, executor will;;
Diamonds in the Rough
Figliomeni, Michelle
An extended description and bibliography of primary historical sources relating to the Colonial and Revolutionary periods in Orange County
Keywords: Commissariat; Nicholson, John; Yelverton, Abijah; Marvin, Elihu; Satterly, Nathaniel; Nicholl, John; Logan, Abagail; Nicholl, Isaac; Hathorn, John; Townsend, Peter; research challenges; historical resources, wealth of; primary manuscript sources, list of;;
A Challenge in Quantitative History
Clark, Donald
A statistical approach to the censuses conducted in New York 1703 to 1771
Keywords: white population explosion; black males; population statistics, 1703-1712 ; inhabitants statistics breakdown;;

Volume Number: 5 ======= Date: 1975-1976

Orange County Covered Bridges
Allen, Richard
A description of the covered bridges for vehicle, pedestrian, livestock and road traffic in Orange County built in the 19th century.
Keywords: covered bridges, purpose of; Newburgh and Cochecton Turnpike; Burr arch; Wheat, Salmon (Major); Bridgeville Bridge, first covered bridge NYS; bridge at Moodna Creek; Moodna Toll Bridge; Brooks Bridge, Washingtonville; covered bridge, New Milford; Erie Railroad, bridges and trestles; bridge, Delaware River; bridges (photographs);;
Role of Regional Revolutionary Women
Figliomeni, Michelle
A discussion of the roles of women in the Revolutionary period with illustrative anecdotes
Keywords: Brewster, Samuel; Lawrence, Mrs. Jonathan; Lawrence, Jonathan; Wisner, Henry; Fort Montgomery; Carleton, Guy; New York Council of Safety; Sidman (Sydman), Betsey; Rush, Rozina; Ackerson, Garret' Coe, Iassac; De Ronde, John; female war role, description of; Auger, Amy;Spragg, Esther; Grant, Alexander; Grant, Sarah; Coe, Benjamin; Robinson, Beverly; loyalists rights; Darby, Benjamin; New York Council of Safety, war role; Scadden family; loyalists; female activism;;
Proceedings to Determine the Boundaries of the Wawayanda and Cheesecocks Patents
Clark, Donald F.
Transcript of legal proceedings held in the Yelverton Barn in Chester in 1785 to determine the boundaries of the two patents, with testimony by the various parties and a gloss by Donald Clark.
Keywords: Hommedieu, Ezra L. (Hon.); Elvertons Barn; Burr & Hamilton (attorneys); Bridges, Jno Dr. & Company; Marvin, Elihu (Judge); Junes [tavern]; Vantz, Samuel; Dekay, Colo; Ask, Benj; Osborn, Thomas; Butter Hill; Sterling; Highlands (Mountains); Terry, Joseph; Knapp, Jonathan Jr.; Holly, Joseph; Woodhull, Ebenezer; Haverstraw; Burt, Daniel; Luckey, George; Warwick; Johnson, Richard; Smiths Clove; Clark, Timothy; Mount Bashua; Strong, Samuel; Goshen; Armstrong; William; White Hezekiah; Howell, Hezekah; Brown, John; Weisner, Adam; Schunnemunk Mountains; Saterly, Nathaniel; Coleman, Jeremiah; Ramsey, Phineas; Goose Pond; Ramapo Mountains; Sugar (Shugar) Loaf; Board, Joseph; White, Sylvanus; Long Island; McClockren, James; MacDowel, Mathew; Welling, Thomas; Adam & Eve [mountains]; Burnit, James; Humphreys; James; Humphry, Hugh; Clinton, Colo (designed first road through Clove); evidence, written, Cheesecocks; Case, Stephen; Dunderborough; Wikepee Mountains; Woodhull, Jesse; Blogs Clove; Dobbins, Hugh; Sterling; Van Allen, William; Pumpton [Pompton] Moutains; Conkling, Deliverance; Benjamin, David; deeds submitted; Southerland, Andrew; Lerue, Arrie; Colden, Cadwallader; Osborn, Benjamin; Sloot, Stephen; Sterling Mountain; Cooper, Tunis; Herring Petrus; Clinton, James; Belvale; Thompson, William; Hardenborgh, Johannes; deed transfers, list of; Howell, Hezekiah; Gale, Samuel; Palmer, Thomas; patents, land statistics; Marvin, Elihu; Holly, Ebenezer; Skinner, John; Gale, Samuel; High Hills (Warwick Mountains); patent boundaries, remarks of; Indian deeds; Western Range, Patent of Skunnemunk; decree, final, Wawayanda Patent; Independent Republican Printing Company; Goshen Library and Historical Society;

Volume Number: 6 ======= Date: 1976-1977

The Account Book of Silas Youngs
Figliomeni, Michelle
A description of the recorded transactions of a grocer located in Oxford near Chester 1780-1847.
Keywords: Thompson, Joseph farm; Oxford Depot; Erie Railroad; Youngs, Silas Sr.; Cornwall Precinct; Dubois, Zachariah; Harrison, Daniel; Mathews, James; Seely, Nathaniel; Smith, Francis; Smith, Joshua; Strong, Widow; Youngs, Martha, wife; accounts, organization of; barter system; store and home building improvements; patronage, distinguished persons; leisure time, discussion of; Townsend, Peter, store accounts; division of labor, sexes; accounting, New York City markets;;
The Rev. Mr. Annan and the Mastodon, 1780
Blade, Robert
Story of the uncovering of a mastodon skeleton in the Town of Hamptonburgh on the bank of the Walkill River in 1780.
Keywords: Wallkill and Little Britain Associate Church; Graham's Church, Pine Bush; Eager farm; Neely farm; meeting house, first, Neelytown; Scoville, Margaret, painting; unification disunited churches; associate professor theology, Annan; Memoirs (book), American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Account of a Skelton (article); Peale, Charles Willson, artist; Exhuming of the Mastodon (article), Peale (print); report, large animal exhumation;;
Papers Relating to the Palatines
Various petitions and warrants relating to the migration of Palatine Germans to the area near Newburgh around Quasse(ck)y Creek with a postword by Donald Clark.
Keywords: Newburgh Bay (illustration); Kockerthal, Joshua, evangelical minister; Lower Palitinat, Germany; Lutheran Church; land grants, Hudson River; Man of War and Transport Ship; Pulteney, Herbert I.; Southwell, Edward; Letters of Denization, 1708; Palatine members, list of names; Lovelace, Lord; disputes, religious; Pietists; Ingoldesby, Richard, Esq; monetary allowance, twelve months; Danskamer; Codweis, John Conrad; tools, list of, German payment; Schuneman, Hermanus; Weiland, Michael; Volk, Andreas; Plettel, Widow; Fisher, Jhohn; Rose, Peter; Weber, Jacob; Turk, Isaac; Sweitzer, Lorenz; Rennau, Henry; Wemarin, Widow; Feber, Isaac; Fiere, Daniel; Gulch, Melchlor; Colden, Alexander; Lutheran Church, (illustration); warrant of survey, Quaseck Creek; Glebeland, petition to dispose; Biyearly, T.; Philipse, A.D.; Barber, John; Van Dam, Rip; Beekman, Gerard;; Peyster, A.D.; land petitions, individual Palatines; ferry crossing, Newburgh to Fishkill; ferry fees;;

Volume Number: 7 ======= Date: 1977-1978

Robert R. Burnet (1762-1854)
Aimone, Alan
Biography of the last surviving officer of the Revolutionary War. Burnett served in various artillery companies including Lamb's 2nd NY during the war and retired to Little Britain
Keywords: Little Britain; Burnet, James; Clinton, Alexander; Nicholson, George (Major); Burnet, Robert (sketch); Moodie, Andrew (Captain); Redoubt No. 3; Moffat, John; Nicholson, George (Major); Burnet's home (illustration); Newburgh Letters; McClaghery, James; Telford's Tavern; Stevens, William (Captain); DeWitt. Moses; public offices, Burnet; burial site, Associate Reformed Church; 2nd Continental Artillery Regiment; New Windsor Cantonment; West Point; Nicola, Lewis; Bauman, Sebastian, Corps of Artillery; Clinton, James; Military Bounty Tract; Society of Cincinnati, member of;
The Bridge that Never Was:Precursor of the Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge
Clark, Donald
Edward W. Serrell proposed a rail bridge over the Hudson around 1868 though it was never built.
Keywords: Erie Railroad; Harper's Weekly (periodical), article; bridge (engraving); coal industry; American Isthmus Ship Canal Company; New England Railroad; Davidson, M.O.; Stanton, N. P.;bridge dimensions; bridge physical description; West Point; 1st NY Engineers;
The Canal that Never Was: The Orange Sussex Canal
Figliomeni, Michelle
A canal was proposed between Newburgh and the Delaware River in New Jersey in 1823-26.
Keywords: Seward, Samuel S., canal vision; Cuddeback, Abraham; Moffat, John; Deerpark; Delaware River; Mills, John B. survey supervisor; Wickham, George D., canal proponent; investors, list of; Wurts, Maurice; Wickham, George D. (painting); canal survey; profile canal levels (sketch); Newkirk, Abraham; Independent Republican (newspaper); workman services; workman salaries; Deerpark; Phillips, Gabriel N. (portrait); Bank of Orange County; Delaware and Hudson Company; Delaware and Hudson Canal; Seward, Samuel S.; Borland, Charles Jr.; canal proposal, public meeting; Craig, Hector, railroad superintendent; payment receipts (copies of); canal petition, state legislature denied; Orange and Rockland counties (map of);
The Nameing of Newburgh: Additional Lights on an Old Subject
Clark, Donald
Discussions between James Alexander and Cadwallader Colden regarding the naming of Newburgh
Keywords: New Burgh Patent; Quassaick Creek; Kuckerthals Land; ferry petition; Newburgh origin, Scotland; Alexander,William, Lord Stirling; advertisements, Drowned Lands; draining, Drowned Lands;

Volume Number: 8 ======= Date: 1978-1979

The Minisink and Montgomery Turnpike
Pomares, Henry
A company was formed to construct a toll road between the Finch homestead in Deerpark and the Village of Montgomery approximating the route of present day Route 211. The company was dissolved in 1817 never having become profitable.
Keywords: turnpike roads, plethora 19th century; town roads, maintenance requirements; state regulations, road charters, 1807; directors and officers elect, Minisink and Montgomery Turnpike Company; stock certificate (copy of); Newkirk, Benjamin; Cuddeback, Jacob; Neely, Reuben; Vail, Alsop; Sackett, William, commissioner;Coltan, James, commissioner; Taylor, William, commissioner; turnpike map; turnpike, financial losses; Bank of Newburgh; Bank of Orange County; turnpike failure;
Town of Deerpark 1798 Assessment Records
Carey, C. R.
Formation of a Tax District in Deerpark and the instructions created for tax assessments. Assessment roles for the year 1798 are included.
Keywords: Federal Assessment Act of 1798; McCord, Andrew, principal assessor sixth district; Bodle, William, assistant assessor; Arnout, Nathan, assistant assessor; Finch, James Jr., assistant assessor; assessment form guidelines; assessment mandates; slave itemizing; tax exemptions; assessment increases; Otisville; Finchville; Calhoun; Mount Hope; Walkill; Port Jervis; Sparrowbush; DeerPark; Minisink; list A (copy of);
Charles Clinton
Rasnick, Marvin
The career of Charles Clinton from his emigration from Dublin to American in 1729. His association with Cadwallader Colden, his surveying activites and his participation in the French and Indian Wars.
Keywords: Clinton, Charles (Colonel); Clinton, George (Sir);Clinton, George; Clinton, James; French and Indian Wars; Clinton, Elizabeth (Denniston); Clinton Monument (photograph); Colden, Cadwallader, Surveyor General; Bethlehem Presbyterian Church; Deputy Surveyor; Clinton Homestead (sketch); Little Britain; Orange County Assembly; Minisink-Rochester Turnpike; Bruyn, Jacobus; Bull Road; Ellison, Thomas; Cheesecocks Patent boundary;Clinton, Catherine, daughter; Prioprietors of New Windsor; Bull, William; Court of Common Pleas; New York New Jersey boundary dispute; Ulster volunteers; Ticonderoga campaign; Delancey, Oliver; Montcalm, General Louis; First Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Ulster County;
Salmon W. Corwin: Artist and Historical Printmaker
Figliomeni, Michelle
Description of the short life of printmaker Salmon Corwin of Port Jervis who passed away at the age of twenty six
Keywords: Stock, Joseph Whiting; Port Jervis; Goshen; Vail Building; Fowler Building; Fowler, Samuel; Port Jervis scene (lithograph); Joseph Ketcham and Mary T. Ketcham (portraits); obituary, September 3, 1854;;
Lachlin Campbell of Campbell Hall
Clark, Donald
Description of Lachlin Campbell's service in the Revolutionary War
Keywords: Hamptonburgh; Campbell Hall; Campbell, Donald; deputy quartermaster general, assignment to; Montgomery, Richard (General); Campbell, George, brother; French and Indian War; 77th Regiment; Saratoga; military bounty tract;

Volume Number: 9 ======= Date: 1979-1980

Officers and Trustees of the Orange County Historical Society in 1979
Officers and trustees of the society are listed along with their terms.
Keywords: Clark, Donald F; Shepard George F.; Vail, Roy; Ward, Mary M.; Babbitt, Katherine M.; Kelleher, Ardes P.;
This issue is dedicated to three members who died within the past year.
Keywords: Clark, Donald; Kelleher, Ardes; Vail, Roy;
Henry G. Parry's Book of Memoranda, 1860-1861
Forman, Dr. Sidney
The Buttermilk Falls miller, Henry G. Parry, left a diary documenting life in Highland Falls in 1860.
Keywords: diary, chronicles community life; David Parry and Son, mill; Cozens Hotel (drawing); Bigelow, John, part-owner; The New York Post (newspaper); mill business, products and operation; sloops and steamboats, descriptions; fishing, shad; leisure time activities; Thomas Powell, steamboat (drawing); church activities; social events; illnesses, community; political interests; Buttermilk Falls (drawing); West Point plains (drawing);
John Wood - Survivor
Seward, Frederick T., M.D.
John Wood, a blacksmith in the village of Goshen and the only prisoner taken at the Battle of Minisink, maintained a journal during captivity.
Keywords: Brant, Joseph; masons; prisoner conditions; receipt, John Wood (copy of);
The Bridge That Came To Be: Descendant of the Bridge That Never Was
Clark, Robert C.
The Bear Mountain, the first motor traffic link between New York City and Albany, was completed within eighteen months.
Keywords: Harriman, Edward H.; Harriman, E. Roland; Hudson River; bridge construction; concrete installation (photograph); Anthony's Nose; Odell, B.B. (Governor); naming of bridge; creeper derrick (photograph); steel connector (photograph);
Women Heads of Households in Orange County in 1800
Figliomeni, Michelle P.
An abstract of female heads of households in Orange County
Keywords: Library of Congress; microfilm;
Revolution in the Highlands; The Story of the Battle of Fort Montgomery
Clark, Donald F.
The battle and American surrender at Fort Montgomery are described.
Keywords: Hudson River Highlands; Clinton James (Colonel); Tappan, Christopher; Constitution Island, first fortification; Montgomery, Richard General (portrait); Arnold, Benedict; Popolopen Creek; Fort Clinton (drawing); Clinton, George, (Governor of New York); Clinton, Charles, Little Britain; Hudson River chain, first; the Phoenix (frigate); the Rose (frigate);; chevaux-de-frize; Pollpel Island; Clinton, Henry (Sir); British advances, Hudson Valley; attack, Fort Montgomery (illustration); British warships; Verplank's Point; Logan, James (Major); Doodletown; Campbell, Mungo (Lieutenant-Colonel); Robinson, Beverly; Dunderberg march; Vaughan, John (General); Tryon, William (Major-General); Innes (Lieutenant Colonel); American prisoners report; poster, surrender announcement (copy); casualties war, report; American weaponry, lost; Livingston, William S. (Lieutenant-Colonel); map, West Point to Smith's Clove, Robt. Erskine; burning Kingston; West Point (drawing); Hudson River chain, second; Washington headquarters, Newburgh; Treaty of Peace;

Volume Number: 10 ======= Date: 1980-1981

Who Was Augusta?
Crofut, Doris
Augusta, name known to several places and individuals, had spelling variations. The origins of the spelling remain unknown.
Keywords: Augusta Place; Augusta Furnace; Augusta Falls; Lorillard, Pierre; Townsend, Solomon; Augusta Tract; Tuxedo Park; Cheesecock Patent; Abstract of Title; Van Cortlandt, Augustus; Pierson, Peter; "Great Falls"; Chambers, John, lawyer; Alexander, James, land holder; Alexander, William (Lord Stirling title); Jay, John; Livingston, John William; Van Cortlandt, Augustus; Great Mountain Lot 7; Van Cortlandt, Augustus; Townsend, Peter, great chain; Gore Line; Lorillard, Peter A.; Townsend, Anne, widow;
Famed Goshen Butter: But Few Butter Prints
Kindig, Paul
Though Orange County was a leader of butter making in the 1840's, few manufacturing tools remain today.
Keywords: American Agriculturist (periodical), butter article; butte molds (photographs); Goshen butter; butter printer (photograph); Greene County butter; butter prints, Zimmer family; Museum Village Orange County, butter printer; #4 Philadelphia Original Butter Worker; creameries, replacement of;
Goshen Butter
Pomares, Henry
Goshen butter was a commercial leader until the Erie Railroad arrived in Orange County causing a shift in butter manufacturing and the industry decline in the county.
Keywords: butter making, early history; measurement standards, not standardized; Wickham family, butter transactions; butter standard, United States Navy; butter income;
Milk Bottling in Orange County
Knipp, Anthony J.
Dairy farming was a thriving industry in Orange County as seen by the vast numbers of dairy farms and businesses.
Keywords: swill milk; milk markets, New York City; Orange County Milk Association; milk trains; New York Milk and Cream Company, Monroe; milk bottles (photographs); health standards, advocates; Lester, George H., patented jar; Alexander Campbell Milk Company, first bottling factory; Monroe Dairy Association; Farmers Creamery Association, Washingtonville; Hillock, William, large milk producer; Mutual Milk and Cream Company; Circleville Creamery; dairy business, turbulence; Blooming Grove Ayrshire Dairy,; Orange Count Milk, bottle message; Warwick Valley Milk Association; Demarest, Cornelius Henry, association founder; Mutual Milk and Cream Company, Warwick branch; Farmers Dairy; Howell and Demarest; Warwick Valley Milk and Cream Company; Howell's Mimosa Brand Condensed Milk; Beakes (dairy); Howell, James T.; Jones Dairy; Crowley Company; Woodland Farms and Burgess; Carmen Dairy; CFS Milk Company; Baby Face bottle; March's Dairy; Lakeside Dairy; Fitchett Brothers; Lain Dairy; Stewart, Samuel L.; dairy directories, list of; Borden, Gail, condensed milk; American Eagle, trademark; Borden, John Gail; Wallkill Valley Farmers Association; Dairyman's League, 1907 incorporated;
The Most Widely Read American Author
Babbit, Katherine
Orange County was home to many authors but the most famous was Edward Payson Roe.
Keywords: Willis, Nathaniel P., "Letters to the Home Journal"; Abbott, Lyman, editor The Outlook (publication); Barr, Amelia, fiction writer; Roe, E.P., popular writer; Roe's life story;

Volume Number: 11 ======= Date: 1981-1982

The Revolutionary Soldier in Washington's Army
Cass, Edward
The life of a Revolutionary soldier was often harsh with deplorable living conditions.
Keywords: West Point; von Riedesel, Baroness; Valley Forge; Constitution Island; Molly Pitcher;soldiers' cabins, construction of; weather conditions; food rations; local food sources; clothing issues; female followers;
Finding Local History Through the Picture Postcard
Hull, Richard W.
Picture postcards are an excellent source of primary information about the past.
Keywords: monetary value; Warwick images (postcards); date of printing (issues); publisher issues; educational tool;
Slavery in Orange County
Pomares, Henry
An in-depth look at slavery in Orange County as it existed from 1698 census to 1830.
Keywords: tables, slaves in censuses; Farmers Hall Academy; business climate, Town of Goshen; Town of Minisink, slaves per household; slave uprisings, 1712 and 1741; law of 1730, slave regulations; Everett, James, sale of slave (newspaper copy); Eisner, Henry, estate inventory; Journal of the Assembly (newspaper); Minutes of the Board of Supervisors of Orange County (publication), 1723-1798; monetary assessment, slaves; slave owners, human indifference; Marsh, Ephraim, slave sale; Powell, William, correspondence (copy); Wood, Timothy, slave sale; state emancipation decree, July 4, 1827;
The Bull Mine in Blooming Grove
Torrance, Donald A.
The 1800's were active years for mining ventures in Orange County. The Bull Mine on Pedlar Hill next to Parrott property became important during the Civil War when a rich vein of magnetite was discovered.
Keywords: Parrott, Robert, career; Kemble, Governeur; mining illustrations; Philipse, Frederick; Margaret Book property; Townsend, Peter; O'Neil Mine; Bull, Jesse; Bull family, Orange County; Woodbury Furnace; West Point Foundry. engine production; Greenwood Furnace; Pedlar Hill; hooper cannon; rifled ordinance, Parrott system; Bull Mine, excavation description; Erie Railroad; Ward, John, labor dispute; Parrott land holdings;

Volume Number: 12 ======= Date: 1982-1983

Russel Farnum Lord: Chief Engineer of the Delaware and Hudson Canal
Osborne, Peter
Russell F. Lord, chief engineer of the D & H Canal, contributed much to the development of the canal but his greatest accomplishment was the enlargement of the canal for increased tonnages.
Keywords: Minisink Valley Historical Society, Lord letters; Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. office (photograph); coal yard (photograph); Delaware and Hudson Canal (photographs); Jervis, John B.; Wurts, John, company president; Port Jervis cityscape (photograph); Lord supervising duties; Garrett, Mary Ann, (first wife); Scott, Elizabeth M.(second wife); Roebling, John, aqueduct designer;
General Washington's Masonic Activities in Orange County
Zarutskie, Andrew J.
Masonic activities in early American life were prevalent in Newburgh when General Washington headquartered. The result was the "Temple of Virtue" a Masonic building in memory of Washington.
Keywords: Brotherhood of Free and Accepted Masons; Washington refusal of Grand Master; Masonic Temple, Newburgh; masonic apron (photographed); plaque, Temple of Virtue; Washington Lodge, #10;
Chester, New York
Toufectis, Kim
The author conducted a study of the growth of early Chester and its gradual decline.
Keywords: Chester, Uptown and Downtown; blackdirt; population growth; Orange County; Chester, businesses (photographs); Rt. 17 location; suburban housing divisions; commuter population, effects of; businesses relocation; education demands; suburban planning; retail collapse;
Recollections of Springstead B. Owen
Todt, Mary
In a well written descriptive narrative, Pvt. Owen describes his military life beginning in Orange County in 1838. The published excerpts end with the Battle of Fair Oaks though his military career continued into 1861.
Keywords: Springstead Owen (photograph); 56th New York volunteers; Van Wyck, Charles H., local regiment organizer; McClellan, General; 7th & 8th N.Y. Batteries; daily life; troop relocations; Sanford, George W.; living conditions; personal belongings (photograph); President Lincoln, meeting of; Yorktown, siege preparation; Battle of Williamsburg;

Volume Number: 13 ======= Date: 1983-1984

Edison's New Light for Newburgh
Jenkins, Reese J.
Electric lighting, a new technology in the late 1800's, had its introduction in Pearl Street, New York City and Newburgh.
Keywords: power station, Montgomery and Third Street location; Conant, Thomas P., installation of wire; Walker, I. G. and Wheeler, Williams S.,underground wiring; Andrews, William S., chief electrician; March 31, 1884, incandescent lighting opening; Highland National Bank, electric supporter; Edison Electric Illuminating Company of Newburgh, 1883; Belnap Moses C., comments; Edison, Thomas Alva, patents; information systems; incandescent lighting system; Lowrey, Grosvenor Porter, light company organizer; Beckman, Horatio B.,superintendent Newburgh Steam Mills; Consumers Gas Company, adversary; Chambers, William C., station superintendent; Edison Electric Plants, nationwide; Edison, tributes to;
Antique Electric Illuminated our Country
Faulds, Colin
Orange County was involved with the evolution of electric power as a light source as seen in the short histories of county towns' power plants.
Keywords: Port Jervis, incandescent light, 1888; Schuyler Electric; Newburgh Electric Arc Lighting Company; Deerpark Electric Company; gas versus electric controversy; Port Jervis Electric Light and Power Company; Deerpark Electric Co.; Port Jervis Light, Power, Gas and Railway Company, 1901; power station locations; Newburgh plant opening, 1883; Edison NY plants myths; Dawson, Thomas electrical fatality; utilities regulation, controversies of; Middletown Electric Light and Power Co.,1889; Goshen Electric Light Company, 1891; Goshen Democrat (newspaper) article; Tuxedo electric plant, 1905 (photograph); Goshen power, transferred to Orange and Rockland Electric Company; Cornwall Electric Light and Power Company, 1892; Taft, Tom, lighting memories tapes; Central Hudson Gas & Electric Company, Cornwall transition; Wallkill Valley Light and Power Company, Walden; hydro facility, Walden, reactivated 1983; Warwick Valley Electric Lights and Power Company, 1898; Tuxedo central plant, Lorillard construction 1900; Orange and Rockland Electric Company, Monroe (photograph); Smith, Roscoe; Orange and Rockland Utility Company, power network; Montgomery and Maybrook power supplies;
Frederick William Goudy
Sleight, Nancy
Acclaimed as the greatest type designer in the world, Mr. Goudy travelled the world eventually settling in Marlborough, NY.
Keywords: Goudy early history; Sprinks, Bertha, wife; Village Press, first printing press; type design innovator; Marlborough life; Goudy. Frederick T., son; lifetime honors; memorial plaque;
In Defense of Chester: A Rebuttal
Edwards, Myrtle Smith
Two Chester historians challenge the article written in this journal's Publication 12 by Kim Toufectis, "Chester, New York: A Growth Analysis."
Keywords: time lines; geographical distinctions; population density and ethnic makeup; housing; businesses; transportation; community groups; public schools;

Volume Number: 14 ======= Date: November 1, 1985

Letters to Greenland, "Our Own Dear Home":The Family Correspondence of Peter Pearce Parrott
Koke, Richard J.
Peter Parrott, owner of the Greenwood Ironworks, wrote home to his parents and sisters who lived together in his sister's house, The Toscan Bungalow, in Greenland, New Hampshire.
Keywords: Parrott, John Fabyan; Parrott, Hannah; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Parrott, Robert (West Point graduate and superintendant at the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring);Woodbury Ironworks;Pembleton, Squire;Kemble, Gouverneur;Irving, Washington; Greenwood Furnace; Kemble, Mary; Arden, Mary Antoinette (daughter of Richard Deane and Jane De Peyster); The Greenwoods (overlooks Echo Lake, the foundry pool);Townsend, Peter; crossing the Hudson on ice;
World War II: A County Retrospective
Faulds, Colin
This article recounts the effects of World War II on the people and events of Orange County, New York.
Keywords: Henninger, William (killed at the sinking of the Reuben James;Casscles. Mrs. Hyman; Sherman, Robert O. (killed at Pearl Harbor); Finley, Robert;Gray, James M.; McCrea, Mrs. Marion;Crist, Amy Bull;The Spirit of Port Jervis (B17 Flying Fortress); gas rationing;food rationing and tokens; shoe rationing; black-outs and air raid drills;plane spotters; victory gardens;troop trains; Stewart Field (military airport); Letter to a Hero (movie);Arden House (convalescent home);Eureka Shipyard; "gold star mothers";
Bertha M. Goudy: America's Greatest Woman Printer
Sleight, Nancy A.
Bertha Matilda Sprinks Goudy was the wife of "the most prolific type designer of all time", F.W. Goudy of Marlborough, but she was a coequal in their publishing efforts, he designing the type and she designing and composing the books.
Keywords: Village Press; The Essay on Printing (book); Door in the Wall (H.G. Wells book in Kennerly type); Deepdene (road in Queens, estate in Marlboro, and a typeface)orris, William; Rip Van Winkle (book in Kaatskill typeface); Bertham (typeface in honor of Bertha); Frankenstein (book in Goethe type);
Orange County Barns
Eurich, Robert C.
A pictorial expose on some of the old barns in Orange County.
Keywords: Dutch barn of William Bull in Hamptonburgh; Conning Farm Barn in Neelytown Road (photo); Barn at Jacob Seyler's Maple Hill Farm (Wallkill); Barns at Dunning Farm (Wallkill, photo p. 37); Barn at Hopewell Farm (Thompson Ridge); Surviving barn at Brick House (Montgomery, photo p. 36); Benjamin Tracy's Marshland Farm Barn (Hamptonburgh, photo); Rare thatched roof Dutch barn on Rowe farm near Montgomery (photo);
Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck and "The Sybil": Bloomers, Feminism, and the Laws of Life
Kesselman, Amy
A synopsis of the life of Lydia Sayer Hasbrouck, a "dress-reformer", physician, newspaper owner, and resident of Warwick and Middletown.
Keywords: Sayer, Benjamin;Forshee, Rebecca; Warwick; reform dress of 1840s; water cure (hydropaths); Seward Seminary; Elmira Academy; Dr. Thrall's Hygeia Therapeutic Institute; The Sybil (Middletown Newpaper; Hasbrouck, John Whitbeck; Dress Reform Association; octagonal house;
The New Loan Office
Pomares, Henry
After the War for Independence, New York State stimulated its economy by issuing mortgages from a "New Loan Office."
Keywords: 187 mortgages granted from 10 to 120 pounds in 1792 in Orange County;

Volume Number: 15 ======= Date: November 1, 1986

Fanny Palmer
Burkhardt, Constance R.
Fanny Flora Bond Palmer emigrated to New York City in 1844 and worked for Currier and Ives. She is credited ("delineator") with many of the Currier and Ives depictions of the Hudson Valley.
Keywords: Currier, Nathaniel; Ives, James; Cozzen's Dock, West Point (print);U.S. Military Academy, West Point. From opposite shore (print); Mountain Spring, West Point near Cozzen's Dock (print);
The Last Holdout July 4, 1776: The Day New York Did Not Vote For Independence
Koke, Richard J.
An annotated address delivered on July 4, 1986 at the Annual Independence Day Breakfast of the National Temple Hill Association, New Windsor.
Keywords: Jay, John; Livingston, Robert R.; New York Provincial Congress; New York's Declaration of Independence, John Holt printed broadside (image); White Plains Courthouse; Woodhull, Nathaniel (president of NY Provincial Congress captured in Battle of Long Island);
Tuxedo Park, New York, as a Manifestation of Utopian Idealism through the Aesthetic Movement
Kornwolf, James D.
Some of the unique features of the planned village of Tuxedo Park, New York
Keywords: Wilde, Oscar (Art and the Aethetic Movement); 1904 Site Plan of Tuxedo Park (map); Bedford Park, Middlesex, England laid out by Godwin, E.W. and Norman, Richard;Lorillard, Pierre IV;Price, Bruce (architect);Bowditch, Ernest (landscape engineer); Post, Emily (daughter of Price); Tuxedo Club;St. Mary's-in-Tuxedo (Anglican Church);Continental Road;
A Calendar Site at Lake Tiorati
Brannan, Thomas F.
This article describes the significance of several unnaturally placed boulders in Harriman State Park which line up with the sunrises at soltices and equinox.
Keywords: Dutchess Quarry Cave (Goshen);Tripod Rock; calendar site at High Point, New Jersey;;

Volume Number: 16 ======= Date: 1987

Historic Moffat Library
Versweyveld, Jeanne
A precis of the history of the structure and of David Halliday Moffat the builder.
Keywords: Gregg, Ann; Blagg;s Clove; NYC Market; Washington Hotel; Moffat, David Halliday; Taylor and Emslie; G.E. Harney, architects; Moffat Library Association; Moffat, Carrie; Blooming Grove; Moffat Hall; silent movies; Stag Club;
Cadwallader Colden
Forman, Sidney
A biographical essay on the scientist, writer and politician Cadwallader Colden with an emphasis on restoring his credentials as a patriot rathern than a loyalist and his correspondence with Lord Dartmouth.
Keywords: Colden, Jane; Coldingham; Collinson, Parker; Linnaeus, Carl; Franklin, Benjamin; Boston Tea Party; Bartram, John; Indians; Philadelphia Academy; American Philosophical Society; Taxation; Tryon, William; Committee of 51; Non-importation laws; Continental Congress; Lord Dartmouth; Duane, James; Hudson River; Kingfisher; Provincial Convention; Jay, John; Van Schaack, Peter; H.M.S. Asia; Livingston, Robert; Gage (General), Thomas;
Bounty Bonds of the Town of Goshen
Pomares, Henry
A description of the enlistment bounties for civil war soldiers enacted in Orange County in 1864
Keywords: Orange Blossoms; Substitute Service; Seward, William; Draft; Seymour, Governor Horatio;
A Letter From the Past
Whynman, Linda
An 1897 letter written by Elizabeth Crans found in the ceiling of the Whynman home on Bullville Road
Keywords: Bullville; Crans, Elizabeth;
Pioselli, Robert
The small hamlet near Bloomingrove established on the Cromeline River as a manufacturing hub for a period of time in the 19th century. Now virtually disappeared.
Keywords: Cromeline River; Wisner, Henry; Fuller's earth; gunpowder; Craig, James; paper manufacture; Craig, Hector; H.O. Oats; plaster; wool mill; Orange County Agricultural Society; Goshen Presbyterian Church; Craigville Inn; Jewell, Pliny; Craigville Bible Church; wheel hubs;
Rise and Fall of the Colden Mansion
Eurich, Robert
Discussion of the architectectural influences on the famous house, now in decay.
Keywords: Evans, John; Schuyler and Co.; Colden, Cadwallader; Colden, Jane; Philipse Manor; Van Cortlandt Manor; Georgian Style; Ellison House; Chippendale; Bull, Thomas; Hill-Hold; Metropolitan Museum of Art;
The Forest of Dean
Allen, Richard
A discussion of the iron furnaces located in the area west of Fort Mongtomery with an emphasis on the area near Mine Lake.
Keywords: Popolopen Creek; U.S. Military Academy; iron ore; Hudson River; ironmaking; Ancram Furnace; Sterling Furnace; Tryon, William; Remsen, Jacob; Brewster, Samuel; Orange (Forest of Dean) Furnace; Lake Tiorati; Patrick, Samuel; Committee of Safety; Tappen, Christopher; Waterwheel; Leonard, George; Greaton's Regiment; Fort Montgomery; Queensboro Furnace; De CreveCoeur, Hector St. John; Industrial Census 1850; Queensboro Tract;
Peeks into the daily life the continental soldier.
Keywords: Hudson, Henry; Newburgh; Storm King Mountain; Webb, Samuel Blachley; West Point; Cochrane, John;

Volume Number: 17 ======= Date: 1988

The Ratification Controversy
Bernstein, Richard
An address given at Mount St. Mary College, Newburgh regarding the federalist and anti-federalist debate as related to New York State.
Keywords: New York Ratifying Convention; Poughkeepsie; anti-federalists; Smith, Melancton; Clinton, George; federalists; Jay, John; ratification; Bill of Rights;
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Rose, Kenneth
The life of the 19th century landscape artist, Warwick resident and member of the Hudson River School
Keywords: Mechanic Institute of the City of New York; Trench, Joseph; Greenwood Lake; West Milford; Hudson River School; Warwick; Alladin; Gilbert Railway; 7th Regiment Armory; Hastings on Hudson;
An Autumn Friday in Orange County
Zarutskie, Andrew
A sampling of reactions in Orange County New York to the Kennedy assassination
Keywords: Newburgh Free Academy; JFK; Middletown Evening News; The Cornwall Local; Middletown; WALL Radio; Times Herald "Record; U.S.M.A; Doulin, William; Stillman, John; St. George, Katherine; Costa Beverages;
Claudius Smith
Smith, Elizabeth
An examination of the materiasl available regarding the live of the famous outlaw and an attempt to separate fact from legend focusing on the robberies of Nathaniel Strong and Ebenezer Woodhull.
Keywords: Goshen; Loyalists; Cheesecock; Cornwall; Clinton, James; Hay, Col. Ann Hawkes; Woodhull, Col. Jesse; Woodhull, Ebenezer; Strong, Maj. Nathaniel; Goshen Gaol; Clinton, George; Nicoll, Isaac; Battle of Minisink;
Drawn to the Old Homestead
Whynman, Linda
The author refers to events that have transpired since first publishing the Elizabeth Crans letter in OCHS volume 16.
This Blood-Washed Field
LaRocca, Charles
An account of events of July 2 1863 at the Devil's Den Gettyburgh and the participation of the NY 124th, Orange Blossoms
Keywords: Emmitsburg; Sickles, Maj. Gen. Daniel; Cummins, Lt. Col. Francis; Birney, Gen. David; Ward, Gen. Hobart; Ellis, Col. Augustus van Horne ; Cromwell, Maj. James; Weygant, Capt. Charles; Hanford, Sgt. Harvey; Devil's Den; 4th NY Artillery; Bradley, Sgt. Thomas;
Minisink's Bicentennial
Banes, Kenneth
A description of the evolution of the borders of the present town of Minisink from the original Wawayanda patent.
Keywords: Indians; Lenni Lenape; Wawayanda Patent; Greenville; property lines; highways; NY NJ boundary dispute; farming; horse racing; Westtown; Rutgers Creek; Walkill River; turnpike; Indigot Creek; Unionville; Minisink Bicentennial Commission;
The Building of the Ramapo Works
Watts, Josephine
An iron slitting and nail mill is created on the Ramapo river by two Pierson brothers at the end of the 18th century.
Keywords: Ramapo River; iron slitting; Torne; Smith's Tavern; Sidman's; ironworks; the Clove; Pierson, Jeremiah; Pierson, Josiah; Stirling Furnace; Noble, Abel; yellow fever; Augusta Forge; sloop Eleanor;
The Town of Warwick
Tate, Florence
A description of the evolution of the town of Warwick out of the Wawayanda patent.
Keywords: Waywayanda Patent; indians; Kings Hiway; Warwick Valley Railroad;
Middletown celegrates 100 Years as a City.
Laskaris, Perer
A description of the evolution of Middletown as a city.
Keywords: New York and Erie Railroad; Orange County Furnace; O and W Railiway; Middletown New Jersey Railway; Bull's Opera House; Paramount Theater; Stratton Theater; Edwin Booth; P.T. Barnum; Middletwon Psychiatric Center;
The Precinct of Goshen
Pomares, Henry
A description of the formation of the governmental agencies in the town of Goshen.
Keywords: Cheesecocks Patent; Wawayanda Patent; taxation; Goshen Gaol; Cornwall; bounty on wolves; hiways; slavery;
Whither Mandeville
Mavros, Donald
Speculation on the destination of potter David Mandeville after leaving Orange County
Keywords: Circleville; redware; Unionville; Hill-Hold; Shallenberger, Louise;
The Roes of Cornwall
Dempsey, Janet
A genealogy and description of activities of the Roe family members in writing, farming and education around the area of Cornwall and Cornwall-On-Hudson
Keywords: Roe, James; Roe, Edward P.; Roe, Elizabeth; Roe, Mary; Roe, Susan; Roe, Pauline; Ulster militia; Roe, Peter; burning of Kingston; Cornwall on Hudson; Clark, Jeremiah; Storm King; New Windsor; Canterbury school; Roe, Alfred Cox; Silliman school; Cornwall Collegiate School; Willis, N.P.; slavery; Roe, James Gilbert; resorts; Glen Ridge House; N.Y. Military Academy; Roe, Edward; Roe, Mary; Fortress Monroe; farming; Houghton Farm; Mountainville; Lee, Henry C.;
New Windsor
Fulton, Collette
An inventory and description of the buildings of historic interest within the new and old Town of New Windsor
Keywords: Hudson River; brick manufacture; Stewart Field; MacGregrorie, Col. Patrick; Cochran, Dr. John; Nicoll, Dr. John; Plum Point; Moodna; Knox Headquarters; Ellison House; Chambers and Sutherland patent; Clinton, James; Clinton, Charles; New Windsor cantonment; Barlow, Joel; Wood-Cleland House; William Sayre House;
Goshen Historic Track
Gildea, James
A history of the historic tract in Goshen from Continental times with emphasis on the races and the horses that ran them.
Keywords: Orange County Fair; Hambletonian (horse); Rysdyk, William; Messenger Oak; Messenger (thorobred); Goldsmith Maid; Coates, Joseph; Coates-Goshen auto; Harriman, Edward H.; anti-betting laws; Uhlan; Harriman, E Roland; Harriman, Averill; Arden Homestead; Harriman Trophy; U.S.T.A.; Hambletonian (race); BOCES; Goshen Historic Track Association; GHTA Auxilliary; Landmark Stakes;

Volume Number: 18 ======= Date: 1989

Edward H. Harriman of Orange County
Graham, Paul
A limited biography of the railroad magnate Edward H. Harriman focusing on his building and business activities in Arden, New York.
Keywords: hiways; Tuxedo Park; Arden Farms; Orange County Agricultural Society; farming; dairy farming; Pasteurization; Atwood, Horace; brick making; Pinchot, Gifford; Arden Water Company; Paroot family; Echo Lake; Erie Railroad; Greenwood Furnace; Arden House; Harriman, Edward H.; Boys Club of America; San Francisco earthquake; Southern Pacific Railway; Incline Railroad; Carrerre and Hastings; Harriman, Mary; woodworking; Harriman Industrial Corporation;
Minisink Valley Historical Society
Osborne, Peter
The formation of the Minisink Historical Society in 1889 led to many worthwhile projects. In its 100th year.
Keywords: Erie Railroad; van Etten, Solomon; Port Jervis; Battle of Minisink; D and H Canal; Fort Decker; Decker, Marinus; Forestburgh; Erie Depot; genealogy; Kleinstuber House;
Hugh Spier
Nelson, James
Cabinet maker in the Federal Style ran a shop on Grand and First Stree in Newburgh in the early 19th century.
Keywords: Salmon, Birdsall"; Golden Hill; Smith, William L,; Newburgh Academy; fedral style; Wood, Robert; Taylor, James S.; Cortland;
The United States Constitution and the Revolution in the Process of Government
Prince, Carl
Discussion of the necessity of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Keywords: ratification; anti-federalists; Bill of Rights; Articles of Confederation; war bonds; Shays rebellion"; federalists;
Nelson, James
Brief history of cheesemaking in Monroe, New York starting with Brie and Liederkranz and ending with Velveeta.
Keywords: Wettstein, Julius; Gross and Co.; Frey, Emil; Fromage de Brie; Neuchatel cheese; Liederkranz cheese; Hawxhurst, Edmund; Velveeta; Oxford Depot; Erie Railroad; Schaeffer, Max O.; Monroe Driving Park Association; Borden Company; Kraft; van Wert plant;
A Brief Account of the Fortifications at Sidman's Bridge
Rose, Kenneth
A Brief Account of the Fortifications at Sidman's Bridge
Keywords: Ramapo River; Route 17; Ramapo Pass; Huntingrton, Col. Jedediah; 17th Connecticut; Hasbrouck, Col. ; Orange County militia; Clinton, George; Heath,Gen. William; Fort Montgomery; Committee of Safety; Tyler, Col; van Buskirk; Woodhull, Jesse; Allison, Col. William; New York Convention; West Point; Great Chain; Arnold; Murnand, Maj Jean Bernard de; Hazen;s Second Canadian; Constitution Island; clove; Duncan, James;

Volume Number: 19 ======= Date: November 1, 1990

Corridor Through the Mountains
Koke, Richard J.
The Clove Road through the Central Valley was an important route of transit between the Northern Colonies, New York and New Jersey. It was protected at the south end by a corridor known as Sidman's Pass. Fortifications were developed to bar this entrance to the Highlands to the British early on in the war.
Keywords: The Clove; Smith's Clove;Smith, Thomas;Smith, David;Ramapo Clove;Sidman's Clove;Woodbury Clove;Schunemunk Clove; Clove Road; Sloat House (pictures); Suffern's Tavern;Sidman's Tavern; Slot's Tavern; Galloway's Tavern;June's Tavern; Smith's Tavern; Earl's Tavern;
The Anti-Masonic Party
Pomares, Henry
The Anti-Masonic Party arose in 1826 with few policy positions other than the abolition of Masonry. The rise and fall of the party are told along with its failure in the General Election of 1832.
Keywords: Morgan, William;Weed, Thurlow;Seward, William Henry; Election of 1832; Jackson, Andrew;
The Sterling Iron and Railway Company
Rose, Kenneth R.
A chronicle of the Sterling Iron and Railway Company from its incorporation in 1864 to the last ore mined in 1923.
Keywords: Board, Cornelius;Ward, Timothy;bloomery;Townsend, Peter the III;Southfield Furnace;Sterling Furnace; Cooke, Jay (Philadelphia Banker);Sterling Mountain Railway (Sterling Junction to Lakeville);Locomotive Engines, Sterling Mountain No.1 and No. 2; Scott mine;Cook mine;Sterlington;Ringwood Road (Eagle Valley Road);Bering mine;Southfield Branch Railroad;Crawford mine;Redback mine; Panic of 1873 (Jay Cooke and Company fail);Railroad strike of 1877; Reincorporation of 1892;Ramapo Ore Company; Headframes (pictures); Lake Mine, composition of ore;
What Am I Bid?
Eurich, Robert C.
A record of the 1785 auction of the Alexander Trimble estate in Neelytown details the items, buyers, and price.
Keywords: Trimble auction of 1785; Brick House Museum;Eager Homestead;
Of Cows, and Fish, and Trees: Local Government in New York State
Booth, Malcolm A.
Several examples of the evolution of election and governing practices during the 18th century in Orange County are presented.
Keywords: Reformed Dutch Church of Maghaghkemeck; jurisdictions in a county: manor,liberty,jurisdiction,precinct, town, out-plantation, bailiwick; Tappen, John (1816 publication on duties of County and Town Officers); New York Assembly election of 1695; Manhood suffrage and secret ballot in New York; Lawrence, William (Orange County representative appointed by Jacob Leisler);Leisler's Revolt;Plum Point;Moodna Creek;Hasbrouck, Lydia Sayer(Physician);Middletown School Board Election of 1880; Darby, Abel; bureaucracy of manumission;
Preserving the Past: A Goshen Landmark Takes on New Life as a Corporate Headquarters
Crawford, Thomas J.
A history of the house built by financier Gates McGarrah in Goshen in 1903 and converted to Amalloy Corporation Headquarters in 1990.
Keywords: Griffith Estate;Cane Estate;Amalloy Corporation;McGarrah, Gates;Ontaroga; Cane, William Henry (President of Yonkers Raceway and promoter of the Hambletonian Stakes);

Volume Number: 20 ======= Date: 1991

Early Orange County Airports
Simpson, June
A travelogue of existing and former Orange County air facilities.
Keywords: Middletown; Goshen; barnstormers; Montgomery; Heitz Field; Tomahawk Lake; Walden Airport; Wiiley Post; Orange Lake Airport; crop dusting; Stewart Field; Orange County Airport; Warwick Airdrome; ballooning; gliders;
Woodbury Furnace Rediscovered
Lenik, Edward
At description of map references and existing artifiacts and achaeological remains indicate active forges and ironworks in the Woodbury area in the 18th and 19th century
Keywords: Kemble, Gouverneur"; Beck, :Lewis C; West Point Foundry; Parrott, Peter; Ford, Charles T; brickyards; New York And Erie Railroad; thruway; Woodbury Falls; blast furnace; bloomery forge;
Algonquin Powder Mill Park
Cornell, Leslie
Description of the black powder manufacturing operation that took place on the Hudson River near Newburgh and which eventually was operated by Dupont Nemours.
Keywords: Orange Mills; Newburgh; Quassaick Creek; Taylor, Asa; black powder; Hudson River; narrow gauge rail; Lafflin and Rand Powder; Dupont Nemours; Hazzard Powder; Gunpowder Trade Association; powder magazines; Algonquin Park;
Benedict Arnold's Kennebeck River Campaign
Hoblin, Phillip
Benedict Arnold before his treachery engaged in several campaigns of military valor, the first of which was the attack on Quebec and Fort Ticonderoga after marching through the New England wilderness.
Keywords: Fort Ticonderoga; Ethan Allen; Saratoga; Indians; Daniel Morgan; Natonis; Enos, Roger; Montgomery, Richard; Carleton, Guy;
The Stone Houses of William Bull
Goodman, Hugh
A description of the masonry and architectural techniques employed in the stone houses constructed by William Bull in the early 18th century.
Keywords: Crommeline, Daniel; Greycourt; Ellison, John; Roe House; Charles Booth House; Eager House; Bull House; Ellison House; Ellison, Thoma; Knox, Henry; Orange County Courthouse; Jonathan Hasbrouck House; Tappan ; Goshen gaol; Palatine patent;
Corridor Through the Mountains
Koke, Richard
The Clove Road through the Central Valley was an important route of transit between the Northern Colonies, New York and New Jersey. It was protected at the south end by a corridor known as Sidman's Pass. Fortifications were developed to bar this entrance to the Highlands to the British early on in the war.
Keywords: Woodhull, Jeffrey;

Volume Number: 21 ======= Date: November 1, 1992

Arnold's 1776 Navy Battle: Lake Champlain
Hoblin, Jr., Philip J.
An account of the American troops withdrawal from Canada and the subsequent navy Battle of Valcour at Lake Champlain
Keywords: Map of Arnold's withdrawal; Carleton, General; Quebec; Burgoyne, General; Howe, General; Arnold, Benedict; Valcour Island; Ticonderoga; Royal Savage (ship); Inflexible(ship); ships; map;
A. J. Davis and the Newburgh Dutch Reformed Church
Goodman, Hugh
The construction of the Newburgh Dutch Reformed Church.
Keywords: Davis, A.J. Newburgh Dutch Reformed Church (photograph). Cruikshank, William (Rev). French Protestant Church du St. Esprit photograph. Greek Revival architecture. church architectural (drawing). church architecture, philosophy. church. map. photograph. Whitmarsh, Alvah (carpenter). church interior. balcony view (photograph). church cornerstone (October 22, 1835). church first service (November 13, 1837).;
The Moodna Viaduct
Rogers, James T.
The history and construction of the Moodna Viaduct.
Keywords: Orrs Mills Road. Salisbury Mills. Erie and Jersey Railroad. Moodna Creek. Murderer's Creek. viaduct construction photograph. viaduct purpose of. The Hudson River Highlands (book).Willis, Nathaniel Parker. Erie Trestle photograph. Schunnemunk Mountain. Woodbury Falls. waterway. creek. railroad. viaduct. mountain.photograph. McClintic-Marshal Co. (contractor). Cornwall Local (newspaper). Coleman, William (lawyer). viaduct construction starting of (April 19,1906). viaduct completion (July 1908).Graham Line (train route). official opening (January 1909).;
Guinea: An African American Settlement in the Town of Wallkill
Bilali, Kevin Barrett
Benedict Arnold before his treachery engaged in several campaigns of military valor, the first of which was the attack on Quebec and Fort Ticonderoga after marching through the New England wilderness.
Keywords: black family (illustration). slaves. Orange County large slaveholders. Town of Wallkill. freeman. Guinea (former honey pot). McClaughry, James (Colonel). Clinton brothers. Fort Clinton. Fort Montgomery. McClaughry will. McClaughrey, Thomas (freeman). McClaughrey, John (freeman). Honey Pot (settlement). Bull's Hack (landmark). County Atlas of Orange County (map). McClaughrey, William. Broadhead, Peter (black landowners). Warner, Joh, (black landowners). black landowners. gravesite. black cemetery. McClaughry family gravestones. McClaughry, Jacob. African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. Middletown. Waterford, Henry (church trustee). McClaughry, Edward. McClaughry descendants.;
The Wreck of the Number 7
Rose, Kenneth R.
The Erie Express Number 7 derailed in Harriman, New York, November 16 1916, becoming one of the worst rail accidents in Orange County.
Keywords: Erie Express number 7. railroad. Harriman, New York. derailment. Narcarrow, R.A. (messenger). Jones, Egbert S.(baggagemaster). clearing track (photograph). Peyton, Mr. (fireman). Hector, William (engineer).;
The New York, Ontario and Western Railway, Part One
Wood, Raymond A.
The building of the New York Ontario and Western Railway active began 1868 and completed in 1873. The line began in Oswego and ran to Jersey City, N.J.
Keywords: Fallsburg tunnel; New York Hudson and Haarlem Railroad; Resolution to build; Littlejohn, Dewitt C. (State Assembly speaker); Low, Henry ( Orange County senator); railway map; railroad at Summitville,NY; Grand Central station (Summitvillle,NY map); Middletown train station (photograph); N.Y.O.M. engine 35(photograph); Bloomingburg Tunnel; Middletown and New Jersey Railroad; Midland completion (July 10,1873); equipment statistics (1873); Bordon creamery, Edmeston (photograph); trestle, Sidney Center (photograph); Port Jervis-Ellenville branch (photograph);Oswego- Midland station, Middletown (photograph); bankruptcy, railroad; illustrations archived at Orange County Community College;
Corridor through the Mountains: Smith's Clove: Wartime Line of Communication and Passageway for the Continental Army, 1776-1783 Part Three
Koke, Richard J.
Smith's Clove, an important passageway, was a center of activity for military activity, iron mining and plundering by robber gangs.
Keywords: Smith, Francis (Captain); Captain Slot's Southwest Company; Sydman's Bridge; road construction; West Point; Grand Army; Butler, William (Lieutenant-Colonel); Hay (Colonel); Clinton, Henry (Sir); military strategy; Clove gangs; Roblin, Edward (robber); Kelley, Benjamin; Babcock, James; Biggs, Nathaniel; Nail, Peter; McManus, Henry; espionage route; Smith, Claudius (outlaw); Erskine, Robert home, attack of; Sufferan, NJ; Washington, George; security of pass; civilian protection; Burgoyne Convention army; New York Journal article;
Newburgh Glass Company of 1867
Becker, James G.
The history of the experimental Newburgh Glass Company is followed until its demise in 1872.
Keywords: Barber, Edwin Atlee (collector); American Glassware-Old and New (1900); pint flask (photograph); pitcher, aquamarine (photograph); Van Rensselaer, Stephen (collector); McKearin, George S. (glass researcher); American Glass (glass authority); Gear, Helen Vernon (city historian); Wood, I. Jr. (company president); Enoch, Carter (company principal); Ward, Peter (company principal); Gillespie, Allison (company Superintendent); Whited, John J. (company principal); Wheeler, Joseph (company principal); Gillespie,Alanson (construction supervisor); Shimer, Thomas (overseer); New Windsor (site location); Newburgh Daily Journal (January 7,1867 account); building construction; New Windsor map (1875); glasshouse designs (renderings); glassmaking process; patent decree (February 27,1866); glass ore; Butter-hill (local rock source); Burrows Factory (name reorganization); historical marker (photograph); furnace foundation (photograph); pocket pistol (slang term); mold errors; demijohn (flask); carboy (large bottle); bottles, unique; glass,colored; archeology of; company glass survey;
A Central Valley Aviator
Simpson, June
William Bull Atwater was an early aviator pioneer who lived in Orange County.
Keywords: Atwater, Lillian Janeway Platt (wife of); hydroplane, Japan; Middletown Times Press; Japan Chronicle (June 9,1912); exhibition, Japan; flight, China; exhibition, Philippines; reception, Central Valley (April 1913); fine, contempt of court; Sloan, John E.(business partner); John E. Sloan Airplane Company; Sloan and Clapper (Newburgh); bankruptcy (June 1914); naval career; Victory Medal award;

Volume Number: 22 ======= Date: November 1, 1993

Stanford White's First Club Building: The Newburgh Y.M.C.A.
Goodman, Hugh
The Third Street Y.M.C.A. better known as The Newburgh Y.M.C.A. contracted with the architectural firm, McKim, Mead and White to design a new building.
Keywords: building illustration;Lull, DeLoss (Rev.); location of; 19 Water Street; Smith and Third Street; mission of; building, cost of; McKim, Charles, Follen (architect); Mead, William (architect); White, Stanford (architect); architectural design; building, demise of;
Weigand's Tavern in Newburgh
Carey, Jane
The Weigand family, emigrants from The Palatine, greatly contributed in the development of the city of Newburgh.
Keywords: Weigand Tavern (photograph); Weigand, Michael (emigrant); Palatine region; War of the Grand Alliance; Palatine warfare; Order of Council for Naturalizing and Sending Certain Palatines to New York; Weigandin, Anna Catherine(wife); Weigandin, Anna Maria (daughter); Weigand, Tobias (son); Weigand, George (son); German Patent at Quassaick; land grant; Hasbrouck House (site of Weigand cabin); Weigand, Martin (g'son); Newburgh Company; regiment, Hasbrouck, J. (Col.); tavern, war contribution; Weygant, Charles H. (Col.);
Fort Stanwix: Prelude to the Battle of Saratoga
Hoblin, Philip J. Jr.
Ft. Stanwix, important to the impending Battle at Saratoga, found British troops under Burgoyne in direct conflict with Arnold's American troops.
Keywords: loyalist soldiers' attire (rendition); Burgoyne (commander British troops); Herkimer, General; Arnold (American officer); Yost Schuyler, Hans; Gates, General;
Construction of the Storm King Highway
Dempsey, Janet
Despite financial, political and construction obstacles, the completion of Storm King Highway remains a monument of human endeavor.
Keywords: Storm King Mountain, view of (photograph); Van Alstyne, Henry (engineer); Palisades Interstate Park Commission; Goodsell, Louis, A.(senator); construction of road, description of; Storm King Stone Company; construction controversy; John L. Hayes Construction Company (Yonkers); Breed, H. Elting (First Deputy Commissioner NYS); construction statistics; filming of (Hearst Syndicate); Historic Hudson, The (July 1922);
The Ice-Age Hunters of Lookout Mountain
Kass, Barry D.
Some of the earliest known evidence of human occupation in North America was discovered at the Dutchess Quarry Cave site, Lookout Mountain near present-day Florida, N.Y.
Keywords: Warwick Quadrangle (map); Orange County Chapter, N.Y.S.Archeological Association; government, Orange County;Dutchess Quarry Cave; Lookout Mountain; Florida; N.Y.;excavation of; Paleo-Indians; human culture, development of; tools, Stone Age; climate change; social development of; caves ownership;
Corridor through the Mountains: Smith's Clove: Wartime Line of Communication and Passageway for the Continental Army, 1776-1783 Part Four: The Crucial Year
Koke, Richard J.
The fourth essay in the five-part series concerning the military significance of Smith's Clove during 1779.
Keywords: deKalb, Baron Johann (Major General), painting of; Clinton, Henry (Sir); Stony Point; Verplanck's Point; Washington, George; West Point; Burr, Colonel; Greene, Nathaniel (quartermaster-general); Clove, description of; military route, march of; Continental troops deployment, strategy of; Captain Francis Smith roadside tavern; Burr, Aaron (portrait of); food supply; marauders; criminals; Forest of Dean (e); Clinton, Henry Sir, (portrait of); enemy war strategy; Continental war strategy; Continental Road, building of; Sidman, Betsey, Washington relationship; winter conditions, Continental troops;

Volume Number: 23 ======= Date: November 1, 1994

Freeman's Farm
Hoblin, Philip J.
Prior to the second Battle at Saratoga, a battle at Freeman's farm near Albany occurred in September 1777. Continental troops led by Horatio Gates fought against British troops led by Burgoyne. Though the British casualties were higher, they defeated the American troops.
Keywords: Burgoyne, John (portrait); Arnold, Benedict; Gates, Horatio; Burgoyne, John; Fraser, Simon (General); Von Riedesel, Frederick Adolphus (Baron); battle at Freeman farm; tactical errors of, Gates;
Charles Ludlow of the 'Old Navy'
Rose, Kenneth R.
The establishment of the U.S. Navy at the end of the 18th century was deemed Old Navy. Charles Ludlow of Orange County gallantly served as an officer during this period resulting in becoming Captain of the frigate U.S.S President. Upon his resignation, Ludlow became very active in Newburgh affairs.
Keywords: ship, representative of (illustration); historical development of Old Navy; Constitution (frigate); Leopard Affair; Leopold, naval career; Little Belt (sloop-of-war); Rodgers, John (Commodore); Hamilton, Secretary of Navy; Master Commandant, politics of; Ludlow resignation; Newburgh politics; Supervisor New Windsor; Newburgh Whaling Company; Newburgh Regatta Association; Newburgh Horticultural Society; death of; Chrystie, Thomas W., son-in-law;
Calvert Vaux and Andrew Jackson Downing: The Newburgh City Club
Goodman, Hugh
The history of the building, The Newburgh City Club, is reviewed.
Keywords: stairs, Newburgh City Club (photograph); Greek Revival architecture; Davis, Alexander Jackson, architect; Niven, Thornton MacNess, architect; Downing, Alexander Jackson, architect; The Architecture of County Houses; Vaux, Calvert, associate; Downing, death of; Culbert house (architectural plans); Downing, architecture philosophy; Culbert house, exterior description; fire, building loss;
The Alsdorf Legacy
Bilali, Kevin B.
George Alsdorf, a freed slave, became a well known Newburgh musician and with his growing family, left a legacy of musical traditions long remembered.
Keywords: Alsdorf, Ulysses J., son (photograph); Alsdorf, Simon P., son (photograph); Alsdorf, Charles T., son (photograph); Alsdorf family, Plattekill; Palatine family; Alsdorf, Johannes, slave owner; Roosa, Francis, freed slave; DuBois, David, freed slave; Alsdorf. Dubois, band leader and dance teacher; Alsdorf Dancing Academy; soirees, annual; patrons, names of; benefactor of; race issues, Newburgh; Alsdorf, Charles, city contributor; Alsdorf, Ulysses ,composer; Alsdorf, Simon P., philanthropist and musician; Alsdorf, Dubois, death of; Alsdorf Hall; family burial;
Cornwall's Dr. Clinton
Fulton, Colette C.
A short review of the life of Alexander Hamilton Clinton, great-grandson of Charles Clinton, is discussed.
Keywords: Clinton homestead (photograph); homestead, landscape of (photograph); Clinton, Charles, familial legacy; residence, Orange County; Cornwall, NY; Canterbury (Cornwall), description of; Clinton, Alexander; Clinton, Charles, brother of Alexander; Society of the Cincinnati; Fulton. Colette C. (Village Historian Cornwall-on-Hudson);
Corridor through the Mountains: Smith's Clove: Wartime Line of Communication and Passageway for the Continental Army, 1776-1783 Part Five: The Last Three Years
Koke, Richard J.
As the Revolutionary War began to wind down, the Clove remained active as colonial troops transported weapons, defended enemy advances to West Point and pursued marauders.
Keywords: 2nd Canadian Regiment (photograph); Washington, George (General); King's Ferry; Suffern; Clinton, Henry Sir; Greene, Nathaniel; roads, entry points; Highlands, map of (illustration); de Chastellux, Chevalier (marechal de camp), travels of; mutiny, Pompton; Forest of Dean; military intervention, mutiny; de Lafayette, Marquis; Erskine, Robert house (drawing); Hay, Ann Hawkes (Colonel); blockhouse, construction of; de Murrains, Jean Bernard Gauthier; (engineer); blockhouse, location of; de Rochambeau, Comte; infantry, French; Pierson, Jeremiah, Halsey; Lossing, Benson, John; Montagnnie, legend of; theft, mail; Montanye, Thomas, Baptist pastor; Van Cortlandt, Philip (Colonel); blockhouse, military significance; Van Cortland (portrait); Hazen, Moses (Brigadier-General); Hazen regiment, last garrison; Yellow House Tavern (photograph); blockhouse, decay of; New Antrim entrance (map); Duncan-Hazen conflict; Washington, clove last journey; Canadian soldiers, homeless; military march, last of; Paterson, John (Brigadier-General); blockhouse door , history of (photograph); Suffern, John (silhouette); Budke, George Henry (historian);

Volume Number: 24 ======= Date: November 1, 1995

Sterling, Southfield and Augusta: A Fresh Look at Charcoal Iron Communities in the Highlands
Kury, Theodore W.
The development of the iron ore industry in the Hudson Highlands from the early 1700's to 1839 is reviewed.
Keywords: Townsend, Peter (illustration); geology, Hudson Highlands; charcoal ironworks, Hudson Highlands (map); Iron Act; DeLancy, James (Lieutenant-Governor); Livingston, Philip; Ancram ironworks; Sterling forge; statistics, forges and furnaces; Southfield Furnace; pig iron; raw materials, availability of; Sterling Furnace, pig iron, sales of (chart); pig iron, distribution points; Townsend. Solomon; Augusta Forge, pig iron purchases (chart); labor force; Hasenclever, Peter; anchors. shipment of (chart); work conditions; labor exemptions. Sterling Plantation (chart); work force , Southfield Furnace (chart); labor retention, Sterling Ironworks (statistics); transportation of; store accounts, Southfield Furnace (chart); store purchases (chart);
Bemis Heights: The Second Battle of Saratoga
Hoblin, Philip J.
The results of the second battle at Saratoga were strongly affected by the personalities of the military leaders.
Keywords: Fraser, Simon General (portrait); Burgoyne, John (General); military, British strategy; Gates, Horatio (General); Arnold-Gates disagreement; attack of; Arnold leadership; prologue, military leaders;
Experiencing the Pine Swamp Mine: A Model for Teachers
Kesselman, Judith P.
Young students get hands-on teaching about the history of iron ore mining in Harriman and Palisades Interstate Park as they study some mines in the Pine Swamp area.
Keywords: Harriman State Park (map of); science experiments; iron, application of; history, early; geological properties; physical signs; mine entrance (photograph); environmental changes;
Air Mail in Orange and Sullivan Counties
Simpson, June
Orange and Sullivan counties were active participants in the development of United States air mail service.
Keywords: Orange County Postmasters (photograph); Lambert Monocoupe airplane (photograph);Hallock, Ted (photograph);Mahr, Hugh (photograph); Colvin, Bob (photograph); air service, Middletown; air service, establishment of (1916); aeoplanes, experiments of; pilot mortality; recollections, regional;
The Ludlows of the 'Old Navy', Part II
Rose, Kenneth R.
Three brothers from the Newburgh Ludlow family proudly defended the young nation on the high seas.
Keywords: frigate, American (painting); Ludlow, Augustus Crommelin; Ludlow, Charles; the Constitution (frigate); Rodgers, John (Commodore); commerce, American, protection of; the Hornet (ship); war, naval; the Chesapeake (frigate); the Hornet (brig); Lawrence, James (Captain); Jones,William (Secretary of the Navy); Ludlow, Augustus, burial, Trinity Church; Ludlow, Robert, purser; Bainbridge, William ( Captain); the Java, capture of; Ludlow, Robert ,death of;
A History of the Queensboro Furnace
Porter, Richard J.
The Queensboro Iron Works had a long history of development and ownership.
Keywords: Erskine map, Fort Montgomery (drawing); Queensboro Ironworks. location of; Forest of Dean mine; Hudson Highlands, geology of; Queensboro Tract; Ludlow, William and Gabriel; mine ownership, review of; Popolopen Creek; Ft. Montgomery; Mathews, Vincent; Clements, Moses; Fort Clinton; British attacks; chain, iron; Clinton, Henry Sir; Campbell, Mungo (Lieutenant Colonel); Erskine map, Queensboro Ironworks (drawing); Mine Road; Leake, Robert, estate of; Green, Griffin; Leonard, Henry and James; Taunton Iron Works: Whittington Forge; Hopewell Iron Works: Green, Jacob; Dean, Josiah; furnace, designers of; charcoal iron furnace ,working of; finery forge, design of; wrought iron production; Mathews, James; Beekman, Theophilus; Greenleaf, James; Lucet, Eugene; ironworks, sale of; Lagarenne, Charles; Forest of Dean Tract, subdivision; auction of; Queensboro Ironworks, map of (1851); Queensboro Ironworks, map of (1859); Ruins of Furnace; Finley, Norman M., lessee; land alterations, Federal Government; Queensboro Ironworks, map of (1903); historical plaque, ironworks (1912); Queensboro Ironworks Historic District (1994); Queensboro Ironworks, chart of ownership;

Volume Number: 25 ======= Date: November 1, 1996

T. B. Brooks, C.E. and Surveyor
Gibbs, Nancy L.
The life of Thomas Benton Brooks whose important geological contributions to Orange County, is reviewed.
Keywords: Greenwood Estate (map); Ketchum, Sarah S. (mother); Brooks, John (father); Brooks, Thomas Benton, early life; career, early; college life; surveying works, Orange County; Augusta Tract; Sterling Works; Monroe Works; military career; Trenton Iron Company, manager of; Iron Cliff Company; Hulse, Hannah (wife); geological survey, Marquette Iron District (1866-1873); Germany, relocation to; life, senior years; Giesler, Martha (wife); maps, Benton, list and location of;
The Sinking of the Westchester
Rose, Kenneth R.
The sloop, Westchester, owned by Robert P. Parrott, while traveling south to New York City, collided with the Armenia in Haverstraw Bay. The cargo of ammunition was salvaged.
Keywords: Westchester (photograph); Knickerbocker Ice Company; Delimiter (Armenia pilot); collision reenactment; legal action (Parrott versus Knickerbocker); Court of Appeals, law citing;
New Windsor Cantonment and the Town of New Windsor
Townsend, E. Jane
The landscape and life of the New Windsor/Newburgh area drastically changed between 1782 and April 1783 as Washington's troops were in residence during the last part of the eight-year war.
Keywords: Winter cantonment (map); New Windsor cantonment; Snake Hill; house, Colonel Thomas Ellison (painting); Gilbert, Benjamin(Lt.); life; social life; communities, economics; Ellison, John (shop owner); Ellison, William; Ellison, Thomas (Colonel), portrait; DeWitt,Simeon (geographer); map, cantonment. description of; Edmonston, William; Brewster, Samuel; Howe. Robert (Major General); Gates, Horatio (Major General); Belknap, Abel ; Heath, William (Major General); Nicoll, John; Cochran, John Dr. (Director General); Hasbrouck,Jonathan; Boys, Robert Jr. (blacksmith); Higby, Moses (Dr.); discipline of, soldiers; Greene, Nathanael, (Major General); Knox, Henry (General), portrait; infractions, soldiers; civilian services; produce suppliers; sutler; Gates, Horatio (Major General), portrait; John Ellison house (photograph); Gilbert, Benjamin (Lieutenant); Wyoma's (tavern); shop owners; Ellison, John; Ellison, Thomas; business empire, Ellison family; Knox's Headquarters; Pickering, Thomas (Quartermaster General); Cochan, John Dr. (Director General of Hospitals; Hasbrouck, Trynte; search party, troops relocation; timber supply; decommissioning, army materials;
A Survey of Orange County Mills
Ritterman, Saul
A review of the evolution of power sources for mills from 1713 to 1911 is documented.
Keywords: first mill, 1713 (historical marker); Tietsoort. Stephen; mills, water powered; Ketchum mill, gristmill; plaster mill; Oldroyd Shoddy mill (photograph); Ketchum, Joseph; sawmill; turbine, use of; churning mill; shoddy mill; Oldroyd, Joshua; mill census, 1798; saw mills; mills, water powered 1851, chart; oyl mill; Phillips, Gabriel; fulling mills; distilleries; New York State census, 1825-1865; Census of Manufacturers, 1850-1880, data trends; chart, water/steam comparison; churning mill (photograph); salaries, men and women; Ruttenber, E.M. (printer); gunpowder production; steam power, advantages of; Harrison, James (mill owner); electricity introduction, Newburgh); Orange and Rockland Utilities;
Riding over the Fields
Figliomeni, Michelle P.
Fox hunts and horse racing were prevalent in Orange County during the early twentieth century thanks to the efforts of E.H.Harriman, family, and close friends.
Keywords: Glenmere, home (photograph); Harriman, Edward H.; Arden Farms; Orange County Driving Park; Harriman, Mary (wife); Harriman, Mary (daughter); St. Elmo Hotel; Occidental Hotel; fox hunting; Orange County Hunt; Townsend, John R. (master of fox hunt); fences, Hitchcock; Arden Stables; Collier, P. Fenelon; Red Swan Inn, Warwick; fox hunt (photograph); Gerry, Robert L. and Peter G.; Goblet, Robert; Sun Dancer (horse); Harriman, Roland; Harriman Industrial Corporation; racing track, Goshen, construction of; Orange County Horse and Road Improvement Association; monument, Goshen; Harriman Square; Harriman, Carol (periodical cover); Goshen Inn; Harriman E.H. and friends (painting); Glen Arden Hunt; Glen Arden Stable; riding attire, description of; Glen Arden Stable, description of; Meehan, Frank J. (stud farm superintendent); Dougherty Theodore, hunt enthusiast; Glen Arden Hunt, demise (1925); Eden, John J., general manager Arden Farms Dairy Company; stud farm enterprises; trotting horses; Orange County Polo Club; Orange County Community College, early history; Arden Hill Hospital, Harriman influence;;

Volume Number: 26 ======= Date: November 1, 1997

General Richard Montgomery: Hero of Two Nations
Newman, Marc
General Richard Montgomery, our nation's first national hero, was long remembered after his death in Quebec and continues today in Orange County.
Keywords: Map of the Country (map of); Montgomery, Thomas, father; Montgomery, Alexander, brother; career, French and Indian War; traitor to Britain; death, eulogies; public morale, death influence; funeral oration, Reformed Calvinist Church, Philadelphia; death of Montgomery (etching); literary works, death influence; The Pennsylvania Magazine, death announcement; The London Gazette, death announcement; ;burial sites; Livingston, Lewis (nephew); artifacts, Montgomery; celebrations, 20th century; General Montgomery Day, Orange County;
The "Sterling Forest" Myths
Sweeney, James G.
Several myths have developed about the early history of the Sterling Forest region. The author challenges three of these myths.
Keywords: furnace, Sterling Iron and Railway Co. (photograph); Sterling Iron Works myth; Clinton, Charles, surveyor; Marble Book; Cheesecock patent; Burling, James - furnace owner; Alexander, William myth; Earls of Stirling history (1634-1783); Sagadohoc (map); deed, Cheesecock (photocopy); Sterling Iron and Railway Co. storage boxes (photograph); Townsend, Peter Jr.; City Investing Company, historical inaccuracies; Sterling Forest Company; Coxe, MacGrane, myth challenger: sterling, etymology of; minerals of region; Erie Railroad influence; Sterling Forest Development Company, 20th century development;
Orange County's Civil War Colored Troops
Barrett, Kevin
Black residents of Orange County gallantly served in the Civil War. Many of these soldiers are recognized in this article.
Keywords: Thompson, Joseph P. and wife, tombstone (photograph); Alsdorf, Dubois and wife, tombstone (photograph); African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Newburgh; Thompson, Joseph Pascal Rev.(illustration); Douglass, Frederick, abolitionist; African M.E. Zion Church (photograph); Bureau of Colored Troops, creation of; 20th USCT Infantry; 26th USCT Infantry; 31st USCT Infantry; Robinson, Alfred S., burial; General Sherman's Rear Guard (painting), Thomas Nast; Palmer, Charles, Grand Army of the Republic; McGuinnessburg community; colored cemetery, Montgomery; McGinnis, John, GAR tombstone; McGuinness, David, 20th USCT; Brooks, David, enrollee white regiment; Feeney, Dennis, 17th and 140th New York Infantry; black members, list of, 20th USCT; Silliman, William Colonel, 26th USCT; Whittington, Daniel, Company D 26th NY Regiment; Matthews, Henry, Company D 26th NY Regiment; Zion Society; Richardson, Peter and James; Silliman, William (etching); Deyo, Alexander, 26th Colored Regiment NY; Brown, William H., 26th Colored Regiment NY; Deyo, Charles, Company K 26th NY Regiment Infantry; soldiers, Slate Hill Cemetery; Civil War Monument, Slate Hill Cemetery; Hillside Cemetery, Middletown; Abbot, Richard, Company E 26th regiment; Woodlawn Cemetery, New Windsor; discrimination issues, black soldiers; Militia Act, July, 1862; Humans, Henry descendants; 11th USCT black soldiers; black Civil War plaque, list of eighty black veterans; Brown, Washington, obituary; Cunningham, William A., 54th USCT Regiment; Smith, Augutus, 54th USCD Regiment; 11 African soldiers hanged, Newburgh Daily Union; Independent Republican, article (June 24, 1865), black contempt; Dickey, William Colonel, black soldier supporter;
Goshen: As It Once Was
Pomares, Henry
During the first half of the 19th century, the county legislation enacted laws concerning the indigent, transportation, education and banking.
Keywords: subscription register - Bank Orange County (copy of); subscription receipt - Bank of Orange County (copy of); indigent law - 1788; poor houses - 1824 state legislative mandate; poor house, establishment of - Orange County Board of Supervisors; poor house, patient rules; voting rights - Goshen 1810; public education -early history of; stock certificate Orange Turnpike, 1802 (copy of); Orange Turnpike charter - 1800; Dobbin, Anthony, turnpike charter; Carpenter, James, turnpike charter; Everett, James, turnpike charter; Waters, Thomas, turnpike charter; Westcott, David M. - turnpike charter; Wilkin, James W. - turnpike charter; Wickham George D. - turnpike charter; Wickham, William - turnpike charter; turnpike tolls - exemptions; Goshen and Wallkill Turnpike -location of; Goshen and Minisink Turnpike - location of; turnpikes financing; Thompson, William; black dirt - public works project; tax revenue - assessing rules; wealthy persons taxes paid - list of; Bank of Orange County - establishment of; bank directors - Goshen members; Hopkins, Reuben; Hurtin, John G. - newspaper publisher; professional residents, Goshen - 1806;

Volume Number: 27 ======= Date: November 1, 1998

Mr. Jefferson's Military School
Aimone, Alan C.
The establishment of the United States Military Academy in its current location was a long process that began in 1794 and evolved into the current academy standards.
Keywords: Partridge, Alden (Captain), print of ; academy, establishment of; Williams, Jonathan Lieutenant Colonel, first Superintendent; curriculum, early development; United States Military Philosophical Society; Swift, Joseph Gardner, first graduate: West Point (painting); Williams, Jonathan Colonel (portrait); Fort Clinton; description physical, West Point; activities, daily, cadets; textbook mathematics (copy of); textbooks, French text; mathematics, focus on; uniform, Artillerist and Engineer Corps (drawing); Long Barracks (drawing of);engineering, training of; geography studies; history studies; military instruction, Superintendent of Academy; surveying; Partridge, Alden, professor of mathematics and engineering; Thayer, Sylvanus (Major), leader of officer training; uniforms, cadet; buildings, expansion; uniforms (drawing of); Lillie, John certificate (copy of);
A History of the O'Neal/Forshee Mining Property
Porter, Richard L.
Located in the Town of Monroe, the O'Neal and Forshee Mines had long histories of activity beginning in 1823 until the closure by the Harriman family.
Keywords: Cheesecock Patent lots, portion of (map); O'Neal family; Kemble, Gouveneur; West Point Foundry, history of; Forshee, Bernard; Parrott family, holdings of; Greenwood Furnace; John Bridges and Co., landholders; Clinton, Charles, surveyor; mine sites (map of); Lot 55, Forshee Mine property; O'Neal, Peter, estate of; Parrott. Peter, P., Superintendent Greenwood Furnace; Forshee, Bernard, estate of; Neil and O. Forshee mines (map of); Harriman, Edward H.. mine purchase; Harriman, W. Averill, mine beneficiary; Smith, Roscoe W., mining interests;
Wawayanda v. Cheesecock: Orange County's "Trial of the (18th) Century"
Sweeney, James G.
During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Wawayanda and Cheesecock patents were the center of a legal boundary dispute.
Keywords: Wawayanda and Cheesecock patents (sketch of); Goebel (Professor), patent dispute research; Hyde, Edward (Colonial Governor); patents, differences of; Smith, Thomas, Cheesecock patent; Benson, Egbert, Cheesecock patent; Livingston, William, Cheesecock patent; Syms.,Lancaster, patents manager; Cheesecock patentees, 1736;Clinton, Charles, surveyor; boundary dispute, physical description; Smith, William, Jr, attorney; Smith, Thomas, trial lawyer; Kakiate patent; Alexander, James; Livingston, Philip; Livingston, William S.; Alexander family; mineral deposits, Cheesecock patent; Wickham, William, Wawayanda committee; Wisner, Henry, Wawayanda committee; Thompson, William, Wawayanda committee; Stevens, John (Sr.), Cheesecock committee; Livingston, Peter Van Brugh, Cheesecock committee; Smith family holdings; Jones, Thomas, Cheesecock committee; Bostwick, Andrew, Cheesecock committee; Scott, John Morin, Wawayanda committee; Banker, Evert, Wawayanda committee; Hamilton, Alexander, Wawayanda attorney; Yates, Robert, Chief Judge commission; L'Hommedieu, Ezra L., dispute commission; Ward, Stephen, dispute commission; Jones, Samuel, dispute commission; Haring, John, dispute commission; Banyar, Goldsboro, dispute commission; Kent, James, Chief Judge successor; Burr, Aaron, dispute attorney;
The Documentation of One-Room Schoolhouses in Orange County
Wicker, Dorothy Bronson
Two retired schoolteachers, Patricia Castaldo and Dorothy Wicker set out in 1987 to identify, paint, and document the schoolhouses of Orange County.
Keywords: Brick House Museum schoolroom (photograph); Museum Village School, painting of; Oxford Depot School, restoration of; Goshen one-room school, D.A.R.; Bull Stone House, Hamptonburgh (photograph) ; Brick Castle schoolroom; Memmelaar farm, schoolhouse; Goosetown School; Sly, Ted, county historian; statistics, one-room schoolhouses; Crist, Amy Bull, educator; O'Neill Mine school (painting); Walton Lake School (painting); Burnside School; Rock Tavern School; Grove Street School (photograph); Trout Brook School (photograph); Harriman State Park schoolhouses; Bailey, Stella, Historian Town Highlands; Forest of Dean School; West Point, school sites; Bethlehem School (painting of); Goodwill School (photograph of); Newburgh Elementary School (photograph of); Davis Hill School, Chester; Elmwood School; albums, schoolhouse photographs;
The Hard-Luck Story of Patrick MacGregorie
Johnson, Melvin B.
Patrick MacGregor arrived in 1684 in Maryland and eventually settled in the Cornwall. His rebellious military adventures ended in death and his descendants were able to claim ownership of Plum Point lands.
Keywords: 1830 map , Town of Monroe (illustration); McGregor, Patrick, early history; political unrest Scotland; political appointments, 1684; Chief Ranger of Staten Island; Muster-Master of the Militia of the City and Province of New York; land ownership, Perth Amboy and Staten Island; Murderer's Creek; Maringoman, Minsi chief; Dongan, Thomas (Royal Governor of New York); Roseboom, Harmanus; trade excursion, Fort Michillimackinac; prisoner of war; Andros, Edmund (Sir); Cornwall-on-Hudson (painting); Leisler Rebellion; MacGregor, death of; heirs, Plum Point land;

Volume Number: 28 ======= Date: November 1, 1999

Vernon Royle: Photographer of Rare Orange County Views
Gillespie, James H.
Vernon Royle was a successful businessman but his strong interest was photography of northern New Jersey and Orange County.
Keywords: Roadside Tree at Sterling Lake (photograph); John Royle and Son business; multiple inventions of; photographs, Vanishing Ironworks of the Ramapos; John Royle Machine Company; Greenwood Lake (photograph); Lake Road (photograph); Falls on Longhouse Creek (cover of journal);
German Accounts of the March of the Convention Army through Orange County, 1778
Londahl-Smidt, Lt. Col. Donald M.
Following the surrender of British and German troops at Saratoga, diaries from German officers describe the transportation of prisoners-of-war to Charlottesville, Virginia.
Keywords: rural scene (illustration); Convention Army; Burgoyne, General; Riedesel, Friedrich Adolph (Major General); troops division, transportation of; diary, orderly, description of transport; Goshen Court House; Cleve, Friedrich Lieutenant, journal entries; Washington, General, description of; Fish Kill, holding center; von Schuler, Ernst Johann, diary entries; Warwick, transportation route; von Bernewitz, Johann Carl (Ensign), diary entries; Du Roi, Anton, Adolf (Lieutenant), diary entries; Highlands, transportation route; Hessen-Hanau Regiment Erbprinz, orderly book entries;
A Lion in Chester? You Bet!
Corey, Geri
During the 1950's, Marguerite and George Goetz operated a pet cemetery in Chester and which housed several famous pet performers.
Keywords: King, performing lion; cemetery plots description; chimpanzee, performing;
Wawayanda v. Cheesecock: Part Two
Sweeney, James G.
In this portion, there is a lengthy review of the attorneys representing the disputing sides and notables from the 49 witnesses.
Keywords: Signing of the Wawayanda Patent (painting); Boudinot, Elias IV, Wawayanda attorney; Hamilton, Alexander, Wawayanda attorney; Burr, Hamilton, Wawayanda attorney; Wickham, William, Wawayanda attorney; Smith, Thomas, Cheesecock attorney; Benson, Egbert, Cheesecock attorney; Laurance, John, Cheesecock attorney; Livingston, William S., Cheesecock attorney; demographics, witnesses; Board. Cornelius, minor mineral entrepreneur; Marvin, Elihu (Judge), witness; Vance, Samuel, witness; Osborne, Thomas, witness; Terry, Joseph, witness; Knapp, Jonathan, witness; Woodhull, Ebenezer, witness; Holly, Joseph, witness; Burt, Daniel, witness; Luckey, George, witness; Johnson, Richard, witness; Clark, Timothy, witness; Strong, Samuel, witness; Armstrong, William, witness; White, Hezekiah, witness; Howell, Hezekiah, witness; Brown, John, witness; Weisner (Wisner) Adam, Wawayanda witness; Satterly, Nathaniel, witness; Coleman, Jeremiah, witness; Rumsey, Phinehas, witness; Board, James, Wawayanda witness; Ward, Timothy, Sterling Iron Works lawsuit; Colton (Colden), Nicholas, Sterling Iron Works lawsuit; Board, Joseph, Wawayanda witness; White, Sylvanus, witness; McClockren (McClaughry), James, Cheesecock witness; McDowel, James, Wawayanda witness; Burnit (Burnet), James,witness; Humphreys, James, witness; Humphreys, Hugh, witness; Moffat, Samuel, Wawayanda witness; Case, Stephen, witness; Woodhull, Jesse, Cheesecock witness; Dobbins (Dobbin), Hugh, Cheesecock witness; Van Allen, William, witness; Conkling, Deliverance, witness; Benjamin, David, witness; Sutherland, Andrew, witness; Lerue (Laroe), Arrie, witness; Colden, Cadwallader. Cheesecake witness; Cooper, Tunis, witness; Herring (Haring), Petrus, witness; Clinton, James, Cheesecock witness; Thompson, William, witness; Hardenborg, Johannes, witness; Howel, Hezekiah, Wawayanda witness; Gale, Samuel, witness; Palmer, Thomas, witness; Marvin, Elihu, Wawayanda witness; Ebenezer, Holly, Wawayanda witness; Denne, Christopher, original Patentee; Everet, John, first Patentee agent; Clowes, Samuel, first Patentee agent;
Nineteenth Century Cornwall Potters: The Bells, the Clarks and Machett
Faber, Chester R.
With the abundance of raw materials, Cornwall was an active center for the pottery industry.
Keywords: pottery signatures (photographs); Clark, David, potter; Clark, Nathan, Athens potter; Clark, Jeremiah, potter; Clark, William A, son of Jeremiah; Mandeville, Francis, Circleville potter; Clark family tree, listing of; Lent, George, potter; Williams, Durell, potter; Bell, M.C. Stoneware; Mary B.Machett (photographs); F. H. and N. C. Bell Cornwall, pottery; Machett, Isaac V., potter; Machett, Isaac V. signatures (photographs); Machett, William A., son of Isaac; Machett, William A.; Machett family chronology; Machett, Martha B., wife of Isaac V.; McChatt, Isaac V. (misspelled); business assets, Machett family; census records errors; Berthholf, Henry W., property owner; Wisner, Henry, mortgagee; real estate sales, Machete, Isaac V.; receipts, Hynard and Sayer; Lawrence, Ann Machete (daughter); Tracy, Mary Jane (daughter); Machett, Mary B., will of; Machett Isaac V.; burial location unknown, Machett, Isaac V.; Bell pottery location;
The Baron, the General and the Cowboys in Old Goshen
Ellrich, Robert C.
During WWI, Goshen was the home for the largest stock farm that prepared horses for shipment to soldiers overseas.
Keywords: stock farm entrance (photograph); Good Time Track; "Lone Oak", George Miller estate; :Elm Lawn", William Denton estate; "the Paddock", condominium development; Leprestre, Miller Stock Farm; de Robbiate, Peolo Ajroldi , farm supervisor; farm buildings (photographs); stock farm history; Hillcrest estate; horses, treatment and care of; farm maintenance; Hartely, Harry and cowboys (photograph of); staff (photograph of); Scheffer, H.S., manager (photograph of); farm demobilization; stock farm, architect's drawing; farm property, complete photograph of;

Volume Number: 29 ======= Date: November 1, 2000

The Steward Homestead
Eurich, Robert C.
The John Steward family of New York City owned a 400-area farm and mansion south of Goshen in what is today called Westgate Industrial Park .The property and valuable house furnishings were sold in 1959 after all immediate heirs had died, and later, the mansion was destroyed.
Keywords: Steward mansion (photographs); Westgate Industrial Park; Steward Farm Homestead, early history; Steward, John III; No 1,Pearl Street, New York City; Steward, Daniel Jackson; Steward, Mary, heir to farm; homestead, architectural description; homestead contents, auction sale; Glem-Sanders collection- auction sale; Cortlandt manor house, auction sale; homestead, destruction of;
The Zebulon Wheeler Mill Property 1702-2000
Conklin, Elmire L.
A vast tract of land running from east of Mt. Eve to New Jersey that ran from New Jersey Claim Line to the Great Island Tract. It supported several large farms whose owners passed the lands to their heirs.
Keywords: nineteenth century grist mill (drawing); Wheeler family; Wheeler, Zebulon farm (1703); mill and millpond, location Bancker & Elmendorph tract; Clinton, Charles III, surveyor; Wawayanda Patent, partitioning of; Elmendorph, Mary, purchase Great Island tract; Wheeler Homestead (photograph); Elmendorph deed controversy; Howell. Charles, resident millwright; mill construction; land purchases, multiple transfers; Wisner, John (Capt), neighbor; Allison, John, Jr. neighbor; Wheeler, Zebulon, sale old farm; Gardner, John, purchaser southern lands Wheeler farm; Jayne, Jesse, purchaser northwest corner Wheeler home (1800), description of; Wheeler, Zebulon, will; Wheeler, Joel, son; Wheeler genealogy; Wheeler, Zebulon, property divided; Thompson, Horace and Wheeler, Lucinda, co-owners of mill; Houston, Samuel Brooks farm; Zebulon Wheeler mill (photograph); Salona Lake, family namesake; Weslowski, Joseph and Eleanor, farm owners (1911); Applebaum, Isadore and Pauline, farm owners (1949); Conklin, Howard Jr and Elmire, farm owners (1954); homestead renovation; Wheeler mill, removal of; mill property subdivided; Zebulon home and mill, chronology;
Fancier and Faster
Van Benschoten, Mary Ann
Raising standardbred horses with rare bloodlines began in earnest with Montgomery's Morrison family. By 1831, societies such as the Montgomery Horse Thief Detecting Society began in retaliation to the theft of these valuable horses.
Keywords: Goldsmith, Alden, driver (illustration); stud record, Morrison family (copy of); Morrison, Hamilton family; breeding records, Morrison family; Morrison, Hamilton and five sons (photograph); Morrison, Jonathan M., son; Morrison David A.,son; Morrison, George H., son; Morrison, John G., son; Morrison, William H.H., son; Goldsmith horses, nationally known; Horse Thief Detecting Societies; Morrison, W.H.H. diaries; Montgomery Horse Thief Society, 1903 calendar;
M. C. Migel: Monroe's True Friend of the Blind
Bieber, John and Nanette
Moses Charles Migel (Major M.C.) was a generous benefactor most notably to the American Foundation for the Blind. He and his family summered in Monroe at Mansion Ridge, a working farm, later to become Mansion Ridge Golf Club.
Keywords: Cromwell, William Nelson, Keller Helen, Migel,M.C. Mansion Ridge, interior room (photograph); Migel, Elisa Parada, wife of; Greenbraes, Migel residence; Migel, Richard, son; Migel, Paramecia, daughter; Migel, early years, Moses Migel, silk business; Migel, Hannah, mother; Mansion Ridge Clubhouse, line drawing; Nigel, Elisa, organizational achievements; Santiago College; Migel family life; Checkerboard Inn (photograph); mansion and outbuildings, construction of; Fitzgerald, Cliff, farm tenant; Fitzgerald home (photograph); Pyde, William, last caretaker; Turkeytown School; Orange Turnpike; Migel home (photograph); Smith Claudius, colonial outlaw; Reynolds, Henry, trial testimony; hunting grounds; Lake Arrow; gardens; Allied Silk Trading Corporation; silk cartridge bag production; Uniform Type Commission for Blind; braille system, universal, 1917; Bureau Reconstruction and Reeducation (France); Rest Haven, vacation home for blind girls; American Foundation for the Blind, Migel contribution; McGurk, Patrick and Volman, Horst; subsequent estate owners; Great Expectations; estate developers; M.C.Migel Memorial Library;
Wawayanda v. Cheesecock: Part Three
Sweeney, James G.
In this third installment, witness testimonies from Wawayanda and Cheesecock dispute are presented followed by the final arguments from Burr and Hamilton. The final pages discuss the commission's awards to the disputed lands.
Keywords: Yelverton Inn (plaque); patent controversy, review of; Highlands lands, dispute of; Hamilton documentary evidence ; Colonial Council for the Cheesecock Patent; Kakiate Patent, boundary dispute; Haverstraw-Monroe Turnpike (NY Route 211); Wawayanda witnesses' testimony; Cheesecock witnesses' testimony; Smith, Thomas (Cheesecock attorney); Benson, Egbert ( Cheesecock attorney); Clinton, James, witness; Woodhull, Jesse, witness; McClauhrey, James, witness; Colden, Cadwallader Jr., witness; Ramapo River, boundary of; summation by attorneys; Symes, Lancaster, negotiator; Indian deeds; brief by Burr; Cornbury, Lord; Howell, Hezekiah, testimony; trial tactics, Burr; rocky land versus rich tillable land; claims, time lapse;Commission, New York City deliberation; Commission, Chester conclusion; Hiligas, John, final surveyor; decision, records lapse, Orange County; Stevens, John, decision copy of; Wickham, William, decision copy of; Jay Partition Map, decision rendering; Gale, Samuel, map, Commissioners Line on the Patent Map; awards, final; boundary lines, description of; Hamilton-Burr defeat; acreage, final statistics ; legal fees, list of; Yelverton family history; Kings Highway; Yelverton Inn, importance of;

Volume Number: 30 ======= Date: November 1, 2001

Monroe Race Track
Nelson, James A.
A harness racing track existed in Monroe from 1907 until 1927.
Keywords: Max O. Schaefer, Pierre Lorillard; Patsy Grady owned by Mr. Van Ness; Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame in Goshen;
Wawayanda v. Cheesecok: Part Four
Sweeney, James G.
The conclusion of the historic Wawayanda and Cheesecock patent controversy in Orange County in 1875.
Keywords: Livingston, William; Rutgers Hill; Haverstraw Road; David June's Saloon; Thomas Smith's Place at Arden; Jesse Woodhull; Yelverton's Tavern; Gabriel Sonot de Malby;
A Drive-By Tour of Five Historic Houses
Wallace, Margaret V. S.
Since May 1972 the society has actively preserved these homes by one-year renewal leases with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The society has always assume all costs related to the care and improvement of these homes... In June 2001, the New York State Assembly and Senate passed identical versions of a bill to transfer these house properties from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to the Orange County Historical Society.
Keywords: Elmwood School House; Telford Tavern; James Clinton House; Denniston House; Hawkins House;
The Caldwell Family: From Ireland to Salisbury Mills
Sheridan, Eugene
John Caldwell was a successful Irish businessman who immigrated to America in 1799. He had concerns in New York City and in Salisbury Mills, Orange County.
Keywords: John J. Caldwell (1742-1803) of Balnamore, Ireland; John Caldwell Jr. (1769-1850) emigrated Ireland in 1799. His memoirs are recorded in "Particulars of History of a North Country Irish Family."; Catherine Caldwell (1775-1856) m. James Parks; Richard Caldwell (1779-1812) of Blooming Grove;
Cropsey's Paintings of Torne: A Legendary Mountain Worthy of the Painter's Pencil
Maddox, Kenneth W.
Jasper Francis Cropsey, Orange County Artist, Builder of Aladdin in Warwick.
Keywords: "Tourn Mountain"; Winter Scene - Ramapo Valley; American Harvesting; Washington's Headquarters on the Hudson, Oil on Canvas; Resting Figures on the Top of Torne Mountain, Pencil on buff paper; Eagle Cliff; Ramapo Torne, Rockland Lake;
The First Ships of the Newburgh Shipyards
Marshall, Glenn T.
The Newburgh shipyards were built in 1917 to construct cargo ships for war supplies. The contracts were from the United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation. The vessels were about 400 feet long and 50 feet wide with gross tonnage of about 6000 tons.
Keywords: SS Newburgh (ship); Shipyard Layout; List of Ships; SS Walden (ship); SS Cold Spring (ship); SS Firthcliff (ship); Large Foldout Panoramas of Shipyard;

Volume Number: 31 ======= Date: November 1, 2002

Maringamus' Wigwam and Maringamus' Castle Sites, Part I of II
Ahmadi, Kate S.
The Indian Maringamus was an early inhabitant of the area of Washingtonville.
Keywords: Thurston Cottage; Taylor's Bridge;
Footsteps of a Family
Bieber, John and Nanette
Eight shoes discovered in the wall of an old stone house on Acres Road near the borders of Monroe and Woodbury.
Keywords: spirit trap, "Concealed Shoes in Buildings", Folk Magic, Brian Hoggard; Owens Farm, William H. Owens, Ann Rider; Carrie Mae Owens; Owens Farm;
A Drive-By Tour of Five Historic Houses
Aimone, Alan and Barbara
Story of the West Point and Cozzens' Hotels.
Keywords: Cranston Hotel; Highland Falls; Menu and Wine List from Cozzens; William B. Cozzens, Stephen Romer Roe, Theodore Cozzens, Albert Hosmer Craney, John Patten Craney, Emilie Louise Logan; Ladycliff Academy;
John Hathorn: American Patriot
Hull, Richard W.
John Hathorn, Major General, Active in Revolutionary War from Warwick.
Keywords: Battle of Minisink; Monument in Goshen;
A Ship Named Monroe
Nelson, James A.
The SS Monroe was built in the Newburgh Shipyards in 1919, was involved in two World Wars, was eventually scrapped in 1954.
Keywords: Edwin C. Bennett; Herbert A. Newbury, Mayor; SS New Windsor Bells, SS Alcoa Mariner, Archibald H. Bull Steamship Company, Ernest M. Bull; United State Shipping Board, SS New Windsor, SS Storm King, SS Poughkeepsie, SS Half Moon, Cheliabinsk;

Volume Number: 32 ======= Date: November 1, 2003

The Horton and Morrison Diaries
Van Benschoten, Mary Ann
Webb Horton (1826-1908) made his fortune in the tanning business. His niece, Agnes, married her neighbor, William Henry Harrison Morrison. Agnes' son, John Morrison, inherited the Horton estate on the death of Webb Horton's son, Eugene. The Horton estate in Middletown was eventually turned into the Orange County Community college.
Keywords: Horton Mansion; Ray Horton, Hamilton Morrison;
Aviator Beckwith Haven's Flight at the Orange County Fair
Simpson, June
Beckwith Havens, pilot for Glenn Curtiss Aeroplane, made several barnstorming flights at the 1911 Orange County Fair. For most residents it was their first time seeing a flying machine.
Keywords: Curtiss Biplane;
Landmark Orange County Fort Exhumed
Diamant, Lincoln
A short review of the October 6, 1777 Battle of Forts Montgomery and Clinton. A "memorial association" was formed in the early 1990s to rediscover the fort.
Keywords: George Clinton, Henry Clinton, John Burgoyne, Barry St. Leger;
Brigadier General William Allison of Orange County, N.Y.
Conklin, Elmire L.
William Allison (1734 - 1802) was a tailor from Goshen who served as a militia Colonel in the Revolutionary War. He was taken prisoner at Fort Montgomery and spent 3 years in captivity. After the war he served as State Senator, Legislator, and Judge.
Keywords: Mary Jackson Allison, Mary Graham Allison;
Maringamus' Wigwam and Maringamus' Castle Sites, Part II of II
Ahmadi, Kate S.
More sources are sited in the determination of possible locations for the Castle(s) (village?) and Wigwam(s) (summer residences?) of Maringamus. The "main" wigwam location and proposed location of an historical marker is suggested to be on the north side of Murderer's Creek "on the Coleman property." The "main" castle site was somewhere on the west or north side of Schunnemunk Mountain.
Keywords: Pakadasank, Kahanksen 1663, Oghatacton, Wilmeet 1660, Atkarkarton 1652, Ruttenber Map; Onneyuttehage Castle, Oneida Town; Otterkill, Murderer's Kill, Edmonston, Maringoman's Castle, Grey Court Creek, Moodna Creek;
"It Started with a Shipwreck"
Bieber, Nanette and John
The story of the ancestors of the Etzel family, current owners of the ACE Chicken Egg Farm in Monroe. They are related to Michael Joseph Adrian who came to America in 1840 as a 13 year old. His immigration was delayed by a shipwreck on Newfoundland. He later started the German Exchange Bank in New York City.
Keywords: The Ship Florence, Captain Rose, Chief Mate Schofield, Marie Anna Erbacher Adrian; Calvary Cemetery, Mary Magdalen Adrian, Goerge Francis Etzel; Thevenet, Senator Thomas Platt, Adria;
Technical Communication in the American Revolution
Johnson, Carol Siri
An examination of the history of technical communication of three engineers of the American Revolution: Robert Erskine, Thomas Machin, and Rufus Putnam.
Keywords: Vauban; Erskine Map of 1780, "width of the North River at Dobb's Ferry taken with a Theodolite";

Volume Number: 33 ======= Date: November 1, 2004

Falkirk in the Ramapos
Bieber, Nanette and John
The Falkirk Sanatorium (1889-1988) was a private hospital for the mentally ill in Woodbury, New York.
Keywords: Dr. James F. Ferguson, Dr. Charles Winfield Pilgrim; Dr. Carlos F. MacDonald; Dr. Theodore W. Neumann; Dr. Theodore Neumann, Jr., Green Acres, Central Valley;
The Townsend Jug: Pattern, Portrait and Politics: A Remarkable Piece of Early Swinton Pearlware
Bellerjeau, Claire
The history of a 1795 Swinton (Yorkshire) mask lip jug with inscription and "Willow" pattern is revealed. The jug is believed to have been a gift to Solomon Townsend, cousin (and son-in-law) of Peter Townsend. Solomon owned the Augusta Forge and Anchorworks in Orange County and other forges in New York.
Keywords: Rockingham Pottery, Thomas Bingley, Greens Bingley and Company, Swinton Pottery of Yorkshire; The ship "Ohio" in 1794;
Revisiting the Vanished Ironworks of the Sterling Estate
Kury, Theodore W.
A concise history of the iron industry at Sterling from 1740 until the last mine closed in 1923. The content includes iron making technology, steel making, bloomeries, mines, furnaces, forges, anchor works, cannon works, labor, markets, stores, railways, and products.
Keywords: Willam Hawxhurst; Peter Townsend, Solomon Townsend, William Noble, Abel Noble, Timothy Ward, Cornelius Board; Mines: Sterling Lake, Tip-Top Summit, Upper-California, Lower-California, Whitehead, Scott, Cook, Augusta, Mountain, Patterson, Long, Crossway, Antone, Kane, Kenyon, Cold-shot, Crawford, Redback, Morehead, Bering, Alice;
Colonial Travel and the Erskine Family
Johnson, Carol Siri
Extracts from the diary of Ebenezer Erskine and descriptions of travel through the Clove in the 18th century..
Keywords: St. Augustine Florida in 1778; Ringwood, Elizabeth Erskine, Hasenclever Trail, Long Pond Ironworks, Joseph Plum Martin;

Volume Number: 34 ======= Date: November 1, 2005

Schuyler Shieffelin and Arrow Park
Nelson, James A.
Schuyler Shieffelin (1867-1935) was a wealthy drug wholesaler from New York City who built a country estate in Monroe in 1910. The estate was purchased by a Slavic Nations cultural association in 1948 and run as a cooperative resort under the name of Arrow Park. Since 1996 portions of the park have been acquired by the Orange County Land Trust for preservation including the Schieffelin Mansion.
Keywords: Bowen Bancroft Smith, Robert W. McCready; Manya Simak;
The Murderer's Creek Legend: Murderers and Martyrs
Ahmadi, Kate S.
Reference to Murderer's Creek is documented back to 1656. The Legend of Naoman appeared in print at least by 1831. Oral history dates the legend back to the 17th century.
Keywords: Martelair; Murdner, Martler, Muringuius, Murtherer, Martier; Moordenaars, Martelaar, James K. Paulding, John Pierpoint; The New Mirror for Travellers;
More on the Vanished Ironworks of the Sterling Estate
Kury, Theodore W.
Sterling Estate documents from the post-Civil War era were recently discovered. They reveal activities from 1867-1882 regarding iron mining and marketing, furnace operation and production, and services to the work force.
Keywords: Mines: Lake, Scott, Crawford, Redback, Augusta, Bering, Moorhead, Carr Pond;
High Style in the Country: Azariah Ketchum's Little House
Gardner, Sue A.
Azariah Ketchum (1755-1822) and Elizabeth Thorp Ketchum built a two-story Federal-style House in Warwick in the early 19th century. Its intricate interior details have been well preserved.
Keywords: Corporation of the Old Baptist Church, Deacon John Morris Foght;
Men of Iron, Men of Wood, Part 1
Lifshitz, Kenneth B.
The story of the Revolutionary War officer and engineer, Thomas Machin.
Keywords: Map shoing 1778 road from Sterling Furnace to New Windsor; John Lamb; Marinus Willet; Hugh Hughes; Alexander McDougal; Isaac Sears; Turtle Bay; Survey of Hudson River; Mamakating Copper Mine;
"A Noble and Precious Fragment..."
Miller, Grant E.
William Tarbell's Drawing of the New Windsor Cantonment, 1782-83
Keywords: William Heath, George Washington, Timothy Pickering, Thomas Ellison; Edward Willet, Eliphalet Thorp; Thomas Foster, Israel Evans, Benjamin Tupper, Bechet de Rochefontaine;
Pine Bush Then ... And Now
Keillor, Joanne Konnight
Descriptions of some of the historic buildings in Pine Bush (Town of Crawford)
Keywords: Falconer Inn/Taylor-Corwin House; Andrew Thompson Farmstead; Pine Bush Library; Cultural Center; First National Bank;

Volume Number: 35 ======= Date: November 1, 2006

Cornwall-on-Hudson's History in Glass Negatives
Fulton, Colette
Photographer Louis Chivacheff of Cornwall captured historic moments in the late 1800's and early 1900's on glass negatives.
Keywords: John Joseph Kinsler and Sarah McMahon; Dr. Asaph J. Wheeler and the Wheeler Sanitarium for Cancer; Henry N. Clark; Library Hall Building Drugstore; Nellie Antoinette; Marion Clark; Alice Morris; William Edward Kane; Frieda Becker; Patricia Kane Thibodeau; Willian Kane Jr.; Linda Reib Kane;
Men of Iron, Men of Wood, Part II
Lifshitz, Kenneth B.
An account of the Battle of the Highland Forts (Montgomery and Clinton), focusing on Revolutionary War officer and engineer, Thomas Machin.
Keywords: October 6, 1777 receipt from Brewster's Forge at New Windsor; Constitution Island; Fort Montgomery;
"Like Trying to Clutch a Shadow"
Sweeney, James G.
On November 9, 1912, Army hosted Carlisle Indian School to a football game at West Point.
Keywords: Jim Thorpe; Dwight Eisenhower;
Tales of the Erie
Wallace, Richard Van Duzer
Highlights of the history of the Erie Railroad
Keywords: Starrucca Viaduct, James Kirkwood; Otisville Tunnel, Edward H. Harriman;
The Checkerboard Inn and the Migel Estate: A Short History
Nelson, James A.
The Checkerboard Inn probably dates to the late 18th century and was painted in a checkerboard fashion to attract travelers along the Orange Turnpike. It would later become the part of the Migel Estate and now is on Mansion Ridge Country Club property. Moses Migel was a New York City silk merchant who led the American Foundation for the Blind for almost three decades.
Keywords: Forshee; Jenkins; Smith Farmstead; Jacob Fredericks; Helen Keller;
An Inscription at Mombasha Lake (Town of Monroe)
Lenik, Edward J.
A curious inscription in the gneiss bedrock near Mombasha Lake (about 7" x 5") is thought most likely to be a survey marker from the mid 1800s for the Cheesecock Patent Line.
Old Bentz, The Bugler
Aimone, Alan C.
Louis Bentz (1806-1878) was the class bugler at West Point for thirty-two years
Keywords: Old Bentz Monument in West Point Cemetery;

Volume Number: 36 ======= Date: November 1, 2007

The Re-dedication of the 124th NYSV Monument
Albanese, Jeffrey
The 124th regiment of the New York State Volunteers was recruited in Orange County and mustered into federal service on September 5, 1862 in Goshen. 249 men of the regiment had died in the Civil War when it was disbanded in 1865. A mounment to honor them was erected in 1807 and restored in 2007.
Keywords: Spencer McLaughlin; Frank Fornario; Augustus Van Horne Ellis; Thomas Bradley; Theo Ruggles Kitson; Richard Pinkney; James Meanly; Charles LaRocca;
Historic Views of Goshen
Connor, Edward P.
A one hundred twenty eight page publication titled Goshen is a recent addition to Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series. This compact volume reproduces rare photographs that trace the development of Goshen through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Keywords: Ackerley's Confectionary; McShane Grocery; Robinson's Stationary Store; A. E. Potter's Novelty Store; Jack Benny's Tavern;
Why the Dinner Jacket is Called a Tuxedo
Sonne, Christian R.
The dinner jacket, known as the "tuxedo" in the United States, may derive its name from the Orange County town of Tuxedo Park. Several competing theories are explored.
Keywords: Pierre Lorillard IV; James Brown Potter; Nathaniel Griswold Lorillard; David Urquhart; Cora Urquhart; J. Earle Stevens Jr.; Grenville Kane; Tuxedo Park: The Historic Homes by Christian R. Sonne and Chin yin Hempel (book);
Determining the Age of An Old Barn
Pilipski, Mark
Title searches, materials of construction, design, layout, location, and even graffiti can be used to determine the age of a barn.
Keywords: Nail types: handwrought, Type A, Type B, and wire;
The Asylum Baseball Club
Mayer, Robert
Middletown, New York was home to a semi-pro baseball team from 1888 to 1894 called the Asylum Baseball Club, sponsored by the State Homeopathic Asylum for the Insane (the largest asylum of its kind at the time.)
Keywords: Jack Chesbro; Samuel Hahnemann; Selden Haines Talcott; Wilbur Ernest Cook; D.H. Arthur; DeWolf Hopper; Hedda Hopper; Ernest Lawrence Thayer; Alfred Lawson; Tuck Turner; John Lawlor; John Degnan;
Men of Iron, Men of Wood, Part III
Lifshitz, Kenneth B.
A continuation of an account of the Battle of the Highland Forts (Montgomery and Clinton), focusing on inconsistencies in contemporary accounts and the Court of Inquiry.
Keywords: Frigates: Montgomery and Congress; Isaac Nicoll; John Hodge; Thomas Grennell; George Clinton; Livingston, William Smith; Alexander MacDougall and the Court of Inquiry into the Fall of the Highland Forts; Thomas Machin boom at Fort Montgomery;

Volume Number: 37 ======= Date: November 1, 2008

Fulton, Colette C.
Cornwall photographer, Louis Chivacheff, took pictures of everyday life from 1890 to 1920. This article presents three photos: Mother and infant, eleven carpenters, and a horse drawn delivery wagon. It also includes a few anecdotes from his life.
Keywords: Mead and Taft Construction Company;
Men of Iron, Men of Wood, Part IV
Lifshitz, Kenneth B.
A continuation of an account of the Battle of the Highland Forts (Montgomery and Clinton), focusing on the acquisition of artillery from Fort Ticonderoga and the whereabouts of Thomas Machin and his missing boom on the day of the Battle.
Keywords: George Clinton; Henry Knox; Sidman's Pass; Philip Schuyler; Alexander MacDougall; John Lamb; Salisbury Furnace; Samuel Parsons; Ebeneezer Stevens; Joseph Reed; Ephraim Fenno; William Smith Livingston; Isaac Nicolls; Gershom Mott; Jesse Woodhull; James Wallace; Daniel Taylor; Frigates: Montgomery and Congress; Isaac Nicoll; John Hodge; Thomas Grennell;
A Thoroughly Bad Man
Cohen, Marvin H.
Joseph Quinn, alias Dillon Dunbar, shot and killed David Clemmer and Percy Sprague in 1932 at the Middletown State Hospital. His trial, held at the Newburgh courthouse, attracted considerable local and national interest.
Keywords: Mrs. Abraham Decker; Steven Hasbrouck; Russel Wiggins; George Finn; Bernice Hanson; Rumpel's Cafe;
Orange County Militia During the American Revolutionary War
Aimone, Alan
The 1776 Orange County militia consisted of four regiments whose main responsibility was to defend the county (which included the current Rockland County). This article describes militias in general and lists the officers and events that affected the militia of Orange County.
Keywords: Woodhull; Moffat; Marvin; Satterly Strong; DuBois; Little; Tuthill; Vanduzer; Miller; Slate; Pierson; Rumsey; Patrick; Lent; Blauvelt; Clark; Perry; Graham; Bell; Smith; Hay; Sherwood; Blackwell; Cuyler; Ryder; Onderdonck; Turnure; Kiers; Quackenbos; Eckerson; Green; Allison; Tusten; Wood; Gale; Hatfield; Decker; Thompson; Cartright; Westfall; Jones; Jackson; McDowell; Harden; Rosenkrans; Whitaker; Sweezy; Cole; Butler; Hathorn; Bradley; Wisner; Curtis; Topino; Elmer; Blain; Owens; Holly; Bardsley; Townsend; Minthorn; Bertolf; Sayre; Shepherd; McCambly;
Construction of the Sterling Mountain Railway
Johnson, Rodney P.
The Sterling Mountain Railway Company was incorporated in May 1864 nad solely owned by the Sterling Iron and Railway Company. Construction of the 7 1/2 mile line started in that year and was completed two years later. It stretched from the Erie RR tracks in Sloatsburg to Sterling Mine following the current Sterling Mine Road. It was abandoned in 1921.
Keywords: J. Dutton Steele; A. Willard Humphreys; Thomas C. Steele; Elizabeth Capner; Joel Barlow Moorhead; John Roebling; Lakeville; Sterlington; John Lightner axle; railroad turntables;
The Slave Record Book of the Town of Minisink, April 16, 1811 to November 6, 1824
Decker, Harold R.
This ledger records the births of all children born to female slaves owned by residents of the Town of Minisink from 1800 to 1824.
Keywords: Charlote daughter of Mary slave of George Phillips, Morris child of Bets slave of James Dolsen, Frank child of slave owned by Elizabeth Wisner, James child of Dinah slave of Evetes Hornbeck, Suzanna child of Dinah slave of Jacob Cuddeback, Nero child of Jink slave of Uriah Hulse, and more; William Campbell freed by Reuben Wallace, Adam freed by Jonathan T. Jensen, Bett freed by James Dolsen, Mary freed by Joseph Smith, Rose Vancuran freed by Jonathan Sayre;
The New Windsor Artillery Park, 1780-1781
McGurty, Michael S.
The second and third artillery regiments of the continental army were encamped near New Windsor, New York starting in November 1780. It was here that much of the skill and science of Henry Knox's artillery was advanced. A French Major General commented after the Battle of Yorktown in October 1781, "Sir you fire better than the French."
Keywords: John Lamb, Thomas Proctor; Chevalier de Chastellux, John Ellison; Lucy Knox, Samuel Shaw, John Crane, Ebeneezer Stevens; Simeon Dewitt map, Belnap's Mills, Army Hospital, Gershom Mott, William Stevens;

Volume Number: 38 ======= Date: November 1, 2009

Men of Iron, Men of Wood, Part V
Lifshitz, Kenneth B.
The conclusion of the account of the Battle of the Highland Forts (Montgomery and Clinton), focusing on the aftermath of the battle and the construction of the new obstructions at West Point.
Keywords: George Clinton, Henry Knox, Timothy Pickering (portrait), Israel Putnam, Popolopen, Thomas Machin, Lewis de La Radiere, James Clinton, Furnace Road, Chain and Boom, Isaac Nicoll, Samuel Parsons, Hugh Hughes, Jacobus Van Zandt, Henry Wisner, Machin Map of Hudson River, Robert Erskine, Ringwood Ironworks, Sterling Ironworks;
Goshen About 1809
Figliomeni, Michelle P.
A short history of Goshen told with anecdotes of residents such as John Wood, a Goshen blacksmith who was held in captivity in Montreal for many years and presumed dead. Also Nellie Carpenter, an outspoken young girl in love with a British officer.
Keywords: Benjamin Gale, John Gale, Cheesecock, Wawayanda Patent, Samuel Clintok, William Moore, James Wilkin, Orange Inn, Anthony Dobbins Stagecoach Inn, Denton Tavern, Goshen and Minisink Turnpike;
The New Windsor Artiller Park 1780-1781 - "Answered a very good purpose"
McGurty, Michael S.
From 1780 to 1781 the Continental Artillery maintained their main training facility at New Windsor , New York.
Keywords: Tables of Experimental Practice 1797 by William Stevens, Dr. Samuel Adams, Jeduthan Baldwin, Belnap's Mills, Comte de Rochambeau, Comte de Grasse, Duc de Lauzen, Dr. John Cochrane, Marquis de Lafayette, Willam Price, Thomas Patten, Jacob Kempen, John Crane, Mortar, Howitzer, Cannon;
Jude and the Prince
Sweeney, James G.
The story of the 1905 football game between the cadets of West Point Military Academy and the Indians of Carlisle fifteen years after Wounded Knee.
Keywords: Sally Jenkins, Lars Anderson, George Woodruff, Robert "King" Boyers, Ernest "Pot" Graves, Albert Exendine, Charles "Wahoo" Guyon, Frank Jude, Antonio "The Wolf" Lubo, Frank "Mount Pleasant", Nicholas Bowen, Paul (Philip) LaRocque, Henry "Pappy" Weeks, Bill Christy, Henry "Harry" Torney, William "Red" Erwin, George Beavers;
Corrections to: Construction of the Sterling Mountain Railway
Johnson, Rodney P.
From 1865 to 1873 the Sterling Mountain Railway purchased four locomotives. The Number 1 (No 1) has been identified as the "Jay Cooke," named in honor of an SMR director. The locomotive identified as No 1 on page 38 of Volume 37 is likely No 4, the "Southfield."
Keywords: Grice and Long, J.B. Moorhead, New Jersey Locomotive and Machine Company;
The Sterling Iron Works Prior to the Revolutionary War
Johnson, Rodney P.
The early history of the Sterling Ironworks is told from its 1736 survey, commissioned by the 5th Earl of Stirling, to the 1775 statement by Peter Townsend in the New York Gazette that his portion of the ownership was not for sale.
Keywords: Benjamin Moffatt, Macgrane Coxe, Maungomach, Queen Elizabeth, Cheesecock Patent, Charles Clinton, Cornelius Board, Daniel Dod, Timothy Ward, Bloomeries, Roland Robbins, Solomon Townsend's Augusta Boomery, Saugus Ironworks, George Reyerse, James Burling, Peter Green, Henry and John Cruger, William Hawxhurst;

Volume Number: 39 ======= Date: November 1, 2010

A County Church: The First Presbyterian Church, at Goshen, Orange Ccounty, New York
Hodges, William
The current structure is the third meeting house. The first was built in 1724 where the courthouse now stands. The second was constructed in 1813 on the grounds of the current Church Park. Construction of the current church began in 1868.
Keywords: Louis Comfort Tiffany Windows of "The Ressurection", Harriman Fountain (painting), John Everett, Samuel Clowes, John Bradner, William McDonnell, Dr. Snodgrass (minister), Daniel T. Atwood (architect), ;
Donald O. Mavros
Elmendorf, Harold
Donald O. Mavros (1927-2010) was a sculptor, potter, painter, trustee of the Orange County Historical Society, and thirty-year resident of Unionville, New York in the historic Haynes House.
The Barns of Crawford
Keillor, Joanne
A collection of photos of barns in the Town of Crawford, Orange County, New York.
Keywords: Pine Bush: Kelly Farm, Devries "Seldom Rest Farm", Route 302 Farm, Railroad Ave Barn, Route 52 Barn. Thompson Ridge: Hopewell Farm, Dutch Belt Farm, Thorndale Farm, Thompson's Smoke House. Bullville: Bullville Road Barn, Cooper's barn. Collabar: SunValley Farm, Roebuck's Egg Farm. Searsville: Couty Rd 17 Barn, DeStefano's Farm.;
Uranium Mining in Warwick, New York
Johnson, Rodney P.
As early as 1912 Uranium deposits were detected in the area of old iron mines near Warwick, NewYork. In 1957, the Ramapo Uranium Corporation announced that it was starting to produce uranium concentrates at a mine three miles south of Warwick. It had a contract with the Atomic Energy Commission and was the only uranium operation east of the Rockies. The operation failed to ever produce high grade uranium and was quickly abandoned.
Keywords: Taylor Mine; Ferro Hill Mine (or Standish Mine); Warwick Mine (or Raynor, Putnam, or Parrott Mine); Hitchcock, Fanny; Raynor, Fred; Atwater, R.M.; Jarman, G. Wallace; Uranium, dry separation process; Mania, William; Lieberman, Sidney; Howell, Red; Churgin, James; Young, Gavin H.; Miracle Uranium Mine(The);
The Outlet Ditch: The Canal that Changed the Course of the Wallkill
Wilcox, Frances Borland
A reprint of a 1930 essay on the 30 mile ditch that drained the "Drowned Lands" of the Wallkill River since about 1830
Keywords: Hamptonburgh; Phillipsburgh; Phillips, George; Cheechunk Mineral Springs; Outlet (a hamlet now known as Denton); Moffat, John (surveyor of Goshen); Gale, Benjamin; Gale, James; Eugene Denton Farm; Borland, Charles Sweezy; Merritts Island;
Chester's Roadside Historic Markers
Patrick, Cifton
A sampling of roadside markers in the Town of Chester are presented
Keywords: First Post Office (historical marker); 1798 First Presbyterian Church (historical marker); Sugar Loaf School District (historical marker); Salem Village (historical marker); Pet Cemetery (historical marker); Militia Assembly Point (historical marker); Hambletonian (historical marker); Otterkill (historical marker);
The Orange County Militia in the Defense of the Atlantic Frontier; August - December 1814
Rose, Kenneth R.
The largest call to arms of the Orange County militia occurred at the end of 1814 as a British attack of NYC was thought to be eminent. Orange County supplied artillery, infantry, and calvary. They were station on Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.
Keywords: Atlantic Frontier, meaning NYC and its environs; Clinton, DeWitt (NYC mayor in 1814); Tompkins, Daniel (NY governor in 1814).; Hopkins, Reuben (Brigadier General of Orange County Militia in 1814); Hardenburgh, Andrew (Lt. Colonel of 4th Regiment in 2nd NY brigade of militia in 1814); Pageant, military in NYC on Nov 30, 1814 to celebrate end of war.;

Volume Number: 40 ======= Date: November 1, 2011

Monroe Milk Bottlers
Faber, Chester
Early milk operations in the Monroe area include establishments by Egbert Mosher, the Mapes brothers, the Eisma brothers, and William Burgess.
Keywords: Monroe 1903 (map); Mosher, Egbert; Mapes, Frank (1884-1958); Mapes, Alfred (1885-1936); Mapes, Clifford (1888-1939); Eisma, John (1892-1937); Eisma, Peter (1905-1967); Campbell, Alexander; Mapes, Henry; Hunter, J. Reuben; Relyea, F.W.; Smith, Daniel; Purdy, Corydon T.; Walton Lake Dairy (Monroe); Konnight, Martin; Diphtheria Outbreak of 1909; Mapes, Irving; McMumm, George C.; Rogers Drugstore (Monroe); Bartsch, Tessie (Eisma); Wagstaff, Hunt Tilford; Woodland Frams (Dairy); Burgess, William R. (1903-1963); Burgess, Arthur;
The Phineas Rumsey Homestead
Wallace, Richard V. D.
The Rumsey home in the East Division of the Town of Goshen, New York dates to the mid eighteenth century.
Keywords: Rumsey Home (photo and drawing); Rumsey, Simon II (abt 1698 - abt 1753); Rumsey, Phineas (Captain of King's Militia in Goshen, 1776); Wisner, Julia Ann; Royce, Louisa Sweet;
The Shivering Stones of Orange County
Lifshitz, Kenneth B.
Giant spinels (crystals of mineralized rock) were first discovered near Amityville, NY in 1822 and were of much international interest.
Keywords: Silliman, Benjamin (Editor of American Journal of Science); Clintonite (mineral discovered in 1831); Warwickite (mineral discovered in 1838); Horton, William J. (doctor and mineralogist); Horton, Silas; Spinel as blast furnace residue.;
The Printing Art in Orange County
Doty, William T.
In 1908 William T. Doty penned an essay that chronicled the local newspapers through to that time. Although he missed a few titles as he did not have the resources now available through the index of the NYS newspaper micro-filming project, his essay is remarkable. The essay, orginally printed in Headley's History of Orange County, was abridged by Marvin H. Cohen, President of the Historical Society of Middleton and Wallkill Precinct. Jerry Kleiner also updated the articles by providing the masthead illustrations.
Keywords: Goshen Repository (newspaper est. 1788); New York Packet (newspaper printed at Fishkill during AWI); Newburgh Packet (newspaper est. 1795); New Windsor Gazette (newspaper est. prior to 1799);
The Sterling Company and the Townsends 1814-1864
Johnson, Rodney P.
The Townsend family owned many ventures in Orange County during this period.
Keywords: New Windsor Cannonworks; Townsend Store (Canandiagua, NY); Sterling Works (Southfield, NY);
Hiram Francis Willis 1843-1868
Vignolar, Victor
The grave of this young wounded veteran of the Civil War is in Otisville, NY. He survived the war, but was murdered by the Cullen Baker gang near Rocky Comfort, Arkansas as he was performing duties as an agent of the US Government.
Keywords: born in Monticello, NY to Hiram K. and Eleanor Tymeson Willis; wounded at Chancellorsville; agent of the Freedman's Bureau;
Cornelius Hasbrouck: The Prodigal Son
Schenkman, Adam J.
The mysterious disappearance of Cornelius Hasbrouck of Newburgh is explored.
Keywords: Dubois, Trynje; Hasbouck, Jonathan (Colonel); Mynderse, Burger Jr.; Colden, Alexander; Typhoid and/or Smallpox of 1772 in Newburgh; Trial of Elnathan Foster; Trial of Hasbrouck for theft of Continental Army livestock; Stillwell, John; Simpson, John; Sandwich, Canada (now part of Windsor, Ontario);
Town of Crawford Stained Glass Exhibit
Keillor, Joanne
The Town of Crawford Historical Society presents a photographic collection of stained glass windows from area churches for the society's annual Holiday Exhibit.
Keywords: Saint Joseph's Church (Middletown); Saint Paul's Church (Bullville); Bullville Methodist Church; New Prospect Church (Pine Bush); Pine Bush Methodist Church; Church of the Infant Savior (Pine Bush); Grahams Church (Pine Bush); Stone Church (Craigmore) (Pine Bush); Pine Bush Methodist Church;
Harry Truman Keeps His Word
Sweeney, James C.
On September 28, 1946 President Truman attended the football game between the West Point Cadets and the Oklahoma Sooners at Michie Field. Over 50 years earlier he had applied to West Point but did not qualify due to his poor eyesight. This was his first of only two visits to West Point during his lifetime, but the one of the few sitting Presidents to attend a West Point game.
Keywords: Higgins, Gerald (101st Airborne and Administrator at West Point);Taylor, Max (101st Airborne and West Point Commander); "Sacred Cow" (Transport plane for President Truman);

Volume Number: 41 ======= Date: November 1, 2012

The 1720 Gray Court Document: A Rare Glimpse of the Enslavement of Indians in Orange County, New York
Decker, Harold R.
A 288 year old document found in an obscure bookstore recorded the unique presence of two Indian slaves in Orange County, New York. An internet search elicited a surprise response from Switzerland. This essay explores the implied heritage and social status of the two slaves.
Keywords: McDonnell, William; William (an Indian Man); Lawrence (an Indian Man); Deketh, Govert; Crommelin, Daniel; Crommelin, Charles; Bull,William; Wells, Sarah; Gray Court Inn; Reading, John (Journal of 1719);
A Picnic - A Tragedy
Cohen, Marvin H.
On July 24, 1846 a passenger car of the New York and Erie Rail Road traveling from Middletown to Piermont experienced a failure of one of its spoked wheels, derailed, caused the bridge it was crossing to fail, and fell into the creek. Three passengers were killed immediately and three more died shortly thereafter from injuries. Most of the passengers were school girls on their way to a picnic.
Keywords: Watkins, Sarah and Lavina; Calbreath, Nancy Monell; Monell, Charles; King, Ameliea Houston; Oliver, Thomas W.; Wisner, Julia Ann; Royce, Louisa Sweet; Lytle, James P.; Conkling (of Otisville);
The Sterling Forest Gardens
Bayne, Donald
The Sterling Forest Gardens was a 124 acre amusement park in Tuxedo, New York that attracted as many as 500,000 visitors per season from its opening in 1960 until it closed due to financial losses in 1977.
Keywords: City Investing Company LLC; Keukenhof Garden, Holland;
Edward Payson Roe
Dempsey, Janet
Edward Payson Roe was a native of Cornwall, popular novelist, and lover of nature and mankind. His Civil War duties, his years as a minister, his interest in horticulture and his literary career were all fascinating aspects of his strong dedication to Christian service.
Keywords: Anna Sands; Dock Hill, Roe Memorial Park;
The Florida Pianofortes: A Bohemian Rhapsody
Lifshitz, Kenneth B.
Culver Randel constructed pianos in New York City and then in Orange County in the mid 1800s
Keywords: Provost, Sofia (Randel's wife of Morris, NJ; Pirsson, Alexander Talbot(piano maker of Manhattan);
Crawford's National Treasures
Keillor, Joanne
Throughout the Town of Crawford there are six dwellings that have achieved recognition by being named to the The National Registry of Historic Buildings. These honorees are five private homes and one church located along Route 302 in Thompson Ridge and Pine Bush. Their architectural significance and contribution to the history of Crawford have earned them this distinction.
Keywords: The Falconer Inn;Hopewell Farm;Hopewell Presbyterian Church;Alexander Thompson Homestead;Andrew Thompson Farmstead;Robert A. Thompson Homestead;
The Sterling Company and the Townsends 1814-1864; Part II
Johnson, Rodney P.
Using extensive quotes from primary documents, the years 1836-1838 are chronicled. These were years of expansion and reorganization for the enterprise. Highlights are a "topographical survey" and a list of contracts with providers.
Keywords: Report of a Topographical Survey of the Sterling Co.'s Tract in Orange and Rockland Counties N.Y. by Jas. T. Kelly, Civil Engineer and Architect; Fuller, Harvey (work unknown); Barnes, Peter (Ore Pounding); Phenican, Levi (Collier); Green, Jacob (mow hay); Covel, John (home rental); Wilson, William (Collier); Morgan, Isaac (Collier);Wood, Israel (farm rental); Wilson, James (Collier); Becraft, William and Osborn, Nicholas (farm rental); Conkling, John (Ore Cartage); Morse, Benjamin (night stockman);

Volume Number: 42 ======= Date: November 1, 2013

The Great Depression, the Unemployed, and the Birth of a Park, Part I
Nelson, James A.
The Works Progress Administration (WPA) created during the Great Depression provided the initial monies to create the Monroe Mill Pond (Crane Park), a highly successful project.
Keywords: Monroe streets (photographs); Works Project Administration (WPA); Carpenter, Herbert S., (Mayor); Johnson, Hugh S. (General), chairman President's Emergency Re-employment Drive; Smith, R.W, committee appointee; Dayton, W.F., committee appointee; Anderson. Harvey S., committee appointee; Miller, John S., committee appointee; Wright, H.W., committee appointee, Thomas, Daniel, committee appointee; Monroe Improvement Association; Orange and Rockland Electric; Mill Pond project; Mill Pond Parkway; Dally, W.R. (Monroe Supervisor); economic aid, local; Civil Works Administration employment statistics; project costs; pond construction (photograph); Crane Park, donation of land; mastodon excavation; Bush, Peter H. (Village Engineer); Kershaw, Frank (construction supervisor); Fiske, Harlo J. (previous construction supervisor); lower end, Mill Pond ceremony (November 28, 1938); Monroe Cheese Company building (photograph);
The Sterling Company and the Townsends 1814-1864, Part III
Johnson, Rodney P.
The review of the Townsend family's mining and land interests in the installment covers 1839-1860.
Keywords: Southfields Branch Rail-Way (map); Townsend, Peter; Townsend, William H.; Sterling Company; Townsend, Peter III; company reorganization, Townsend & Brothers; Conkling, Charles, farm owner; Patterson Mines; Southfield Furnace; Beecroft, John, (Chief Manager); workers contracts; vendor contracts; mortgage, Sterling Company; Southfield Furnace, hot blast, construction of; Ford, Charles, T., manager; legal battles, Townsends versus Sterling Company; Burne, William, construction manager; magnetite discovery; Chester National Band, established 1845, Underman, John, mine boss; charcoal hot-blast furnace, Sterling Pond (1847); Southfield Methodist Episcopal Church, 1848; foreclosure, Sterling Company; mine summaries, 1849, new mortgage, Townsend, William & Peter III bidders; Oregon Mine, most active; operation report, Ford to Townsend III (1856); New York and Erie Rail Road challenger; Sterling Iron Estate, for sale; Sterling property, 1856 map; Townsend, Peter III, death of; sales prospectus, cover of (1856); Brooks map (1859), railroad right-of-way; cannon balls, Civil War, Townsend manufacture; Townsend, Isaac, death of; Sterling Iron & Railway Company;
George Bruyn: A Fortune Lost - A Family Legacy Established
Keillor, Joanne
George Bruyn at age of 16, left Orange County and traveled extensively in the West, the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific. His fortunes lost at sea, he returned to Crawford where he lived a civic life.
Keywords: Crawford, 1875 (map); Bruyn homestead (photograph); prospecting, gold; ocean travel; S.S. Central America (steamer), sinking of; Crawford Town Supervisor; Ostrander, Susan, wife; Bruyn, George, death of; Bruyne, Donald, great grandson;;
The Man who named Warwick: Polarized Politics and the Career of Benjamin Aske
Gardner, Sue
Though much of Benjamin Aske's life remains a mystery, records show he resided on a farm named Warwick, part of the Wawayanada Patent. The origin of the name, Warwick, is unknown.
Keywords: Aske, Benjamin estate (advertisement); Aske farm location; DeKay, Thomas; account records; land holdings; Staats, Samuel; Bard, John (Dr.); merchant, New York, City; Leslerians versus Anti-Leslerians; Lord Cornbury (Governor); DeKay, Thennis (Teunis); Fletcher, Governor ; Coote, Richard, (Governor), Earl of Belmont; DeKay, Teunis Aske associate; Wawayanda Patentee; business ventures; legal battles, Aske; Hunter, Robert. military man; Syms, Lancaster, Wawayanda Patentee; C;larendon Manuscript Collection; Historical Society of the Town of Warwick, correspondence to Cornbury; signature, Aske (photograph); Warwick scene (photograph); residence, Warwick;Wisner, Johannes and Elizabeth, first non-native settlers Warwick; Wickham, William papers, Goshen Public Library; death, Aske, 1737; hypotheses, Warwick name;;
Edward Brewster's Diary - Excerpts
Johnson, Charles E.
Mr. Brewster's fascinating diary from February 20 to May 30, 1840 clearly describes daily life in his hometown, Blooming Grove, his departure, and travel to his destination, Illinois.
Keywords: Brewster, Edward, brief biography; Hulse, M.T.; spring weather, description of; Roe, Seely; Tuthill, Job; Moffatt, Benjiman (Esq.); Brewster (photograph); reminiscence, childhood; Moffatt, Joseph; Howell, Wm.; public land sale notice, Chicago American; Gerow, W. (Young); Halsey family; Bull, J.; demographic changes; Smith, Phil; Palmer, Benjamin; Seely, Edmund; Brewster homestead (photographs); travel arrangements, New York City; Vails, J.W.; Moffatt, D.H.; Hulse, Jesse; Robins, Gilbert; Hunter, Dr.; farewells, family; De Witt Clinton, steamer; travel descriptions, Albany to Buffalo; Mohawk Valley description of; Rochester to Lockport travel; wood consumption, boat; Detroit arrival; Great lakes; Milwakie Wisconsin Territory; homestead, Elgin, Illinois;;

Volume Number: 43 ======= Date: November 1, 2014

Dr. Charles Clinton's Daybook
Campbell, Jay A.
Members of the New Windsor Clinton family are mentioned but much of the article centers around Dr. Charles Clinton's treatment for smallpox.
Keywords: Sauthier, Claude Joseph (1779 map); Montgomery, 1798 (map of); Clinton George (Governor of New York); Clinton, James (General); Clinton, Alexander (Dr.); Clinton, DeWitt (Governor of New York); Clinton, Charles (Dr.); tax assessment, Hanover 1779 (copy of); medical experience, early years; Hanover name change (Montgomery); Nicholson home; Blake, John, neighbor; Annan, Robert (Rev); Hill family land; Colden family land; Coldenham; Wallkill; Goodwill Church; Campbell, Nathaniel; Clinton, Samuel; Campbell, Phoebe; 1790 Census, Town of Montgomery (excerpt); Daybook, description of; record of families, Hanover, smallpox inoculation; map 1781; Adams, Samuel, Surgeon to Mass. Regiment of Artillery; inoculations, Hanover, list of; Clinton Marker, Rock Tavern; Burnet, John, Little Britain;Telford Tavern; Ketcham, James; Clinton, Charles (Dr.), death of; Clinton Cemetery,(photograph); Woodlawn Cemetery Clinton headstone (photograph);;
A Restless, Vain and Ambitious Life
Lipshitz, Kenneth B.
A short history of Polish Count Pawel Grabowski from the time he left his native country to joining British forces during the American Revolution, and who died two weeks later on Popolopen Heights.
Keywords: letter, Grabovski signature (copy); Poniatowski, Stanislaw II August (King Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), portrait; Poland, political history; Szydlowska, Elzbieta, mistress; Grabovski family political dynasty; Szydlowska, Jozef, fiance; travel to London; Clinton, Henry, interview; Hudson campaign, Hudson; troops, Russian and Hessian; twin forts attack; Anspacher Grenadiers; death of;;
The Great Depression, the Unemployed, and the Birth of a Park
Nelson, James A.
In part two, the process to complete Crane Park in the Monroe village is discussed.
Keywords: Crane Park (drawing of ); Smith David, first settler; grain mill, 1740's; businesses, dairy; Alexander Campbell Milk Company; Mill Pond, drained (photograph); Monroe Dairy Association (photograph); Beakes Creamery; Monroe Cheese Company; Alexander Cambell Creamery (photograph); ice harvesting ; Palen, Gilbert R. (pharmacist); Clay. W. J., land holder; Knight, C.S.; Smith, Roscoe W. , association vice-president; Conklin George R.; Monroe Improvement Association; Crane, Alfred J., association president; Conklin. Howard, temporary association secretary;Newbery, Herbert A., association treasurer; Board of Directors, association members; Brooks, Alfred H., park designer; sewage disposal; property purchases; Millpond Parkway, building of; policies, association; crane installation, Mombasha Fire Company; 9-11 Memorial, church bell tower;
Station for the Study of Insects
Scher, Susan
Dr. Frank Eugene Lutz, curator at the American Museum of Natural History, set up a model nature trail in the Palisades Interstate Park. His legacy influenced world-wide groups to educate people about nature in natural settings.
Keywords: Bridge. Wildcat Creek; Lutz (photograph); published works of; credentials of, Lutz; SSI, (map); nature trail, education goals; volunteers, Harriman State Park camps; SSI, entrance (photograph); honey bees, scientific research; trail, photographs of; trail, sections (descriptions); New York Boy Scouts; Girl Scouts;;
In This We Take Heart: John Hathorn's Minisink Report
Gardner, Sue
Colonel John Hathorn of the Orange County Militia transcription on the Battle of Minisink in the Weekly Record, Newburgh NY, July 23, 1879.
Keywords: Crane, Alfred J., photo (journal cover);Hathorne report (reprint); report challenged; Sanford Pierson Ezra house owner (reprint); Hawthorne John (composite image); signature, Hathorne;;
An Historic Walk Through Pine Bush
Keillor, Joanne
Pine Bush Town Historian, Joanne Keillor, offers a brief review of historical sites in the hamlet.
Keywords: historical plaques (photographs); Falconer Inn; Pine Bush United Methodist Church;Billings Memorial, oldest running business; Pine Bush Hospitality House, 1904; H.R Taylor Memorial Library; Herronamus Weller Home, 1806; Eliza Sloat House, 1871; Black Hawk Inn; Erie Hotel and Pub; Taylor home, 1900; Pine Bush National Park;
The Cornwall Potters of Orange County, Part I
Faber, Chester R.
During the nineteenth century, pottery making flourished in Cornwall and surrounding towns.. Key potters are reviewed with photographed samples.
Keywords: Clark, Wm. A., tombstone; Clark, William A., son of Jeremiah; Clark, David; Mandeville, David, Circleville red ware potter; Clark family; Lent, George; Williams, Durell; Bell family, first signed ware Cornwall; family tree, Clark and Bell family; Bell, N.C. pottery, rare; Bell pottery, history of; pottery, signed (photographs); advertisements (copy of); Bell (Connell), Rosamond, pottery photo, death notice and tombstone; McConnell, Samuel, obituary;;

Volume Number: 44 ======= Date: November 1, 2015

Divorce Goshen Style: The Saga of R. H. Berdell
Green, Michael Aron
An historical moment in Goshen occurred after the divorce of R.H. Berdell and his wife Harriet that resulted in a criminal encounter with the Murray family.
Keywords: Interpines Sanitarium (photograph); Orange County Government Center (photograph); Maplewood (photograph); Fullerton, William (Judge); Erie Railroad; railroad industry, financial improprieties; Barnard, Chauncey, father ; Murray, Gertrude Barnard, sister; Murray family; Maplewood, description of; Murray, Wisner, husband of Gertrude; Murray, Gertrude (photograph) divorce law, 1876; Fullerton, Stephen (attorney); divorce trial; Erie Depot (photograph); scuffle, Murray family and Berdell; Murray, Wisner, death of; New York Court of Appeals 1888 decision, litigation; Berdell. financial ruin;;
A Restless, Vain and Ambitious Life, Part II
Lipshitz, Kenneth B.
A brief account of the British fleet activities that included information about Count Grabowski.
Keywords: newspaper accounts, British navel fleet, description of individual vessels; The Bristol, officers aboard (listing of); The Young (brig), prisoners list: The Dorothy, battle with privateer; duel, Tollermache, John (Hon. Capt.) and Pennington, Lowther (Captain); correspondence, Raynor, J., (Commander at Spithead); ships and vessels, transport list; notice, Grabowki Comte Volunteer Army; bibliography, annotated, Grabovski, Pawel;
A Tribute to a Veteran
Keillor, Joanne
The Town of Crawford historian writes a tribute to John Earley, a man who contributed much energy to the activities of Crawford.
Keywords: Earley, John P.; WW II memories; memorial, WW II (photograph); community activities, Town of Crawford;;
From Newburgh to the Peninsula: James Bigler's Lost Virginia Mills
Taylor, Paul
James Bigler, a flamboyant entrepeneur in Newburgh made large sums of money and lost large sums as well. A portion of his life was spent attempting to establish businesses in the Virginia Peninsula.
Keywords: Bigler's Mills (drawings); lumber industry, Newburgh; Waller, William Nevison, land owner; Virginia Peninsula (map of); land sale, Bigler's Mill; Bigler boarding house (photograph); business losses, Civil War; legal suits; telephone company, establishment of, Newburgh; Chase. Salmon, Chief Justice (photograph); Camp Peary, establishment of;
An Architectural Gem, The Goshen Public Library and Historical Society Building
Goodman, Hugh
The establishment of the Goshen Public Library has a long history of development beginning in 1831 and continues today.
Keywords: Goshen Library Association; certificate of incorporation, library Board of Trustees; building locations, multiple; library interior, circa 1920 (photograph); library contributors; Blanchard, Huse Templeton, architect: Valkenburg, R.D., contractor; Colonial Revival design; interior descriptions; building improvements; Sharts Reading Room expansion;
Why the Goshen Militia Rushed to the Rescue and Was Devastated at the Battle of Minisink
Skye, Stephen
Part I sets the stage for Goshen and Orange County as a pivotal point for settler migration from to Connecticut to Wyoming Valley and points north. Also the Minisink Militia was committed in defending against the attacks of Joseph Brant's marauders at the Wyoming Massacre.
Keywords: Old Mine Road (map); Mohawk tribe; Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy; Tusten, Benjamin (Lieutenant Colonel); Horton, John (Major); Orange County militia; Brant, Joseph (portrait); Battle of Minisink; Hudson River crossings, history of; Goshen, strategic transportation point; Sussex County. travel route; Connecticut migrants pathways, routing description; Newburgh, important port; Susquehanna River water shed (map of); Delaware River path (map of); indian trails; Mount Cobb; Cobb, Asa; Finch, James, rest stop; Minisink Trail (map); Wyoming Path; Old Mine Road; Daniel Decker Ferry; Wyoming Valley, demographics; Connecticut Yankee settlements; Brandt, Joseph(Thayendanegea); Wyoming Massacre, details of; massacre painting; British and Indian raids; Minisink attacks;;
The Cornwall Potters of Orange County, Part II
Faber, Chester R.
The Bell family is well known for its pottery production. In Part II, several members are listed along with examples of their work.
Keywords: Bell, Nathan C.; Cornwall; City Island; Pelham Cemetery; Bell, Moses C.; pottery, Bell, N.C. (photographs); Bell, Francis H., business enterprises; children, photographers; Fredericksburg, Va.; Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C.; Bell, M. & F. pottery (photograph);;

Volume Number: 45 ======= Date: November 1, 2016

The Halcyon Farms School Remembered
Wallace, Richard V. D.
The author writes of fond memories of the day school that offered progressive education to young students.
Keywords: Halcyon Farm (photograph); student activities (photograph); Clark, Edward T. and Westinghouse, Kay; Old Chester road; student body; staff, description of; school program; yule log celebration;
KEY MAN: The Life and Career of Thomas C. Avery of Highland Falls
Lifshitz, Kenneth B.
Mr. Avery ,while working for S.F.B Morse's telegraph, worked on other inventions including the electro-magnetic bath. After the work with Morse ended, Avery continued with projects and moved to his wife's family heritage of Highland Falls.
Keywords: Avery, Latham (portrait); electro-magnetic telegraph; Vail. Alfred; Cornell, Ezra, business relationship; Avery magnetic bath (advertisement); sending keys modification, manufacturing of; Avery classified article; McKinley, Letitia, wife; electric-magnetic engine (diagram); bugler, West Point cadets; Morse art career; Gilmantown, New Hampshire, Avery settlers;
Why the Goshen Militia Rushed to the Rescue and Was Devastated at the Battle of Minisink, Part II
Skye, Stephen
The bravery and patriotism of soldiers in the battle became propaganda tools for the colonists to pursue their freedom. Goshen and Warwick patriots, aligned with the Connecticut compatriots in the Delaware Valley, displayed this loyalty in fighting both the British and Native Americans.
Keywords: Minisink Monument (photograph); Phillips, Major; Phillipsburg; farmer/soldiers agricultural duties; Palaski, Casimir (Brigadier-General); frontier attacks, series of; military training, lack of; William Allison (Col.), Goshen Regiment commander; Battle of Minisink (illustrations); arms shortage; Tusten, Colonel (illustration) Hawthorn, John (Colonel), Fourth Orange County Regiment; Tyler, Captain; Battle of Wyoming; Wickham/Tusten Ave. signs; Tappan, government seat; Finch family, Orange County; Connecticut Yankee settlements; Brant Joseph, leader; Connecticut diaspora, multiple factors; Pennamite settlements; Hooker, Thomas, colony leader; Tories; Indian attacks, food sources; Johnson, William (Sir); Cushetunk; Ten Mile River massacre; Wallenpaupack colonists; Warwick militia; American militia fighting cause, discussion of;
Made in Goshen, an Exhibition
Figliomeni, Michelle P.
A modest exhibit of memorabilia is discussed that illustrates businesses and industries of Goshen Town and Village.
Keywords: local products (photographs); room key, St. Elmo Hotel (photographs); Friends of the Goshen Library; hand pump (photograph); jug, pottery (photograph); Between the Ocean and the Lakes (book); Mott, E.H. (publisher and author); Five Spoke Creamery; Brookfields Farm; Fort Hill Farm; Noah Webster Weekend; sully, milk cart (photograph); road cart (photograph); Pippin, Horace, artist; O'Connor glass factory; creams, health and beauty; cigar manufacturing; Goshen Club; wood working companies (photographs); W.D. Van Vliet Company; Miller Cart Company; Trotting Horse Museum; Schauble Garage (signage); Tarvin, Jim; Coates-Goshen automobile;
The Greatest Judge Fullerton of All
Green, Michael Aaron
Stephen Fullerton, and his brother William, began their careers in Orange County.
Keywords: Spirit of the Times, January 13,1 1877( news article); National Banks of Orange County; Fullerton, William (illustration); Great American Cross-Examiner (William); Berdell litigations; Judge Fullerton, Currier and Ives portrait; harness racing history;
Peter Dubois and the Wileman Patent
Campbell, Jay A.
The Wileman Patent, 3,000 acres located in the northeast corner of the Town of Montgomery, was acquired by Peter and Catherine Dubois. Heavy financial problems caused Dubois' to lose the lands.
Keywords: Wileman Patent (map of); Wileman, Henry; Van Boel, Henry; DuBois, Gaaltherus, minister; Dubois history; DePeyster, Peter Guillaume; Schuyler, Cornelia; Bayard, Peter; Dubois, John; Wileman home (photograph); family tree, copy of; property sale advertisement (newspaper ad); criminal activity; political exile; obituary, Dubois, Peter; will, probated; patent dispersal, creditors;
The Cornwall Potters of Orange County, Part III
Faber, Chester R.
This the final installment of the series about the pottery of Cornwall.
Keywords: family tree, Matchett family; Matchett, Isaac V.; Brier, Mary, wife; Bell brothers; Matchett, John, son, pottery history; Matchett,Isaac Jr., son, pottery history (and pottery photographs); Matchett, William, son, pottery history; Matchett, Henry, son; Matchett, Isaac V. work timeline; Matchett. Catherine, widow; Brundage, Griffin and Hannah, property owners; Berthow, Henry W., potter; Wisner, Henry, mortgage holder; Chadeayne, Edwina P., mortgage holder; Matchett Manufactory, fire; Matchett, Ann A., daughter; Tracy, Mary Jane, daughter; Lawrence, Ann A., daughter; Matchett, Mary B. heirs; Cornwall pottery works location; Matchett, Sr. death unknown; pottery signatures (photographs and history of); Brundage, Catherine, obituary; Orange and Rockland County (French map 1859); Orange County Atlas (Beer 1875 map);Orange County Atlas (Mueller 1903 map); Krasniqi, Haki, house renovator; Hazirjian, Deke, Matchett house owner; time capsule, 1853; Matchett, Louisa, John's wife; Civil War rebel stockade (photograph); Matchett, Isaac V. family tombstones (photograph); Hoyt, Mary R., Isaac Jr.'s wife; Hays Brothers Pottery; Speese, Eliza, Isaac Jr.'s wife; Bryson, Mary Jane, William's wife;

Volume Number: 46 ======= Date: November 1, 2017

Ethan Dodds and Other Inventors in the Town of Woodbury
Galbert, Herman
There were many inventors in the town with descriptions of each invention beginning in 1865 through 1941.
Keywords: automobile washing device and student desk (photographs); statistics patent applications,1790-1880; Clark Moses M.,boot with toe plug; McIntosh, James B.and Burnett, W.B.attachment of handles to white wash brushes; Schraig, James V.,electrical switches and interlocking switch light; spark plug combustible engine (diagram); potable pneumatic tool (diagram); Niemand,Otto, rotary printing machine; Marcin, G. & Silverman, M.R., novel lamp base; Duffy, Frank E., musical transportation method; Ford, Howeth T., washing device for automobiles; Fitch Elbert Lamont, window alarm system; Wray, C.F., window sash lock; Hall, William C., concrete radiation shield; Earle, Edward G., side bar rotary worktable; Oliveto, Maureen, knot tying device; Lockwood, Peter, endless band conveyor; Pentith, Gerald R. O.,independent operated cutting head and circular saw; Leonard, H. L, photograph; Leonard, Hiram Lewis, father of modern fly rod and split bamboo rods; Edward, Eut ice William, bamboo fly rod; Payne James Arthur, designer fishing reels; Payne, J.A.,photograph; Paas, Alfred C.S., fishing line dryer; Leimbach, J.,braided line; Hall Line Company; Dodds, Ethan, electromagnetic testor, multi inventor; Dodds, Ethan, photograph and work building; Dodds, E.L., power driven handsaw (diagram); Jamestown Sleeper Car; Dodds and Harriman working relationship;electric power plant, Rt 32; Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company; Arden, luxury railroad car; testing castings apparatus, diagram; reciprocating electric motor, diagram; lifting jack, diagram; illuminating device, diagram; Dodds, 2,000+ patents; Dodds burial, Mt. Repose Cemetery;
Captain Edward Blake's Orange County Militia Infantry in the War of 1812
Rose, Kenneth R.
The first muster roll of the Orange County militia infantry taken on Harlem Heights.
Keywords: Blockhouse No 1, Harlem Heights (photograph); 2nd U.S. Infantry Regiment; Delamater, Anthony, Lieutenant Colonel; muster roll, October 5,1814; blockhouse, interior view (photograph);
The Store at Coldengham (1767-1768)
Campbell, Jay A.
A review of the Daybook kept by Cadwallader Colden Jr. for his store in Coldengham, N.Y. during 1767 and 1768.
Keywords: Daybook entry, March 28,1768 (photograph); Daybook (photograph); sales information of each individual; Daybook, 450 pages; New-York Historical Society, Daybook location; transcription, Daybook pages; Coldengham, Precinct of Wallkill, Ulster County; Coldengham, Town of Montgomery, Orange County,today; store location, unknown; map of Town of Montgomery, 1798 (photograph); frequent customers, names of; Cadwallader sons, Alexander and David; Colden, Cadwallader Jr., home 1895 (photograph); store credit policy; entries' spelling variations; Coldenham Academy; surnames, frequently appeared; statistics, customers; items purchased, currently being transcribed; McCay, Patrick; Campbell, Samuel, author's 5th gr.- grandfather;
The Cathcart Legacy
Green, Michael Aaron
The Cathcart family of Newburg became established in 1881. Robert Cathcart, the senior member, began production of several perfumes and female facial products. The advertising for the products was considered scandalous for the times with the sensual imagery on the display boxes.
Keywords: Lazell Perfumer advertising (photograph), Cathcart, Henry, Jr.; Wiley Act consumer protection, 1906; Cathcart, Robert Henry, emigrated 1873; Cathcart home, 297 Grand Street; Cathcart, John and Oswald, sons; Kells Company, products false labeling; Hillside Chemical, products false labeling; Lazell ad, As the Petals (photograph); Cathcart, Henry Jr. scandals; DeMeridor Company; Samurai Perfume Company; Lazell compact (photograph); The American Perfumer; product quality decline, 1920's
Then and Now
A one-page look at a Goshen store, past and present.
Keywords: Knapp's Grocery. Goshen; location, Walker Street and W. Main Street; Knapp, Charles; Romer, George; Farrell, Henry; Sharts, George; Jenny's Nails;
John Wood - Goshen's Heroic Blacksmith
Figliomeni, Michelle P.
A fascinating account of a blacksmith in Goshen who joined the militia to fight Indian forces and loyalists at the Battle of Minisink. Captured, he spent four years in a Canadian prison in horrid living conditions. Upon release, he returned to Goshen only to find his wife had remarried and his loans to others forgotten. In 1793, Wood received a land grant, became a farmer, and went on to be part of Orange County representatives at the state convention to consider ratification of the U.S. Constitution.
Keywords: Wood's diary (photograph); diary, social and economic commentary;accounting system, well defined; Clinton,Samuel; Moore, William; handwriting changes, July 19,1779; fragmentary diary pages,missing, found Goshen Public ;Chieftain Brant; prison life, description of; return to Goshen; wife remarried; land grant award, 1793; Carpenter, Hannah,second wife; Orange County representative, state convention, ratify U.S. Constitution; plaque, memory of Wallace and Cuddeback families (photograph);
The Cornwall Potters of Orange County, Part IV
Faber, Chester R.
This concludes the review of potters of Orange County.Four potters are reviewed.
Keywords: Machett, Henry W.; Machete, Isaac V.,father; H.W..M., pottery signature,1857; Machett, Mary, mother; directory listing; death, unknown, 1900-1910; sole pottery, initials of Henry,(photograph);rs Matchett, Mary, Mrs.; storage jar, decorated; presentation jar,stoneware (photograph); sales receipt, Machete's pottery (photograph); pottery ( 6 photographs); Lent, George, journeyman potter; Clark, William A, stoneware factory; Mandeville, David, potter; Manville, Francis, Lt., father; Weeks, Anna, mother; Clark, Deborah; Clark, Jeremiah, pottery business; Hallett, Lydia G., wife of David; Reeve, Selah, property owner; Mandeville shop. Circleville; Bush, Daniel; Mandeville, David and Lydia, deaths of; gravestones, Mandeville (photographs); redware, Mandeville, surviving pieces; presentation piece, Hill Hold Museum; presentation piece, private collection; presentation piece, author collection; Mcarthur, Wm, pottery owner;

Volume Number: 47 ======= Date: November 1, 2018

Land of Dreams, Imaginings, and Visions; A history of the Mid Orange Correctional Facility from the Indian Era to the Present
Hull, Richard, W., Ph.D.
Eight hundred acres in the Town of Warwick has undergone many developmental and physical changes from the beginning of the 18th Century through the current century.
Keywords: stone arch bridge (photograph); Wickham Lake; Lenape Indians; Wawayanda Land patent; Perry's Pond; Wisner, John, Captain; Wickham, William; Wisner, Henry; Wisner, Gabriel; Wisner, Henry Board; Forest, Frank, game hunter; Ward, Thomas; The Warwick Woodlands (book), passage; Austin, Thomas, archirtest; Earle, John, mason; manor house,18th century Dutch New Amsterdam; Durland,Thomas E. Wisner, Mary Ann, wife of Durland; Durland, Sarah, daughter; Landon, Joseph D. , Reverend; Durland, Jesse, son, Durland Farms and Manor; Cropsey, Jasper, artist; Landon,Thomas, Dr, nephew of Durland; farm sale, 1912; Women's Christian Temperance Union; Board of Inebriety; New York City Farm, first alcohol treatment center; Stokes, Charles F., Dr., medical director; 18th amendment, 1919; Alcoholics Anonymous; New York State Training School for Boys, welfare program; reformatory program, model experiment; Manchild in the Promised Land, Brown, Claude; training school, decline of; Mid-Orange Correctional Facility,proactive program; correctional facility, closure; property ownership, transfer to Town of Warwick; property, usage redefined;
Captain Richard Caldwell and the 25th United States Infantry
Rose, Kenneth R.
In 1812, under the direction of Captain Richard Caldwell, Orange County, organized militia infantry. Their orders were to head to Lake Champlain area to join the newly formed 25th United States Infantry.
Keywords: letter from Caldwell (photo); Chrystie, John, Lieutenant Colonel; flag of the 25th (drawing); disease, Burlington, Vt.; Caldwell, death of; Thurber, John, Mrs., letter to widow; Battle of Niagara Falls (map of); Pike, Zebulon, Colonel; Wilkinson, James, General; battle of Crysler's Field; Covington, Leonard, Brigadier General; Swartwout, Robert, Brigadier General; Gainesm Edmund P., commander of 25th Infantry; infantrymen injured; Chippewa Creek, significance of; American line, defeated.
Anthony Dobbin's Statecoach Inn
Figliomeni, Michelle.
Anthony Dobbin purchased ten acres of land in 1791 in the village of Goshen. He initially created the building into an inn, but since that time, the building and land have undergone different functions as well as owners.
Keywords: Stage Coach Inn (photo); stage coach stop, New York City to Goshen; Orange Inn; county jail, location; tax collection on liquor, 1744; visitor accommodations; age limit to alcohol consumption; Jones, Hannah, Dobbin's first wife; Anne (Nancy) second wife; Heard, John, estate inheritor; community involvement; Slate Hill Cemetery; inns demise; Goshen Minisink Turnpike, new route; Goshen and Wallkill Turnpike, new route; renovations to building; Franchot, Nicholas; Hickok, William IV; Hickok, William and wife, Margo George; inn's stories.
Frederick Tench, Bridgeman and The Bear Mountain Bridge
Cali, Barbara
Frederick Tench,, Canadian by birth, began a construction company, Terry and Tench Co. in New York City. He and his partner had many completed bridge and building projects to their name including the building of the Bear Mountain Bridge.
Keywords: Tench photographs; Harriman family; Mills Hotel ; Harlem River drawbridge; NYC building projects; Williamsburg Bridge construction; Manhattan Bridge; steel towers, Lincoln Memorial; ; Roberts, Emma Harriet, wife; Tench, John Robert, son; Tench, Sara Ellen, daughter; Tench, Frederica, daughter; White Plains, home; Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, Tench original vestryman; Tench home (photograph); death of, 1944; Tench family, 1915 (photograph); Harriman,E. Roland; bridge location; correspondence, Tench with Harriman (photographs); bridge investors; toll collecting; construction timetable, Spring 1923 to Fall 1924; McLintock-Marshall, steel fabricator; Roebling, Washington, cable manufacturer; opening ceremony, November 26, 1924; financial losses; Tench Construction Company (loss of partner).
Ace Farm - 100 Years
Crouse, Neil
Ace Farm, a part of Woodbury history since 1917, has been managed by three generations of the Etzel family.
Keywords: farm acreage, 140; Adrian family, Peter, Gertrude, Peter Joseph and Stephan, 1840; Adrian, Peter Joseph, entrepreneur; wife, Anna; Etzel, Mary, daughter of Peter Joseph; Etzel, George, husband of Anna; Etzel, Alfred Charles; son of Peter Joseph; Tyler, Elizabeth; wife of Alfred; chicken business; Etzel, Tyler Sr., 1949; Etzel, Tyler Jr., 1978; Grindrod, Michael, co-manager; fire losses; Ace Farm (photographs); barn interior (photograph); farm operation management; diversified produce; Hakiyrah, Vadd, farm purchaser 2004; Village of Kiryas Joel; farm ceased, 2018.
The Port Jervis Carnegie Library: An Architectural History
This Carnegie Library was organized in August 1892 and housed in the Farnum Building. :Public interest demanded a larger facility and between 1900 and 1903, there was considerable effort to build a Carnegie building.
Keywords: Carnegie Library building (photo); first Port Jervis Library, 1835; Port Jervis Literary Association, 1865; Pike Street, location of; expansion proposal, 1899; Cuddeback, W. L. (doctor); letter to Carnegie; Roebling Company, general contractors; construction conflicts; Quick, A. J., contractor and builder; New York Hydraulic Press Brick Company; Classical Revival architecture; building description; revised architectural drawing, 1902; Minisink Valley Historical Society meeting room.
President Grant's Visit to Goshen
Connor, Edward P.
President Grant was the only sitting president to visit Goshen. He made brief stops to review his two horses at Stony Farm horse farm as well as his two wards, Jane Louisa and Emily Rawlins. There are conflicting reports that Grant never visited the town.
Keywords: Grant, Ulysses S.,President (photograph); 210 Main Street, Goshen; Smith family, Goshen; Everett, Charles J.; Buckley, Squire; Gott, Percy V.D.; Wallace insurance company; Grant visit, June 24, 1873; visit to West Point; Middletown Daily Evening News article' ; Goshen Democrat article; Backman, Charles, horse breeder; Stony Ford horse farm; Rawlins, John A., General (photograph); Stony Ford Road; Sportsman Hotel; Sutton, Louis; Excelsior Track; Charles Buckman estate (photograph); Backman, burial site; Ford, Howard J., president Historic Track; Baltimore, Walter Augustus 'Bud', Grant coachman; Smith, Emily, wife of Rawlins; . Rawlins, James, son; Wallkill Cemetery, Rollins family burial; Hurlburt, Mary (Emma), second wife of Rollins; Rawlins, James, burial site; joint custody, Rawlins children; Rawlins, Emily Smith (photograph); Belnap, William W., Secretary of War; Goshen visits denial, Ulysses S. Grant Library; visitation controversy, the Times and The Sun; historical marker, Grant's visit (photograph); walking stick, Grant owner (photograph).

Volume Number: 48 ======= Date: November 1, 2019

Supply and Demands: The Continental Army Depot at Warwick
Gardner, Sue
In recent years, correspondence was found Cooperstown Art Museum archives showing that Warwick had been an important supply depot along the Kings Hwy for the Continental Army. Letters show there was much disorder and criminal activity of supplies in the area.
Keywords: Charles Stewart papers, copy of (photograph); area main supply depot, Fishkill; Hendrickson, Mark, identifier of papers; Nesbitt, Robert,supply officer; Norcross, Aaron, supply officer; Stewart, Col.; supply line reports, 1780-1781; Green,Nathaniel, Major General, correspondence; food supplies, dismal; transportation, lack of; Quartermaster department, reorganized; Gamble, James, Assistant Commissary, Fishkill; Warwick neighborhood, map of; Erskine, Mr.; local inhabitants; Burt, Daniel, Jr; Baird’s Tavern; Shingle House; Burt, James house; storage issues, food supplies; multiple correspondence, shipping containers; Old School Baptist Meeting House; cooper, necessary; Burt, Daniel, correspondence; livestock, list of owners; Hathorne, John; Baird, Francis; Nesbitt, correspondence (photograph); Cornwall, Colo., inspector; Washington, Lady, overnight visit Warwick; Warwick supply depot, dismantled, August, 1781.
The Hawkins-Rowe House
Krattinger,William E.
The New York State Historian gives a detailed description of this Greek-Revival-style rural farmhouse located in Campbell Hall, NY.
Keywords: Hawkins property (photograph); house, ca.1839; interior description; location,3764 State Route 208; house, exterior views (photographs); house exterior description;examples of original interior architecture (photographs); smokehouse, description of; well, description of; Hamptonburgh, established 1830; Wawayanda Patent, part of; Denn, Christopher, early settler; Cromline, Daniel, early settler; Bull, William, named Hamptonburgh; Wells, Sarah; county agriculture; Hawkins, Jacob Mills (1807-1869); Rowe, George C & Matthew R.,new owners; Hawkins, Jonathan, father; Hawkins, Dorothy Mills, mother; Hawkins, Eleanor Randall, wife of Jacob; Hawkins, Caroline Decker, wife of Jacob; Hawkins family description; Hawkins wealth; Hawkins, Jacob Mills, death description; Bohan, Mile, laborer; Hawkins, Wickham, sibling; Hawkins, George, sibling; Hawkins family interment, Hamptonburgh Cemetery; H.A.Mueller map, 1903; Decker, F. C, new owner; Rowe, George C. & Matthew R., last private owners; property, New York State; house and acreage, Orange County Historical Society owner; house, National Register, 2019.
A.J and J.J. - A Friendship Forged at the Montgomery Academy
Green, Michael Aaron
Lifelong friendships by some of Newburgh’s leaders started with their time enrolled at Newburgh Academy.
Keywords: Monell, John J., Hon (photo); Henry Clay, July 1852; Downing, Andrew Jackson, drowning victim; DeWint, Caroline Elizabeth, widow of Andrew Jackson Downing; manslaughter charges of Henry Clay crew members; McKissock, Thomas, trial lawyer; Jordan,Ambrose, former NYS Attorney General; Montgomery Academy, description of; Union Street Academy Hill; Miller, Alex, Rev., early teacher; Tooker, Jacob C., long-serving principal; Schuyler, David, Downing biographer; Downing, Samuel, father, Downing, Charles and George, brothers; academy, photo; map, Montgomery streets; nursery business,Downing family; A Treatise of the Theory and Practice of Landscaping Gardening; written texts, Downing; Sedgwick, Katherine, author; Monell, Mary Elizabeth, Downing essay; DeWint, J.P. Jr; wealthy businessman; Monell mansion, 288 Grand Street; Smith, Mary Elizabeth, wife of Monell, John; Newburgh: Her Institutions, Industries and Leading Citizens; Vaux, Calvert, Downing staff; Withers, Clarke, Downing staff; Olmsted, Frederick Law, Central Park, Downing vision; NYS apple industry,pioneered by Charles Downing; Downing, Caroline, Monell second wife; Downing Park, creation of; Cedar Hill Cemetery; friends interred.
The Formation of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission
Cali, Barbara
The historical timeline of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission is outlined.
Keywords: images of cliffs (photos); Perkins, George Walbridge (photo); Roosevelt, Theodore (governor); Perkins, Evelyn, wife of; Perkins, Dorothy, daughter of; Riverdale-on-the- Hudson, Perkins home; Commission, first president; McCall, Joh A., Perkins friend; Palisades, Latin, Palus; Verrazano, Giovanni de, sailed Hudson; Hudson, Henry, sailed Hudson; native tribes, description of; post Civil War, Palisades recognition; Palisades Mountain House; quarries; Hudson River School of Art, Hudson Valley, painters; national park management; Palisades location, two states; federal government, acquisition; New Jersey Federation of Women’s Clubs, lobbied to stop quarrying; Green, Andrew H., American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society chairperson; Roosevelt influence; New York commission, March 22, 1900; New Jersey bill passed; minimal funding established; commission, early history of; White, J. DuPratt (photo); Vermilye, Elizabeth, deliberate omission of commission committee; Gaines, Cecilia, commission committee omission; PIPC first location 346 Broadway NYC; Vermule, C.C., first staff member; properties ownership unclear; Carpenter Brothers Quarry, sale negotiations; Morgan, J.P, donation offer; League for the Preservation of the Palisades; New York/New Jersey negotiations; Partridge, Edward Lasell, M.D.; Devil’s Horse Race. location of; park regulations established; White, J. DuPratt; park land purchases, donors; environmental concerns; Howard. Charles E., superintendent of NY State Prisons; relocation of state prison; Bear Mountain dedication, 1909 (photograph); notables attending dedication; Bear Mountain Bridge, 1924.
The Brewsters to Fourteen Generations, A Family’s Personal Narrative, Part 1
Fletcher, Yvonne
The author, a descendent of two Mayflower passengers, reviews the Brewster family through several generations. She begins with Willam and ends with John Lane Brewster.
Keywords: Brewster, Dyer (photograph); Brewster Carlos,Captain (photograph); bibles, importance of; religious controversy, Scotland; Pilgrim migration; Robinson, John Rev., Leiden; Mayflower Compact; written records, early settlement; Webster, Daniel, oration December, 1820; Brewster, Caleb ,messenger to Washington in Orange County; Brewster, Timothy, Goshen; Brewster, Samuel, operated forge New Windsor; Brewsters, Cornwall, Pledge of Association; Brewster, Dyer, captain of freighting line; McEvery, Elizabeth, wife of Dyer; Experiment, sloop; Brewster, Dyer, Cornwall public offices; Cornwall Pleasure-Ground and Driving Park Association, agricultural investment; Brewster, Caros Carlton,Captain 10th Conn. Volunteers; Brewster, Edwin Oscar, private Wisconsin Volunteers (photograph); Harkness, Lydia, wife of Edwin; Brewster, Charlie, son of Edwin; Brewster, John Lane, store Jamestown, NY; hat, Brewster, Edwin (photograph); Brewster homestead,eighty-seven acres, Cornwall (photograph);

Volume Number: 49 ======= Date: November 1, 2020

The Brewsters to Fourteen Generations, Part 2
Fletcher, Yyonne
This lengthy genealogy of the Brewster family continues to the current day and the author’s family.
Keywords: Brewster. Oliver Hazzard Perrt; Crissey, Harriet Amelia, Oliver’s wife; Smith, John and Pamela, parents of Harriet; Willow Dell Cemetery; Ruttenber, E.M., description of Oliver Brewster grape farm; Brewster family unions, Canterbury; Crissey, John, Great Barrington, MA; Housatonic Manufacturing Company; Berkshire Woolen Mill; Crissey, Ebenezer, Cornwall; Pierson, Henry, Col, migration to Orange County; Marshall, Ann Maria Crissey (portrait); Haywood, David; husband to Adaline, Clark; Bradley, John, revered artist; Clark, Nathan, Cornwall (potter); Brewster, James Brewster,b. 1851; Crissey, James; Button,Caroline wife of James; Brewster, Henry Clay (photograph); Brewster & Courtney, Painters and Decorators; clay, Henry, death of; women, 18th &19th centuries, culture; Mary Powell, Hudson River ship; Brewster, Herman Clark,11th generation; Brewster, Amelia, teacher; Brewster, Jessie wife; Ford, Nathalie Bull; Bull, Eleanor Board Bull; Smith, Caroline Townsend; Strong, Selah, first supervisor Blooming Grove; Strong Nathaniel, Major; Bull, Charles F.; Ford, John Galloway; Ford, David, F.; letter, Steele, Ashbel author (photograph); Brewster,Nathalie Jean, author’s mother; Cornwall Coal & Supply Co.; DeKay, Richard, author’s father; ten dollar bill, author’s family signatures (photograph); Alden, John descendants; Mullins, Priscilla, first woman passenger Plymouth Rock; Alden front parlor (photograph); Alden kitchen fireplace (photograph); Alden, Ruth, 2nd generation descendent; Bass, John; Bass, Samuel, 3rd generation descendent; Adams, Mary; Bass, Jonathan; Bass, Mehitabel; Otis, Isaac, Dr.; Otis, James, revolutionary patriot; Otis, Issac, 6th generation descendent; Brown, Ruth; Otis, William, entrepreneur; Pierson, Elizabeth; Pierson heritage, Long Island; Pierson family, Orange County; Moffat, Frances; Moffat family; Pierson, Josiah, Town of Mount Hope; Pierson family, Orange County; Otis, Josiah, 8th generation descendent; Bertholf, Mary Elsie; Otis, Sophia Perrine; Vail. Joseph, Liberty Boys; Vail, Elizabeth Durkee; DeKay family, Florida, NY; DeKay, Theunis, Manhattan; DeKay, Thomas, Col., Wayayanda Patent; DeKay Land Surveyors; Brewster homestead, eminent domain dispute; prayer book, Moffat, John (photograph);
The Erie Railroad’s Race for a Shortcut
Prizgintas, Alex
An historical review of three railroad stations in Town of Woodbury, Orange County.
Keywords: map, passenger railroad lines, current ( photograph); coal piers, Newburgh (photograph); commuter rail service today, reduced; Woodbury stations, Central Valley, Highland Mills; Woodbury Falls; New York and Erie line, 1841; Newburgh first railroad, 1850; rail station, Central Valley (two photographs); Newburgh Shortcut, Central Valley line; Graham Line, history of; Palma, Thomas Estrada (photograph); Conrail, elimination of Orange railroad branches; passenger service increase, Central Valley; Moodna Viaduct, creation of; station, Highland Mills (two photographs); Tuxedo Express(photograph); JD tower (photograph); Woodbury Falls, hamlet, defunct; Woodbury Falls (photographs); Central Valley (watercolor painting).
William H. Carpenter
Rasmussen, Roger and Kathy
One-page obituary of the Hamptonburg farmer.
Keywords: Carpenter, William H. (photograph); headstone, Carpenter siblings (photograph); obit, Middletown Daily Argus.
The Charter and the Approvals For the Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge Company
Cali, Barbara
The author focuses on the history of the bridge beginning in early 1920’s.
Keywords: Harriman, E. Roland (photograph); Tench, Frederick, vision of the bridge (and photograph); bus motorcade, Bear Mountain (photograph); Welch, W.A. Major, quote; motor traffic increase, Bear Mountain; ferry service demand; multiple bridge sites, consideration of; Harriman, Mary, bridge interest; Dykman Street Ferry ad (photograph); Partridge, Edward L. Dr., PIPC Commissioner; fund raising; charter application, State of New York; letter to Harriman, E. Roland (copy); bridge dimensions, May 1923; building issues, human and environment; bridge cost, $5 million; Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge Company. 1922; Ellis, George Adams, legal counsel, Harriman family; mortgage bond issues; Baird, Howard C., bridge designer;; Smith-Mastick bill, authorized land acquisitions; calendar of bridge completion; NYS bridge acquisition, outline of; Certificate of Incorporation, business practices; annual meeting, guidelines; Terry & Tench, issues; Harriman, Roland, disagreement with board; Vanderbilt, Cornelius, Gen.; list of underwriters; proposed investment particulars, 1923; land possession agreements, Hazards and VanCourtlands; bridge construction, start of April 1923; Smith , Wilson Fitch, chief engineer; bridge location, description of; Welch, William A., consulting engineer; cable wires and suspender ropes, John A. Roebling’s Sons Co.; fabricated steel, McClintic-Marshall Co; income bonds, Chase National Bank NYC trustee holder; Gold Bonds, description of; stockholder meeting, first April 10,1923.
The Crabtree Worsted Mill in Montgomery, New York
Figliomeni, Michelle P., PhD.
Originally a grist mill and fiber factory, the buildings along the Wallkill River were bought by Mr. Crabtree and Patchett in 1880. Due to the Great Depression, the woolen mill business began failing and since then, the buildings have been owned by several different businesses.
Keywords: company advertising (photographs; drawers with skeins (photograph); Montgomery Cotton Factory; New York State Gazetteer, business citing; Ackroyd, Edmund; Montgomery Standard, grain and wool advertisement; Wallkill Worsted Mills; company ephemera (multiple photographs); family diaries; wool process described;major fire, 1891; Pratchett, Arthur, death of; William Crabtree and Sons; Steinberger Company,1939; City Winery, 2018.
Captain Caldwell and the 25th United States Infantry, Part 2
Rose, Kenneth R.
The place is Plattsburgh, NY in 1813-1814. British troops move from Canada to win the New York post but false rumors caused the British headed by Commander Sir George Provost to withdraw to Canada.
Keywords: Scott, Winfield Major General (engraving); Finch, Andrew A.,receipt (photograph);Malone, NY; General Brown; Niagara frontier campaign; Jesup, Thomas Major, description 25th U S Infantry; Provost General, British, aim to capture Plattsburg; Wool, John Major, American command; description British attack; Treaty of Ghent; British retreat; 25th U S Infantry disbanded;
Commercial Cider and Vinegar Making in Goshen, Orange County, New York, Copy of One-page brochure from Cornwall Collegiate Institute
Fadden,Peter J. P.E..
Meinhold and Heineman developed a company to make champagne cider and vinegar beginning in the village of Goshen.
Keywords: Meinhold and Heineman Cider & Vinegar Works (map); fruit orchards, importance of; business expansion, Pine Island Branch; production expansion; Sanborn Map, Cider & Vinegar Works (3 maps); American Fruit Product Co.; product orders, list of; company mill (photograph); manufacturing accident; Goshen company closing; Terwilliger, Monroe, plant manager; devastating fire.

Volume Number: 50 ======= Date: November 1, 2021

Rebirth of Peachcroft
Williams, Robert L.
A farmhouse owned by the Millspaugh family in Montgomery saw structural changes through time and owners. Today we see a glimpse of its restoration.
Keywords: Hawkins, Jonathan C., current owner; Millspaugh Philip, original owner (1730’s); Brown, James Wilson, 1870 house owner; Curtis, Anna, wife of Mills, Jonathan Mills; Brooks, Chauncey, house builder; house improvements, 1895; recent house improvements; Hawkins, Jon (photograph); New York State and National Register of Historic Places, member of;wallpaper research.
The Stewards of Goshen
Connor, Ed, Historian Village of Goshen
The original Steward, John, arrived in Goshen in 1744. The two hundred year history of the property and house are discussed in the article.
Keywords: John Steward house (illustration 1861); house additions, 1866 and 1900’s (photograph); Jayne family, previous owners; Bradner, Elizabeth, wife of John Steward; Declaration of Independence, copy of (photograph); Steward family, 19th century (photograph); Hatfield, Moses, neighbor; Wisner, Henry, neighbor; Hopkins, Reuben, neighbor; Steward, Campbell; Water, Thomas Major; Sheriff Orange County; Steward Lane, 1907 (photograph: Waters trotting track; Steward, John II, strong patriot; Steward, John III, NYC resident; Steward, Daniel Jackson, accomplished artist (photograph); Steward, Mary Anna, zealot to move rail tracks out of village; Grasslands, Campbell Steward house; Steward, Campbell, family; Steward house, burning of 1965; Rt 17 construction through Steward property; sad ending to family legacy.
The Saga of the Howell Creamery
Figliomeni, Michelle P., Ph.D
Dairy farms and creameries were abundant in Orange County during the mid-19th century into the 20th century. One of the thriving creameries was Howell in Goshen.
Keywords: Reed & Carnick Food Laboratory (illustrations); Howell family, land owners; school house property; nearby neighbors; Van Duzer family burial; Erie Railroad, commerce impact; Howell Condensed Milk and Cream Company (photograph); Pine Island branch, Erie Railroad; Goshen & Deckertown Railroad; Howell creamery, physical plant description; Reed & Carnrick Company; milk bottles (photographs); Carnick’s Food for Infants; H button insignia and seal (photographs); Borden Milk Company; glass bottles fervor; fires in manufacturing plant; Howell, James A.; Howell, Mark A.; Howell, Charles; Howell, Jane R [ mother]; Borden complex, Goshen (aerial photograph); Howell Company sold;; Borden Guernsey Farms; Maloff, Alice, relationship with James A.; Howell, Ira Harold (photograph); Bloomfield, Douglas; milk bottles, Goshen list of.
Orange County’s Forgotten Track Past
Prizgintas, Alex
Orange County’s railroading history exists in various stages of recognition.Landmarks still remain of the vibrant transportation industry.
Keywords: Meadowbrook station (photographs); NY, Ontario & Western Railway station fire; Mechanicstown (photograph); NYO&W, closing, 1957; Cornwall Railroad Triangle; Newburgh Shortcut, NYO&W; Pennsylvania Coal Company, Newburgh; Moodna Viaduct; Orange County railroading, importance of; Hudson and Delaware project; Ramsdell, Homer (photograph); Camp Moodna; Gruening, Rose; Enderlin station (photograph); Vails Gate station; New York, Ontario & Western Railway Middletown Branch (photograph); New Jersey Midland; NY West Shore & Buffalo, Hudson west shore; Pullman, George M.; remains, NYO&W; station, Meadowbrook, NY (photograph).
Construction Begins on the Bear Mountain Bridge
Cali, Barbara
A fascinating description with photos of the building of this suspension bridge. Begun April 3, 1923 the opening ceremony was November 26,1924.
Keywords: creeper derrick (photograph); Trench, Frederick; Smith, Wilson Fitch, Chief Engineer Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge Company; physical description of bridge; Baird, Howard Carter, bridge designer; Butt, William H., consulting engineer; Welch, William A., consulting engineer; Terry & Tench Co., General Contractor; John Roebling’s Sons, cable and hangers manufacturer; opinions of construction; excavation site (photograph); White, J. Dupratt, opinion; Harriman, Roland, President of Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge; McClintic Marshall Co., building involvement; June construction setbacks; foot bridge ropes (photograph); fabrication process delay; wheels on tower wires (photograph); three month delay, McClintic factory; dense rock issue; Couch family, right of way; construction delays; Tench and Harriman, payment dispute; Roebling bridge wire (photograph); guide wires adjustments (photograph); foot bridge construction (photograph); east approach highway; cable wires,construction of (photograph); eastern approach highway, legal issues; Hazard, Rowland and Campbell, Helen; bridge arch, east approach (photograph); contract schedules delays; creeper traveler, use of; worker morale low; W.F. Carey & Company, Inc; Kittredge, Chief Engineer for NY Central Railroad; reorganization; last girder raised (photograph); Couch swamp; Anthony’s Nose rock formation; foot walks installation; Bear Mountain Bridge, completion (photograph); viaduct, add on; Terry & Tench, financial difficulties; Perkins, George J., bond co-signer; August progress schedule; October job progress; workmen’s deaths; opening ceremonies, October 8; Odell, Benjamin B, former NY Governor; Herpt, John, steel worker; girder accident; official traffic opening, November 27,1924.
Almost President
Yaun, Joanna Porr
William H.Seward, Secretary of State and Geraldine A. Ferraro, Vice-Presidential nominee were born in Orange County. They both rose to national fame.
Keywords: Seward home, Florida, NY; Ferraro home, Newburgh,NY (photographs); Seward & Ferraro quotes of childhoods; commonalities of two; Seward, birthplace; Seward childhood; Black enslavers; Seward, slavery; Miller, Frances, wife; Anti-Masonic Party; Seward political life; Tubman, Harriet, neighbor; Alaska purchase; Ferraro family life; Newburgh businesses; Ferraro, education of; Cuomo, Mario; Mondale Walter running mate; Ferraro womens’ rights advocate.

Volume Number: 51 ======= Date: November 1, 2022

Struggle, Strike and War
Prizgintas, Alex
Corrupt milk dealers caused dairy farmers to organize and strike for higher wages, Orange County Milk War.
Keywords: milk dumped ( illustration); New York and Erie Railroad; Selleck, Thaddeus, station agent; milk industry, profitable 1842-1870; dealers usurped farmers rights; Howell, Amzi, farmer rep; dealers’ monopoly; Orange Farm station (photograph); New York Milk Exchange Ltd, 1882; fixed prices; Philadelphia Solution; battle, producers and dealers; Orange County Milk War, 1812; milk shortage, NYC; Tabor, Charles F., Attorney General; Consolidated Milk Exchange,1895; Borden Milk Company, condensed milk, creation of; Borden, Gail Jr.; New York Condensed Milk Company; Borden condensery farm, Wallkill, NY; Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, Middletown, NY; Borden’s unscrupulous deals; Five States Milk Producers’ Association; factors affecting milk industry; W W I, effect on milk industry; Pomona Grange; Department of Foods and Markets; Dillon, John J.,commissioner; Wicks,Charles W.,state senator; Cooper, R.D.; Dairymen’s League, rejuvenated; dairymen’s call to arms; Horton, Lorton, president Sheffield Farms, milk strike, 1916; milk shortages, NYC; dealers, Alex Campbell,, R. F. Stephens,Beakes Dairy Company; T.O.Smith and Sons; milk strike, January 1919; glass milk jar (photograph); decline milk consumption, stats of.
A Terrorist in Highland Mills
Nelson, James A.
Town Monroe historian, James Nelson reviews the terrorist attack by a gunman in Highland Mills, NY in 1932.
Keywords: newspaper article (photograph); Sunday News; Jesus and Mary Convent; Thevenet Hall; Sommers, Mark, columnist; The Newburgh News; Churillo, Anthony,assailant; O’Connell, John Patrick, victim; Quinn, Harold, State Trooper; prisoners, nuns and girl students; shooting of Churillo (newspaper photo); Garrison, Edward B., coroner.
A Look at the Life of William A. Lawrence and Chester Cheeses
Smith, Leslie L.
The history of cream cheese began with a young man, Willam A. Lawrence from Chester/ Florida, NY.
Keywords: overview , W.A .Lawrence & Son Neufchatel and Cream Cheese Factory ( sketch); first cheese making, 63 Glenmere Road (photo); Lawrence, William A.(photograph); Lawrence, Thomas H., father; Lawrence, Sarah Randall, mother; Holbert, James Major; Holbert, Susan Theresa ,wife of; Lawrence, Theodore Finch, son of; Murray Mary Ann, second wife;Murray, James Slaine, stepson; cheese manufacture, 1861; residence change, West Ave & 17M; census records, 1875; community accomplishments, Chester; major fire,1877; map, Chester, 1903 (photographs); Board of Trade (photograph); major fires, two & three; board of water commissioners; Walton Hose Company; Orange County Horse and Road Improvement Association; Telford system, roads; Orange County Driving Park Association; Horse Thief Detective Agency; Orange County Fair, director of; race horse (photograph); race track (photograph); agriculture ribbons (photograph); Chester YMCA: European style soft cheeses; home, Lawrence, 129 Church Street Goshen (photograph) ostrich & race horse (photographs); Green, Charles H. cheese maker; World Brand cheese; Reynolds, Alvah, cheese distributor; cream cheese, (multiple photographs); building, Lawrence Block, (photograph); Empire Cheese Company; “Philadelphia” brand cream cheese; cheese making process; Star Cream Cheese; refrigeration process, cheese; Brookview Farm, map of (also illustration); wedding, Harriet Hatfield Hulse and Theodore Finch Lawrence; cheese operation, daily calendar; cream, byproduct; sugar manufacturing; Hayne & Witaker, Unionviille; National Milk Sugar Co.; Phenix Cheese Company; statistics, cheese production; Dairymen’s League, sign (photograph); Tuthill, B.H. Capt, home of; National Milk Sugar Co.; Harding’s granulated sugar; Borden Co.,close of bottling station; milk supply, less of; Edwards, Myrtle, Chester historian; Middletown Times Herald, 1939 article; Kraft-Phenix Cheese Co.; 100th Anniversary Cream Cheese, 1981; historic marker, Chester cheese factory.
Howard Carter Baird: Designer of the Bear Mountain Bridge
Cali, Barbara
In the latest article, the local writer takes a look at the engineering feat of Howard. Baird.
Keywords: resume, Baird, Howard (photograph); Phoenix Bridge Company, leader in the industry; Phoenix Steel Company; French Creek Nail Works; Wernwag, Lewis; Phoenixville, Penna; Reeves, Buck & Company; gag press; Safe Harbor Iron Works; Dahlgren guns; Cumberland Nail & Iron Company; Cambria Iron Company; railroad industry; Kellogg, Clarke & Company; Reeves, Samuel J., brother of; financial hardships; Reeves, David, son of Samuel; Second Avenue El; family history, Baird; work history, Baird; Terry; Edward; Tench, Frederick; Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company; Hodge,Henry W.,engineer; Boller, Alfred P., engineer; Principal Assistant Engineer, Baird title; Boller, Hodge & Baird; Sherwin, H.H., bridge location; Harriman.E. Roland; Bear Mountain Hudson River Bridge Company, charter of 1922; engineering dissertation of bridge, Baird, Howard; bridges, technical review of; bridge design, defense of; ; Roebling, John A. Sons Company; Smith, Wilson Fitch, chief engineer; Burr, William H., consulting engineer; Welch, William A., general manager; Belknap, John M.; Leopold, Victor; Morton, L.L.; Robinson, Holden D.; Roebling, Washington A.; Sunderland, Charles, chief engineer; cable spinning theories; opening day, Bear Mountain Bridge, November 26, 1924; Bear Mountain Inn; letter Harriman to Baird; American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE), history of; Laurie, James, president of ASCE; certification standards, ASCE; Baird, engineering organization memberships; credentials, Baird, Howard; Century Club, Baird member; notable members, Century Club; senior years, Baird; Baird, death of, December 5,1957.
A Continental Soldier’s Clothing 1779-1789
Olsen, Eric
The arduous task of clothing a continental soldier is reviewed.
Keywords: Continental Army Uniform (illustration); Martin, Joseph P. Private. remembrances; clothing category, Necessaries, list of; clothing category, Uniform, list of; clothing category, Small Mounting, list of; clothing fees; bounty, enlistment inducement; clothing, bounty, fees; Congress, clothing default; Clothier General; state responsibility, provide clothing; Wilkinson,James (portrait); clothier system, distribution of; Reed, Joseph, Maryland State Clothier (portrait); correspondence, Penna officers & State Clothier; state clothiers, superiors; Regimental Clothier; Beatty, Erkuries, regimental clothier (portrait); correspondence, Beatty, Erkuries; clothing distribution, difficulties of; clothing stolen, Smith’s Cove; Tudor, George Captain,command 4th PA regiment; clothing distribution inequities; Washington, George, correspondence to President of Congress; winter effects, clothing; Thacher, James Doctor, correspondence; nude, 18th Century definition ; Wayne, Anthony General, correspondence; Continental boots (photograph);shoes, dire need; Huntington Lt. Colonel, correspondence; hides, source of; Board of War, correspondence; General Orders, Washington; Beers, Nathaniel, Paymaster of Regimental Clothier, Webb’s Regiment; shoes, construction quality; St. Clair General, correspondence; Moyland,John General, spring shoe supply; Mehelm, John, Commissary of Hides for New Jersey, correspondence; shoe supply, April,1780, Connecticut adequate.

Volume Number: 52 ======= Date: November 1, 2023

Newburgh Peace Centennial, October 18,1883
Campbell, Jay A.
A detailed review of the Newburgh Centennial celebration commemorating New York as the “cockpit” of the Revolution.
Keywords: Financial Panic, 1873; New York City 100th celebration; Centennial Fourth, Madison Square [illumination]; celebration five New York cities; four presidents, celebration of; commemorative town disasters; Reasons for Centennial at Washington’s Headquarters; Hedley, Joel T., President of the Board of Trustees at Washington’s Headquarters; Continental Army, disbanding of [drawing]; events caused Newburgh celebration; financial proposals for monuments and celebration; Committee of Five; Congressional Centennial Committee; Old Courthouse on Grand Street [drawing] ; October 18,1883 the Peace Centennial; large number of visitors; view of the River with ships [image]; description of day’s events; Port Jervis Evening Gazette; United States Hotel [photograph]; centennial progressing through Water Street [ image]; covered grandstand at Washington’s Headquarters [image]; Cleveland, Grover, Governor of New York; Bayard, Thomas F., Secretary of State [image]; Evarts, William M.,U S Senator from N.Y.[photograph]; NYC 7th regimental band; Temple Hill monument [sketch]; Temple Hill Monument Association; McGill, Mr.,land owner; Committee of Three; requirements for monument at Washington’s headquarters; Power, Maurice J.; Duncan, John H., architect; Tower of Victory [sketch]; tower description; temple construction completed, February 29,1888; Badge of Military Merit ( Purple Heart; Circular to the States; Society of the Cincinnati, Temple Hill Monument plaque.
The Goshen Treaty of 1745: A covenant between white settlers and indigenous leaders
LaBruna, Salvatore J.
Details about the numerous land disputes are described between the two groups until the treaty was finalized.
Keywords: Lenape Indians; Munsee Indians; The Minutes of the Orange County Board Supervisors; Rumbout an Indian; Echo Lake, old Indian settlement; Chechong, Indian settlement; Esopus Indians; Palls Creek; land disputes, Wayayanda and Cheesecocks Patents; Hamilton, Alexander; Burr, Aaron; Holly, Ebenezer, Symes, Lancaster, patent holder; land dispute, Chechong; disagreement, European and Munsee Indians; land boundaries; Dongan, Governor; Clowes, Samuel and Everett, John, Goshen first settlers; Maratangie Pond; Gale, John, mill owner; allies, British and Indians; Lamuit; migrations, Indian; Swartwout, Jacobus Major; Cashigton; Reading, John, surveyor; Kasheton (Cochecton today); account, description of; Hekan, Mannock and Hendrick, traders; DeKay, Thomas Colonel; Wisener, Adam, interpreter (later changed to Wisner) ;Thompson, Benjamin; indian settlement to Ulster County; Nicolls, Richard, Governor; treaty renewals; French war influence; Penn William, treaty negotiations; treaty renewals, Goshen; wampum payments; Wappinger Indians presence; Nimeham, Chief of the Opies; coexistence presence,white settlers and indigenous people.
History of the Original Big Rock Cemetery, Newburgh, New York; It’s Abandonment and Closure
Graham, Susan
A road expansion of First Street caused much discord between city officials and cemetery trustees. In the end,Big Rock closed and cemetery graves were moved to Woodlawn Cemetery, Newburgh.
Keywords: The Farm Map of the Town of Newburgh, 1864 [copy of]; Orange County Tax Map, City of Newburgh, section 21 [reprint]; private rural; cemeteries, authorization of; Big Rock Cemetery Association, June 12, 1857; cemetery dissolved 1890; cemetery today; Leon, Pedro, farmer; Smith, William M., neighbor; cemetery configuration; First Street expansion, controversy of; Forsyth, J. Rev.; Fields, A.C.; Brown. Jacob; Hosmer, John; Olmstead, Richard A.; Jones, President Big Rock Cemetery Association; Jones, Nathaniel; McKissock, T. Judge, presiding cemetery decision; First Street decision; Big Rock Cemetery Association versus The Village of Newburgh; Scrugham, Justice, Supreme Court Second District; Association awarded judgment, 1864; city litigation renewed,1868; Woodlawn Cemetery incorporated, October 22, 1870; St. George’s Cemetery; St. Patrick’s Cemetery; South Street burial grounds; officials, Woodlawn Cemetery Association; Temple Beth Jacob Cemetery Committee, maintain Big Rock property; Town of New Windsor, Woodlawn Cemetery administrators, 2014.
A Goshen Whodunit
Figliomeni, Michelle P.
On March 16, 1958, the Bank of Orange County in Goshen was robbed. The thieves were never apprehended.
Keywords: Chief Golemboski, Goshen Village and FBI Agent McManus [photograph]; Strong Pharmacy and Orange County bank {photograph]; breakin through pharmacy; Rosenberg, Arnold J. description of heist; waiting getaway car; Wallace, A.C., insurance agent [photograph], Piggott, Kenneth L.
Middletown’s Asylum Base Ball Club
Mayer, Robert
The club was organized in 1888 as a therapeutic activity for asylum patients. The article describes the great reunion game of September 29, 1905.
Keywords: National; Association of Base Ball Players organized 1857; baseball popularity, growth of; Wallkill Base Ball Club; Middletown club replaces Wallkill club; Chesbro, Jack; Cook, Wilber, manager [photographs]; Cuban X Giants, 1902 [photograph]; State Homeopathic Asylum, Middletown, NY; Talcott, Selden, Superintendent; club success, 111 wins; NY Gorhams; Bright, John, Lamar, E.B.; Genuine Cuban Giants; Negro League, members enshrined Hall of Fame; White, Sol, Grant, Frank; Degnan, John, team captain; McGreevy, Pat, deceased member; reunion, bolster enthusiasm; Asylum players, Launt, Fisher; Degnan John; Lawlor, John J. Genegal, Chris, Turner, George, Lamer, Pete, Murray, Tommy, Chesbro, Happy Jack, Madison, Art, Tierney,Charlie, Morehead, Tom, Rhinecker, Chris; Higham, Charles, Chief Fire Engineer; Middletown State Homoeopathic Hospital Base Ball Team, September 29 1905 [photograph]; Cuban A Giants Players, Talbert, Danger, Patterson, Pat, Winston, Bobby, Wilson, Ray, Grant, Frank, Buckner, Harry, Williams,Clarence, Hill John, Jordan, Robert; game by innings, description of; box score [printout]; Asylum Base Ball Club, 1905 [photograph]; Thrall Library, photograph collection; Cuban X Giants, 1905 [photograph]; Chesbro, Jack, Hall of Fame [photograph].
Trooper Killed While on Duty
OCHS Archive
An accounting of the murder of Trooper Carl T. Wilder.
Keywords: shooting, Tuxedo-Greenwood Lake Road; Italian workman reported shooting; Patrolman Jones; Chief of Police Bush; Wilder, Inez Allen, wife; Seaman, Edmund, undertaker.

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