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Index of 1767-8 DayBook from Coldengham Store

The 450-page DayBook from Cadwallader Colden Jr's Store in Coldengham, New York is in the collection of the New-York Historical Society. Microfilm of the Daybook can be viewed on-site in their library.

This index is courtesy of the transcriptions of Robin Assenza, Chris Campbell, Kent Campbell, Jay Campbell, Suzanne Isaksen, Merrill Loechner, Becky Olsen, AJ Schenkman, Melanie Tew, and Harold VanAken in early 2017.

The transcription retains original spellings and capitalization. In some cases the carat (^) is added to denote that the subsequent letters are superscripts (ie. W^m for Wm) In all cases the "long s" (looks like f) was transcribed as "s". Transcribers' comments are in brackets ([]). "Alt Name" column is an estimate of the modern spelling of the surname. It aids your search and is NOT part of the transcription. The dataset can be reordered by clicking on any of the column headers. Click again and the order reverses. The search box searches all columns except for "Purchase (P S d)". For example, you can search for all visits on July 13, 1768 by typing in 1768-07-13. Learn more about the Daybook here: Extended Guide to the DayBook Transcription, Article on the Colden Store, or A Blog on What Happened at the Store 250 Years Ago.

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