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Clove Furnace, continued

In 1837 Peter Parrot, a former captain of a whaling ship, came to Orange County under the instructions of Gouverneur Kemble to manage the blast furnace at Woodbury. Later he became manager of the Greenwood works.

On December 1, 1839 Gouverneur and William Kemble sold their interests in the Greenwood Ironworks to Robert Parrott, brother of Peter. The two Parrott brothers were then in full control of the ironworks and worked successfully together for many years.

Peter Parrott

The primary difference between the original Greenwood Furnace and the newer Clove Furnace was that the latter used anthracite coal rather than charcoal as fuel. It was constructed of stone and measured 54 feet high, 37 feet square at the base and was open at the top.

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